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7 Life Changing Lessons You Will Learn On Your Journey to Self Improvement

Self-help books tell us that if we woke up earlier, ate healthy, made more friends, laughed outloud, and practiced yoga — we’d live better lives. The point is simple; you do things that are good for you, so you become happy and healthy.

If you’re someone who just started your own journey to personal development, you’d sometimes feel confused and out of track when it comes to accomplishing your goals. There are times when things just don’t go your way and so you end up giving up. Don’t be so quick to throw all your efforts away.  It’s just the beginning and you will learn more as you go. The following are valuable life-lessons on your journey to personal growth:


1. Change comes from acknowledging personal responsibility

When we want to change a behavior, a mindset or a situation – usually we go back to the root cause of the problem. And most of the time this leads to a blame game where you hold other people accountable for things that happened.

7 Life Changing Lessons You Will Learn On Your Journey to Self Improvement

In your journey to personal development, you will understand that this mindset is the biggest hindrance to your ability to change. The moment you claim personal responsibility over your life, you will learn the importance of steering your own ship. You will start to make decisions for yourself, and end up feeling less hateful and happier for the people around you.

2. Without action, dreams are just dreams

Until you wake up and do something – your dreams will just be dreams. Simply dreaming life away will not get you anywhere. You have to get up, get dressed and do what needs to be done.

Taking action is a start of moving your dream forward. Although we can never guarantee that all actions will result to success – it’s always much better than not doing anything. In your personal journey, you will experience the joy of seeing some of your dreams turn to reality. You will muster the courage to face your fears in the process of making small steps of action.

3. Your relationships are your biggest motivators

Nourishing relationships fuel your motivation to succeed. They are not just good for your emotional and mental health – studies confirm that they also increase your wellbeing and  personal growth. This is also the reason why staying in toxic relationships are surefire ways to fill your heart with negativity.

In your journey to personal development, you will gain positive enduring relationships. These are the people you should treasure, as much like your family and loved ones. Remember, we are social creatures. We function well when we connect, collaborate, and share ourselves to other people.

4. Life is all about learning

Learning doesn’t end at school. In fact, it shouldn’t ever be confined within the walls of a classroom. In your journey to personal growth you will reach a point where you will indulge in a lot of self-motivated learning. Here is where you understand that you know so little about life – and the world itself.

This is the time you’ll find yourself reading a lot of self-help books, going to personal development seminars and meetings, and just talking to people whose experiences relate so much to yours.

5. Hard work gets you through hard times

Life can be unfair. And to keep going when you just want to give up takes a lot of grit and courage. But these moments, these little episodes in life, this is where you grow. When you do something out of the ordinary or something well beyond your ability because it’s important for you or to the people around you – you learn the value of hard work.

6. Money Doesn’t Equal Success

A common misconception in today’s capitalistic society, this view is shared by people who place great importance on wealth and material stuff.  In your journey to personal development, you will realize that there are other forms of success.

Success that isn’t based on your salary and job title, success that includes your health, emotional wellbeing and your relationships. These forms of success are the best source of long term happiness.

7. Negative experiences are your best teachers

If your life goal is to avoid pain and suffering all the time – then you’ve already set the limit for your own growth. The point of negative experiences is to teach us the value of happy moments. To make us learn from our mistakes.

Negative experiences are our best teachers. They help us grow into adults capable of fixing our own lives.


Your journey to personal development starts from the moment you change your limiting views about yourself.   There is so much you can do. You are more than just dust in the wind. You are here to mark your existence, to touch other people’s lives – you just need to find out how.

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  1. Nestor Vidal

    February 9, 2019 at 3:17 AM

    Love this so much.

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