5 Ways to Overcome Your Negative Thinking

Today, negative thinking is one of the greatest hindrances we have when achieving our goals or living the life we’ve dreamed of.

Many great achievements would have been borne today if people got rid of their negative thoughts and self-defeating mindset.

What is the remedy?

How does one overcome their negative thinking?

Here are five tips that will put you on your way to thinking positive and good about yourself.


1. Identify the source of these negative thoughts

This is very important.

‘A problem half addressed is a problem half solved.’

Negative influence can come through family, friends or even social media.

It’s essential to note where these things come from and try and eliminate those avenues.

It might mean skipping lunch with a friend that always seems to be complaining over his or her problems, and getting you to sympathise with them or it might be listening to a motivational cd over the radio.

We all have different ways in which these thoughts come in.

It’s best to examine the source then find ways to eradicate them.

2. Surround yourself with the right people

Most times, the people we hang about with are the ones that influence our thinking, words and actions.

If you move with a negative, ill-mannered friend then you find out you will begin to behave the way he or she does.

That’s just nature, so it’s wise tochoose your companions carefully and look for those with goals similar to yours.

I like this quote by Henry Ford which says “My best friend is the person who brings out the best in me.”

Jim Rohn’s 12 Pillars of Success says “Be picky with your friends; “Everything relationship you have is an association be it positive, neutral or negative.

Categorize every person you meet.

Is he or she someone you should disassociate with, have limited association with, or someone you should expand your association.”


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While a good friend is a gem, the wrong ones can be a thorn in your flesh.

It’s also important to note that these sources of negative thinking could come from family members or even close relations.

This might be tricky since they are loved ones; however you have to be “wise as a serpent butharmless as a dove.”

Whenever the conversation begins to divert towards negative talk, change it back, sway the conversation back with a positive response.

Begin to develop a new way of speaking and this comes as a result of the right support group.

3. Immerse yourself with motivational resources (books, cd’s, videos & seminars)

This is a tactic that has worked personally for me.

I make it a priority to incorporate time everyday for reading motivational books, checking inspirational blogs and websites and this has worked tremendously well for me.

You’ll find out that if you start your day like this, the rest of your day begins to follow in the same pattern which means, you think right, avoid negative sources, and most of all you stay motivated throughout the day.

If you get busy with positive materials that provide inspiration and motivation, then you’ll find out the negative vibes will find its way packing.

Attend seminars; this is a good way to invest your time and money, as you will be able to meet the right kind of support group and possibly your mentors!

Read books…every successful person today reads at least three books a month and that’s simply why they are constantly motivated and also very knowledgeable.

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4. Start believing in yourself

This is a very important tool in overcoming negative thoughts.

It starts with you… You have to make the effort.

It’s left for you to apply all the principles you read, videos you watched and seminars you’ve attended.

Remember, everything it takes to succeed lies in your hands and you’re the creator of your own destiny.

Think positive about yourself.

Wake up each morning with a smile on your face, knowing you have everything it takes to succeed and overcome the challenges of that day.

It’s usually the mood you wake up in that tends to dictate what the rest of your day will be like.

So who makes the choice?


Believing in yourself also means accepting your vulnerability; #imnotperfect.

You’re not perfect and that’s okay!

Why stress yourself over things you can’t change??

Brene Brown says “When we lose our tolerance to be vulnerable, joy becomes foreboding.”

You will make mistakes; accept that as reality, but don’t dwell on them and welcome self-defeating thoughts, instead use that as a challenge to learn from them and improve on oneself.

5. Stop comparing yourself to the next person

This links perfectly with my fourth point.

You simply don’t believe in yourself and that’s why you compare yourself with others.

“Oh, why can’t I be like her?

Why can’t I enjoy life like she does?”

These statements are very common, but they do a lot of damage to the mind.

You can never be like Susie or James.

Accept that and move on.

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They are moving on with their lives, why can’t you?

Most times, you’ll find out the people you’re coveting aren’t really what they are.

Majority of people today put on facades, they try to put on something they’re not…Is that the person you’re comparing yourself to?



You were born different and you will always be different therefore appreciate the “best” in you.

Admit your weaknesses and move on.

Remember, each one of us has something unique to offer, and the world is waiting on us to make manifest what we were born to do.

When you go about with these thoughts, positive things are automatically attracted to you and negative thoughts, feelings and emotions are eliminated.

What are some of the negative thoughts you struggle with and how do you deal with them?

Leave your comments below.

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