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How To Excel and Motivate Yourself Using the Per Wickstrom Formula

It is a dogged exercise to excel in the world we are today.

Competition is stiff. We could be victims of our own weaknesses which may stop us from attaining the success we desire. There is procrastination and the fear of failure to deal with. This is why we constantly need motivation – whether from within or the world outside.

For entrepreneurs who want to attain excellence and transform their ideas into reality, the road may be a long and tough one. But you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by this. You should understand your drive and desire before you go out there to thrive.

As a serial entrepreneur who has let his own personal motivation drive him to establishing many treatment recovery programs, and has had a hand in everything from marketing to sales, Per Wickstrom knows the importance of motivation for a successful outcome.

In fact, he has stated over and over again that many entrepreneurs fail because of misplaced motivation. Here he equates recovery to unicorn startups wherein motivation is the key to success.

Note sure HOW you will motivate yourself? Here’s where to begin:

Begin with a Careful Examination of Your Motivation

Anyone who has been in recovery would have heard the popular saying that you can’t get sober for someone else. It never works. Your ultimate motivation should be that you want to rid yourself of the evil of addiction in order to lead a clean and sober life.

“Trying to make someone else happy can become an unsuccessful attempt. The best result is attained when you can work towards recovery yourself,”

Per says, “You won’t be happy and any ‘success’ will be short lived when you try to please someone else. Your motivation needs to come from within, not from without”.

Our daily habits could consist of good or bad habits. One could help us progress, another could set us back from achieving the goal we desire. What matters though is that we look inwards and ask ourselves the right questions. Through careful self-examination, you can start the journey of reaching your goals as well as motivate yourself along the way.

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So What Is a Unicorn and How Can That Possibly Be Like Recovery?

Motivate Yourself Using The Per Wickstrom FormulaHere’s the thing. A unicorn startup is one that is valued at a minimum of $1 billion USD. Yes, that’s right –  a startup valued at more than a billion dollars! Well, in Per’s eyes, that’s really like what addiction and recovery are like.

The value of living a clean and sober life is invaluable. You can’t put a price tag on it because it is beyond any value you have known so far. However, only a handful of unicorns ever make a success at it because all they are looking at is the value and NOT the way in which the business is run.

Their immediate goal is to keep investors interested; to keep stocks soaring so they can flip it.

Big mistake.

Many fail before they are sold because the motivation wasn’t there to make that startup a successful endeavor. This can be a serious case of putting the cart before the horse. True value only comes when a business can show that it turns a profit.

This is similar to sober living. True value only comes when you can spend each day sober. This is the profit you turn to reach that high valuation of sober living. You must motivate yourself to work the program each and every day. You can’t focus on the end without being motivated to work the process.

Of course it could be a boring process. But you should learn to fall in love with the boredom and build resilience even when you are faced with the odds. The joy is in the process and not the results. But it is so easy to get caught up in attaining results that we fail to understand the process and enjoy the climb to the top.

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Per’s advice is focused on the individual seeing the process as a gradual climb to the zenith he/she desires.

Per’s Advice to Addicts on Staying Motivated

Again, Per likens the path of an addict to the path of a unicorn startup.

The goal is there. An addict wants to live a clean and sober life. But, that is a goal – NOT the actual motivation. The goal of a unicorn is to keep valuation high to flip the business making a tidy profit. However, the motivation is in showing up for that daily routine. For an addict, it is adding up each success at the end of the day.

An addict goes through the stages of being able to resist the urge to use a hundred times a day to fifty to 25, and on down the line until that point when, for the most part, those temptations are few and far between.

Each day gives you something to celebrate. Those victories are how you motivate yourself forward to your ultimate goal, the luxury of living a unicorn sober lifestyle. A high valued clean and sober life.

So, Per says:

“Let each day’s success be your motivator for the next day. You have a goal in mind and you can reach it if you are fueled by motivation. That feeling you have when you’ve gone an entire day, an entire week, an entire month or that first 90 days is invaluable. It’s what motivates you to keep on going.”

And if anyone understands the awesome power of motivation, it’s Per Wickstrom, an entrepreneur and a recovering addict.


Have a Belief System

A business should have a mission statement that aligns with an organization’s broader goals and objectives. Most times this sets the direction for an organizational path for stakeholders. Such goals can be a motivation for these stakeholders.

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When fighting an addiction and motivating yourself through the recovery process, an individual should have a mission statement so as to understand why he/she is really setting out to win and excel. It goes beyond simply realizing this mission statement, but rather it is something you should read aloud, carry with you and memorize.

According to Per Wickstrom, having a belief system will serve as a constant reminder on why you should conquer a bad habit or an addiction. For him, it becomes a focal point as to why he/she is an entrepreneur in the first place.


Motivate Yourself by Engaging With Friends

Peer pressure is real. But sometimes, such pressure can be the best motivation for you to excel and attain the goals you desire.

Staying motivated is not an easy task, but if you can engage friends and colleagues, you could get the help you need to be motivated to reaching your goals. This is why there are programs for addiction recovery, where you are in touch with other individuals who have a shared goal in beating an addiction and attaining success.

For the entrepreneur though, a digital space could drive motivation. There are mobile apps that could make engagement fun and make the challenge of reaching your goals easier.

Such apps include Make Me and KlashApp, which put you in front of a goal-oriented society that sees the essential of being motivated and challenged. This sort of engagement can be fun for any user at the end of the day.



According to the CEO of Domyessay, it is u

p to the entrepreneur to know why it is essential to make that bold leap from employee to being the leader of their own business. And through this, you can be motivated and excel – despite the odds.

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  1. Silpa

    September 24, 2018 at 1:38 AM

    Understand your drive and desire. This is the point where many of them lost or losing their time and money.we should recognize ourself what we want and what we are up to. I like the way you said, “why motivation is required daily?”.

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