Balance: Finding Your Happy Medium In Life

Finding your happy medium in life is a matter of balance, priorities, and planning.

Imagine how Spider-Man learns to balance his responsibilities with his personal aspirations and relationships.

We also are on a journey to discover the delicate equilibrium that brings us contentment and harmony in an increasingly complex world.

Do you ever feel all over the place?

It was 6 p.m., and I’d just eaten all the berries in my fridge.

As I stood there typing on my computer in the middle of my kitchen, aggressively putting berries in my mouth and chewing, I kept glancing at the unwashed dishes.

I had to finish them before 9 p.m., or my mom would lose it.

I noticed my cup of water was empty, so I grabbed the pitcher and headed to the fridge.

It hit me as I was filling my cup back up with water.

I stopped to look around at the dishes and the empty berry trays on my counter and started to think.

Like when you come home and the house is a mess, but you know you must work on something important for your job or school.

So, you put the cleaning off and strap down on the work instead.

I know from personal experience that it’s not a good feeling.

Now, I know that you know that life gets messy a lot of the time.

Personally, I spend my days constantly working to balance chores, school, training, two social media marketing jobs, and managing a nonprofit organization.

I feel like I’m in a circus because I’m always trying to juggle half of my life on one hand and half on the other.

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Here are a few ways to be one step closer to finding your happy medium

Things can get really crazy real quick.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with everything we do on our journey to accomplish our goals.

I understand how hard it is to step down and take a break from something you feel needs to be done, and this is never going to be a bad thing, but there needs to be a balance.

1. Write It All Down

A brilliant lady named Marie Forleo, a.k.a one of the greatest, most successful entrepreneurs out there, said something that goes like this,

“If it’s not on paper, IT’S NOT REAL!”




This is the best piece of advice I had ever received.

When you write things down, it allows you to really look at what’s inside of that busy, busy brain of yours.

Plus, you can relieve yourself of the tension of remembering everything!

You won’t have to constantly remind yourself because it is now put into a visual perspective for you to see every time you open your notebook.

It doesn’t matter where it comes from.

If you’re thinking of it, it needs to be on that paper in front of you in clear writing for you to see:

  • take out the trash regularly
  • finish that research paper due on Monday
  • drink more water

No matter what it is, write it down.

2. Separate the Want from the Need; priorities Come First

Once everything is written down and the refresh button is activated, it’s time to put things into priority order.

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On one page, list everything you need to do.


  • finish writing a research paper
  • send out that email
  • clean kitchen
  • make dinner
  • survive another day

Now, on another page, write everything you want to do.


  • dinner with Beth on Friday
  • go to the mall
  • buy that dress I wanted

You might need to double-check these things and think about their category.

So, review it a few times and review what you’ve done so far.

Once you feel you’ve got it, it’s time for the execution plan.

3. Find Your Happy Medium: Make A Schedule, Plan It Out

Whether at work or in school (or both),  you need a schedule to balance your personal and work life.

Certain things already have a set time slot, like your job, school, meetings, etc.

Start with the need.

End with the want.

  • Look at everything that is absolutely set with time slots and dates. Put those in your schedule first.
  • Now, look at things with due dates (reports, research papers, blog posts) and designate time slots and days for you to work on these things so you can turn them in on time and not miss out on enjoying your life.
  • Next is your care and survival, such as: making dinner, feeding the dog, and cleaning the kitchen.

Once you have all the needs defined, see if you can fit in the things you want to do!

Remember that there are lots of weekends, and when you have a set schedule, it’s easier to find your availability 🙂

Note: Be open to change.

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Life is crazy, and sometimes things won’t go your way.

Breathe and re-adjust.

4. Enjoy The Sanity

Now, you can relax and enjoy your sanity.

Finding the happy medium in life isn’t always gumdrops and rainbows.

We constantly have to work on this skill to be better at.

Things don’t need to be done all in one day.

You don’t have to cram it all in and feel like it’s life or death if you don’t finish.

You can breathe.

There’s no reason for you to suffocate yourself with work and worry.

This just leads to more suffocation.

Realize that you have some time and use that time wisely.

Find your happy medium today

As a quote writer and motivational blogger, I’d like to leave you with this,

“When your cup is full, it overflows. When it is empty, you lose nourishment. But, when you fill it up with the right amount, it becomes a source of life.”

Stay Stoked.

Be Happy.

Nothing Is Impossible.

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