5 Ways To Increase Success Without Going Completely Crazy

What are you seeking?

How do you define success?

Despite all the frequent noise we hear, success doesn’t have to be defined by prosperity alone.

It also doesn’t necessarily have to be defined by performance.

Success can best be reduced to one word: peace.

When we reach a sense of peace whether from decisions made, a journey completed, a goal met, or even achievement of a lifelong dream, we’ve reached success.

But how do we get there?

The very idea of “success” can be a trophy or an albatross.

It depends on our perspectives or the personal circumstances related to how success is achieved.

Check out these 5 success paths that have the power to change our lives, if we’re willing to let them.

Impacting lives.

There is nothing greater than doing things for the purpose of change to impact the world around us.

At the end of the day we sleep best when we know we’ve done something that is both important to us and meaningful to others.

There is nothing like realizing our potential to empower people or effect change.

Knowing we accepted a challenge that contributed to society either locally or globally, and that we met that challenge, brings a sense of unmatchable triumph.

Meeting obligations.


We all have obligations.

Whether it’s those we inherit, earn or commit to ourselves, the duty and accountability of obligation puts the onuson us to see that they’re met, which leaves us with sense of responsibility and also at times anxiety.

Add to that our desire not just to meet our obligations but to meet them with excellence, and they can seem insurmountable.

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More than any other achievement, our obligations bring the expectations of others to the table.

We never fully meet all of our obligations, because the list is never ending, but if we’re giving our obligations the attention they deserve, we gain a sense of accomplishment in big and small ways every day.


Witnessing results.


We all want to experience the fruits of our labor, but waiting for the payoffs or returns of hard work can seem endless.

Exercising patience is hard.

To be sure, taking action is success in itself, but we long for the results.

So when the numbers come in, or we begin to tick targets, goals, and objectives off, it feels good.

At once we can finally exhale when the results of our efforts come rolling in.

We all want to breathe that sigh of success, and when we see results, we can.

And it feels good.

Contentment from the chase. 


We’ve all chased things.

Some of us are still chasing.

We’re running down a dream, trying to prove our passion has purpose in a million different ways.

But sometimes weneed freedom from the chase.

Sometimes it’s best to stop running, to stop trying to catch something or someone, and simplylive our passion toward our purpose in this moment on our own terms.

There’s certainly contentment when the chase is successful, but there’s equally great freedom when we realize chasing after something is just unnecessary.

Success isn’t always catching a dream we’ve been chasing.

Success can also come when we stop chasing, especially if we’ve been chasing someone else’s dream.

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Trust me.

The release of a need to chase anything else because we’re simply content is happiness.

Correcting mistakes and releasing a failure.


Mistakes and failures can haunt us.

On one hand, there’s correcting a mistake can be therapeutic.

There’s a fair amount of guilt that accompanies a professional misstep, a botched plan, or a bad decision.

The last thing we might feel is success, but look at this way, there’s success in fixing things.

On the other hand, there’s no shame in letting go and coming to terms.

We all make mistakes, and we learn from them.

So there’s also success in accepting and letting go of our failures too.

So correct your mistakes, or choose torelease them, either way you’ll be free and rise like a phoenix.

The need for accomplishment, and the motivation to earn or attain arenatural, but the resulting feeling once we’ve earned, attained, accomplished, or even let go defines our success.

Goals can sometimes be seen as personal benchmarks and sure meeting them means something, but the most desirable endgame for most of us is the resulting peace that comes from it.

Peace is powerful.

Peace is the pinnacle of success.

So what will you do to become more successful?

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