5 Habits You Must Adopt If You Want To Get More Done

It is like what Aristotle has to say, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Getting things done and becoming productive is an act, it has nothing much to do with tools and time management.

It is about managing yourself and your habits, not about managing time.

If you are a chronic procrastinator, there will be no use even if you have a to-do list and know what to do.

In fact, most people already know what they need to do to get ahead; the problem is that they are not doing it.

5 Habits You Must Adopt If You Want To Get More Done

Procrastination and putting things off are destructive habits that kill your dreams and make you fail at achieving the result you want.

And in order to get rid of procrastination, here are 5 habits you must adopt if you want to get more done…

1. Always Plan Your Day

You definitely need to learn how to plan for your day.

Have you ever gone through a weekend without planning and wonder where the time went?

When you go through your days without planning, you will be on reactive mood.

In other words, you have no idea what to do until something or someone tells you about it.

Just imagine driving without having a clear destination, where would you end up?

If you don’t have a plan, you will end up become part of someone else’s plan.

So always plan your day. You can do it the night before or early morning before you start your day.

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Of course, you don’t need to plan to the tiniest detail, but you need to at least understand what you need to get done.

2. Do It Right Away

Successful and productive people always get things done as soon as possible.

You have to adopt the habit of getting things done right away.

The main reason procrastination happens because people try to put things off until a later time.

And guess what, later becomes never.

If you read the biography of Steve Jobs, you will know that whenever an idea hits him, he will call up his team to implement the idea right away.

Of course, when I talk about doing things right away, I’m referring to important things that will move you toward your goals.

Not things that will distract you such as the urge to watch TV.

So develop the habit of working on your ideas and take action right away.

Write down your to-do list so that you will remember to act on them when you are available.

3. Make It A Habit

If you want to get more done, you must make it into a habit.

For example, if your mission is to write an article every day, develop the habit of doing it until it becomes your habit.

It is exactly like brushing your teeth every morning.

Will you doubt and think whether you should brush your teeth?

No, you will automatically get to the washroom, take your toothbrush and brush your teeth.

This is because you have been doing it for years and it has become a habit.

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You will do it automatically and do it without any question.

This is the kind of habit that you want to develop to get your work done.

If your goal is to get to the gym and workout for an hour a day, you have to turn this into a habit just like how you did it with brushing your teeth.

You will need to do it every day at the same time and in the same environment for a few weeks until it becomes your habit.

4. Define Your Own Success

The best tip about productivity is that you have to feel like you are successful every day.

When you feel like you are a success, you will get more things done, you will have more confident and you will be more driven to do things.

Therefore, you have to define your own success.

The real definition of success is this: as long as you are taking action and moving toward your goals, you are a success.

A lot of people misunderstand and thought that they will only achieve success when they produce certain result.

It is not. As long as you don’t give up and keep moving forward, you will eventually produce the outcomes you want.

If it takes you 3 years to earn $1 million, are you not successful in the first 2 years?

Think about it. Results may not come to you in an instant.

Success will not come to you overnight. It takes a lot of effort over period of time to get the results you want.

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Thus, as long as take action and are moving toward your goals each day, you are considered successful.

Make this your own definition of success.

5. Rest And Reflect

What? You have to rest and reflect to be more productive?

Yes. You see, success is a journey and highly it is not going to come to you in a short period of time.

It is a marathon and not a sprint.

So are you going to use all your stamina up front or plan out to get recharge along the journey?

Most people are so motivated in the beginning.

They spend all their time and put in a lot of effort and take a ton of actions up front.

Unfortunately, most people fail to realize that it is a marathon and not a sprint.

Soon enough after they have poured in their effort and they get no results, they tend to be doubtful and slowly they will give up.

You have to always remember that success will take longer than you expected.

So do plan for rest, recharge and reflect on your results.

These are the 5 habits that you need to adopt if you want to get more done and be more productive at work.

Remember to plan your day earlier, do things right away and build productive habits that you want.

And of course, don’t forget to rest and reflect from time to time.

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