Motivate Yourself to Work Harder, Longer and Better

Motivate Yourself to Work Harder, Longer and Better

Let’s face it setting goals is a part of life and many of us have been told to get anywhere you have to work hard.

Certainly, achieving your goals does require some level of effort however, before telling yourself to work harder, do better or get your act together there are ways to go about it which may be more effective.

You see true motivation (for the long haul) doesn’t really come from pushing yourself to do more or work harder.

Sure it may work temporarily but if you haven’t realized it already this strategy can lead to burnout.

True motivation happens when you come from a place of integration.

It is the integration of your mind, body and spirit which gives you the ability to soar.

The ten points below explain more:

Lose the Hard

Avoid using the word “hard.”

You see your spirit, the higher part of you, doesn’t really comprehend the word hard because it already see’s you as being enough.

Every time you focus on something being difficult or hard you disconnect from this higher aspect.

This inevitably puts your brain in high gear as it needs to compensate for this disconnection.

As a result, your brain, over time gets strained and the idea of things being hard or difficult actually come true making work seem more as a burden then an opportunity.

Increase Flow

Motivation comes from an increase in flow.

Flow is a blend of cultivating and releasing energy.

Fear tends to put a cap on flow while love treats it as infinite.

When energy is weak flow becomes interrupted and as a result we are likely to feel stuck and uninspired.

One way to increase flow is to turn on your love facet daily.

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Hold the consciousness of love in your heart by choosing to focus on it.

Here is the key, love flows more from a relaxed state of mind therefore, it will be important for you to integrate times where you are able to just be.

For example, in the morning before work consider taking a brief walk, sitting quietly with a cup of coffee, or taking a brief moment to close your eyes while holding the consciousness of love in your heart.

End with a Ritual

One way to increase motivation is to end your day with a ritual.

Rituals take you out of the future and plant you right back into the moment (where love lives).

For example, taking a hot shower could be a way for you to release anything that did not serve you.

You may also keep a gratitude journal or light a candle symbolizing your respect for all the lessons, opportunities and blessing which came your way.

Rituals powered by the intention of love increase energy, stamina, well being and flow.

Silence Irrational Beliefs

Irrational beliefs are energy suckers.

They tend to begin with words such as, everything, always, never, and everyone.

Listen for these words in your daily dialogue and inner conversations.

If you hear yourself stating these things, pause and challenge yourself with statements such as, “Really, Sherianna, everyone else is doing a better job than you?”

Irrational beliefs without awareness can make you feel alone and unsupported.

Pretty unmotivating, huh?

Gain Momentum from the Now

You may be very good at multi-tasking however, when used as a primary strategy multi-tasking may not serve you as much as you like.

You see to multi-task you have to maintain some level of distractibility so you are able to switch from one thing to the next.

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Without awareness multi tasking increases the chances that you might forget what you were doing, make careless errors and in some cases it forces you to start all over again.

Choose instead to gain momentum by focusing on one task at a time.

For example, consider finishing writing and sending an email before getting side tracked with a text or phone call.

Reframe Work to Serve

Viewing your work as a service, the way in which you contribute to the lives of others will increase your effort and motivation.

Everyone is serving their community in some shape or form.

Even if you work in a cubicle with little social interaction, you can still serve others by being mindful of your thoughts and feelings.

By tuning into your bodily sensations, you can cultivate a sense of inner calm and centeredness.

Everything which happens inside of you has an impact on your environment.

The point being, your sense of inner peace serves the lives of others!

Low Stress is Good!

Hurray, it turns out low stress actually is good for you.

It can motivate you to stay on task and get the job done.

Author Kelly McGonigal, The Upside of Stress, shares sound research in how low levels of stress actually gives you energy.

Therefore, to complete a task you are better off embracing stress than attempting to prevent it.

Next time you feel the heat give your body some credit for helping you prepare for the challenge.

Know the difference Effective vs. Busy

Some people are motivated by their busyness.

This isn’t such a bad thing however, what can happen is when life slows down (naturally) you may start to feel like something is wrong.

Busy then becomes the measure for good, productive or dare I say motivation.

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Effective is different.

Busy tends to be more head driven, meaning it focuses on things to do and places to be.

Effective on the other hand, is more heart driven.

You do something not just because you have to but also because it feels right.

For example, you might go the extra mile in service to earn the trust and connection with a customer not because your boss will become angry if you don’t but rather because it feels right.

What you put out comes back always and that can be very exciting and motivating.

Replace Perfection with Passion

Here is the thing, there is no perfect and striving for it will eventually lead to disappointment.

Life doesn’t have a score card and neither does love.

Love is the primary motivation for getting you to get passionate about what you care about.

Passion is what motivates people to keep going even during the most challenging times.

Lose perfection and focus on passion to increase motivation this New Year.

Increase Social Connection

Human beings are meant to be social.

If you are dragging your feet consider picking yourself up by becoming more connected to others.

Take time to say, “Hello,” ask questions, and get to know people around you.

Consider eating lunch in a new area, asking someone if they would like to take a walk or just hang out and listen in on other conversations.

Be sure to take frequent breaks from technology and social media.

Replace it with live face to face conversations.

Social media can never replace the value and inspiration from human connection.

Smile more, look someone in the eyes and take time to listen to others.

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