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10 things to consider before picking a recruitment agency

You might be seeking for a suitable job relevant to your education, skills or experience you may possess.

There is no better way to start your search from newspapers, job search portals and career section on the corporate websites.

Despite being simple and hazel free, it’s time consuming.

Sometimes, they don’t even acknowledge candidates, whether they receive their CVs or not.

Especially, if they find an individual is not fit for the vacancy, most of the firms never give any feedback.

This actually wastes your time, as you are expecting for an email or a call.

However, workings with a suitable recruitment firm enable you to avoid such annoying conditions.

Hiring firms not only forward CVs to companies, but also update about the positive and negative feedback from the employers.

They do all the hard work to find the most relevant job for you.

They never delay to refer good opportunities to the capable person.

At a glance the process seems simple, positive results only depend on what kind of recruiter you are working with.

Carefully observe their attitude, how diligently they are dealing with their clients and enrolled contestants.

Do give a practical timeline or they are just showing their interest to close the case to quickly earn commission.

Ten things to consider before picking a recruitment agency

Below I am sharing ten important things you must not forget to consider while searching for a suitable option among number of recruitment agencies providing employment services.

1. Consider checking reputation first

Soon after starting your search for the right firm, shortlist all the popular organization and systematically check their reputation.

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In addition to checking their licensing, also check their clients, the organizations they are dealing with.

If their clients have good reputation to provide lasting career opportunities for the qualified individuals, they can be suitable to work with.

2. Are they able to give advice?

Sometimes individuals whether experienced or fresh, actually need little advice and tips to write CVs, cover letters, grooming and presentation skills to improve their chances to get a job.

Due to lack of awareness, one can even pick the wrong career.

To determine their caliber, ask them to provide career advice.

Also, observe real-life cases to estimate their sincerity and quality of advice.

If they are not showing a willingness to guide job seekers, it’s time to search for the best option.

3. How they behave with applicants?

Whether you are possessing years of experience, or you are recently passed out your examination and seeking to start a career, you cannot agree to appear in an interview for every other opportunity offered by a staffing company.

Some agencies push employees to go for an interview for every other job, which is not actually a decent way to pursue a career.

If you find them, forcing, clearly refuse them.

Always precede your job search with those who are making a sensible recommendation politely.

4. Do they match your skills with available career opportunities?

There are employment agencies that are unable to understand the needs of individuals and randomly forward your resume to irrelevant opportunities just to fill up their quotas.

This shows that they don’t even review your CV, how could they help you to get the right job.

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5. Are they asking for fee?

Real agencies never charge any fee from job seekers; rather they ask for service charges from companies.

Irrespective to the sector, grade or level of job you are looking for, staffing firms don’t demand any payments from applicants.

If you encounter with the one, move on to pick a better agency.

6. Are they conducting primary interviews?

No matter how skilled and experienced you are, interview and competency tests always enable you to make a true self-assessment.

After observing the positive outcomes of interviews and test, human resource professionals always focus to interview candidates on their own, before referring a vacancy.

They usually take verbal, written and typing test accordingly to check the relevant skills.

7. Do they have sufficient staff to tackle burden?

If you are searching for a job with an employment firm, you will be definitely communicating with their staff.

How they are dealing, correspondence with applicants.

If you always speak to a new person on phone and never get the chance to talk with the person who has first spoken to you, then it’s an alarming sign.

Generally, such agencies don’t exist and they are just trying to act like a big setup.

Even if they exist, they don’t have suitable infrastructure and work plan to benefit their clients.

8. Do they deliver feedback timely?

So you have found a suitable hiring firm that is working fine and successfully arranges interviews with a few establishments but never provides any feedback about the interview.

Neither they are responding to your calls and email inquiries; then it’s a total waste of time to expect to get a suitable job via such companies.

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Genuine firms always keep in touch with both the employer and the candidate.

9. Did they ever bother to reply?

Usually, job seekers don’t totally rely on single resources to find a dream job.

Instead of submitting their resumes to staffing agencies, they keep on applying personally via job ads in the career section of corporate websites.

In such conditions, if you get the job before receiving any call from the hiring firm, then don’t assume that they have worked for you.

Just avoid such recruiters and never refer them to anyone looking for a job.

10. Consider the reviews on the web

Also check reviews of organization and job seekers to estimate the level of customer satisfaction.

Don’t get allured after watching impressive claims in advertisements and marketing campaigns.

However, never ignore the small percentage of disappointed customers, as this is the part of every business.

But be cautious and calculate the ratio between happy and unhappy customers before making final decision.

These are few basic things, you should consider before picking a recruitment agency to find a dream job relevant to your skills and education.

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