32 Online Classes and Training Programs to Advance Your Career

Recent events mean there’s more focus online learning than ever before, but this type of education has been booming since 2018.

Studies conducted in that year revealed that over 85% of students found online courses superior to traditional learning. 

Are you toying with the idea of improving your skills or learning something new without giving up your day job?

It’s never too late to consider these online classes that could help you improve your knowledge, broaden your horizons, or land you that career you’ve always wanted.

1. Udemy – This Is How You Make iPhone Apps

Udemy offers hundreds of free online certification courses in a huge range of topics.

Why not get started with this short course to teach you something useful and lucrative in today’s times.

Market research suggests that the app market’s growing at a rate of 18.4% per annum, so your future looks bright when you’re equipped with these skills. 

After 23 lessons and just five hours, you could be a fully-fledged app designer.

2. Udacity – Android Basics By Google

If Android is more your style, or you’d like to add to your portfolio of app-building skills, this is one of the free courses for you.

This self-study course suits those with no prior experience of coding who want to create content for the Android platform. 

3. Adobe KnowHow – Beginners Adobe Photoshop

Learning the ins and outs of Photoshop is not only interesting, but it’s also a valuable skill if you’re interested in graphic design.

This tutorial features 11 lessons aimed at beginners so you’ll find the practical examples easy to follow and informative. 

The basics skills up for grabs here include how to set up your onscreen work environment, as well as an overview of the program’s basic editing functions.

It’s the best way to get a solid grounding in photo editing before starting more advanced work. 

4. ALISON – Social Media Marketing Diploma

Do you fancy starting an online business part or full-time?

This 11-lesson course could be just the boost you need.

Most students can complete the work in 15 to 20 hours.

You’ll learn all about how to draw customers and attract business with Facebook, blogging, and email marketing.

At the end of it all, you’ll have a thorough grounding in how affiliate marketing works and how to increase traffic to your website. 

5. HubSpot – Email Marketing Crash Course

Once you’ve cut your teeth on the exciting world of online marketing, you’re bound to want more.

Refine your skills with 5 lessons on how to better reach your email marketing goals.

The videos are easy to understand with practical examples to help you achieve lead nurturing excellence.

6. Coursera – Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

No matter where you work or plan to work, learning negotiating skills is a step toward success.

This University of Michigan course comes with a free app to back up the 6 interactive videos involved. 

Learn these valuable business skills in just 6 hours.

7. edX – Communicating Strategically

Learning to ask for what you want clearly and effectively is another vital skill that can do much to advance you in the business world.

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This course focusses on helping experts like engineers, scientists, and other technical professionals get their message across to laypeople in order to further their aims. 

8. Stanford University’s Sam Altman – How to Start a Startup

Ready to launch your big idea, get expert advice from leading entrepreneurs first.

This 20-lesson course features lectures from some of the world’s best entrepreneurs like Reid Hoffman, Brian Chesky, and Peter Thiel.

Learn about things like fundraising, user growth, operations, and management in just 20 hours.

9. Udacity – How to Build a Startup

Another one for budding entrepreneurs, this course covers the basics of the Customer Development Process courtesy of Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Steve Blank.

These 8 lessons give you a thorough grounding in what it takes to get a startup off the ground, including evaluating customer feedback and how to calculate costs.

10. OPEN2STUDY – Writing for the Web 

This course is a great add on to the social media course and covers the complexities of writing for an online audience.

You can expect to spend around 16 hours on four in-depth lessons delving into the complexities of reaching out to digital consumers with web design, writing style, and SEO.  

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11. edX – Chinese Language Online Courses: Learn Basic Mandarin

Like it or not, Chinese is fast-becoming a major business language.

Are you ready to talk business with the big players?

Prepare yourself with a grounding in Mandarin Chinese.

An extra language looks great on your CV and could set you steps ahead of the competition at promotion time.  

12. Udemy – Gary Vaynerchuk on Building a Personal Brand

Nowadays, anyone can build a brand around their passions and the things they believe in.

Discover your inner voice with this two-hour exposè on discovering your passion and building self-awareness. 

You’ll also learn how to best bring these new insights to life on all the best social media platforms, and learn to monetize the extra online traffic. 

13. Udemy – Using SMART Goals

Goal setting is vital to success in business and life today.

Get your game plan going with this excellent technique designed by an educational psychologist. 

Learn the basics of specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound goals to achieve your long-term aims. 

14. edX – Harvard University’s Introduction to Computer Science

Nothing looks better on your CV than a degree from Harvard University.

The good news is anybody can get started in the top field of computer science thanks to this online course. 

It won’t cost you a cent to get started either, but you can chip in $90 if you’d like to make it official. 

15. edX – Introduction to Java Programming from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid 

Take your programming aspirations a step further by learning how to develop high-quality, functioning software to solve real problems.

Students with some programming experience will benefit most from this course, but anybody can do it if they’re motivated enough.

16. edX – Introduction to C++ by Microsoft

This four-week course will introduce you to one of the most important computer programming languages.

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Employers value C and C++ programming skills very highly. 

Learn all you need to know about pointers, memory management, object-oriented programming, and rooting out bugs.

Sound like Greek to you.

Take the course and get in the know. 

17. Udemy – Advanced SEO Tactics and Strategy

Fine-tune your SEO skills for online success in all your endeavors.

This course is suitable for online entrepreneurs, social media affiliate marketers, and bloggers.

You won’t need any prior experience or skills to get the most out of these 7 short lessons. 

18. Copyblogger – Internet Marketing for Smart People

No matter what line of business you’re in, you can benefit from this 20-lesson foray into the world of online marketing.

Learn how to make the most of email and online marketing and get instant access to 14 ebooks on related topics. 

19. Global Speechwriter – Speechwriting 101

Online communication may be the biggest trend this century, but you still need to interact with the crowds in person from time to time.

Learn how to ace your next presentation or group interview by mastering persuasive public speaking skills in 10 lessons.  

20. General Assembly – Dash

Web development is one of the most valued skills in the modern-day workplace.

This course teaches CSS, JavaScript, and HTML with step-by-step practical instruction as you learn to create websites.

As a bonus, the user workspace allows you to see your results in real-time. 

21. Gymnasium – Modern Web Design

Along with all the main things like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, this course takes it a step further by adding all the basic skills you need to create responsive websites.

You’ll learn how to apply these techniques to mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers.

22. Udemy – Advanced Management Training

Have you got your eye on a prestigious management position?

Take steps toward bagging that promotion by learning the ins and outs of leadership success. 

Discover how to overcome the common challenges faced by managers, including how to negotiate, communicate, and how to maximize your team’s productivity.

This course is also a good match for those just starting in a position of leadership. 

23. Udemy – 7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase your Influence

If you believe that charisma is the secret sauce of success, you’ll benefit from this ground-breaking instruction on how to get what you want in business.

Taught by Vanessa Van Edwards, a leading human behavior researcher, this course is bound to help you increase your influence and win the admiration of your peers.   

24. Coursera – University of Colorado’s Graphic Design

Upgrade your presentation skills thanks to this excellent in-depth course.

You’ll learn how to fine-tune your reports, resumes, presentations, and those all-important Powerpoint shows. 

25. SkillShare – Learn Adobe Illustrator: Fundamentals for Beginners

Anne Brecker presents this walkthrough on everything you want to know about getting started with Adobe Illustrator.

This basic course covers the fundamentals of paths, type, and shapes to get you going with this important graphic design program. 

26. IIT Bombay – Basic 3D Animation using Blender 

If you’d like to try something new, why not dabble in the world of animation and filmmaking.

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Anyone can learn the basics of how to create lifelike animations with Blender.

Who knows, this fun exercise could help you land a job in the exciting world of gaming, 3d modeling, or cinematography after some further studies.

These types of skills are becoming increasingly sought-after in the job market today. 

27. AOVO Academy – Productivity: 9+ Ways to Become Highly Productive

Have you been doing the same thing for years and getting the same predictable results?

Up your game and increase your productivity with this 35-minute time-management course.

Improve your productivity both at work and in your personal life by learning these important goal-setting skills to limit distractions and boost results. 

28. Coursera – Introduction to Big Data

Big data’s becoming a big deal all over the world nowadays.

Start your education in this growing field by learning the basics from the University of San Diego. 

You’ll get a glimpse of the programming aspects of big data as well as learn more about the challenges associated with this interesting field.

29. Udacity – SQL for Data Analysis

Take your big data aspirations further by learning the nuts and bolts behind analyzing this information.

Learn how to write SQL queries for handling a variety of analysis tasks, extract data, perform aggregations, and join tables together.

There’s more about using subqueries, temp tables, and window functions thrown in for good measure too.

30. Yale University – The Science of Well-Being

All the online courses in the world can’t teach you happiness, except this one.

Find out how you’ve been pursuing the wrong definition of happiness all along and discover the research that proves it. 

Once you’ve got rid of these misconceptions, you’ll how to rewire your mind according to productive habits that allow you to unlock true happiness.

31. Skillshare – New Confidence

Are you letting anxiety and poor self-confidence ruin your chances of success?

There’s hope for you in the world of online learning too.

These lessons focus on constructive tools and techniques for tackling life’s upheavals head-on.

You’ll learn how to come out of your shell, grow your social skills, ease your mental anguish, and find contentment. 

32. Stanford University – How to Plan Your Career Path

If there’s one online course you should take, it’s this one.

This course aims to help people discover their true talents and ambitions at every stage of their careers.

The five career-oriented wayfinding concepts feature videos and exercises to help you set off on the path to career success.

If you’re undecided about what kind of vocation suits you, or bored with your current job, this course is your go-to for guidance and motivation. 

You Can Never Know Too Much

With the wealth of information and tools available today, nobody with an internet connection needs to live without the education they crave. 

Most of these online courses are free with an optional extra fee if you’d like to make it official with a certificate.

Keep reading our blog for ways to live without regrets and make your life a happier place. 

What are you waiting for?

Get started right away!

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