3 Reasons Why Motivation Alone Won’t Make You Successful

Motivation alone won’t make you successful.

Learn why you must be committed to taking action and doing whatever it takes to reach your full potential.

If you’re living in this century, you’ve seen your share of motivational quotes, speakers, and coaches.

Whether it’s on YouTube, iTunes, social media, or at an in-person event, there is absolutely no shortage of motivational topics.

While motivation from others can electrify and inspire you, it is not enough for you to become successful. 

In fact, there are three very distinct reasons relying solely on the motivation of others will not get you to the next level.

Why motivation alone won’t make you successful

#1. There is an expiration date

Contrary to what anyone else says, nobody is always motivated.

Life presents us with obstacles and challenges that can really throw us for a loop.

Without the mindset or the strategy to overcome those obstacles, you dramatically increase your odds of giving up.

It’s no surprise that so many people are energized during a live event or watching a video that empowers them, only to return to the adverse realities of their own life. 

The “you can do it” and “you’re meant to be great” heard at the latest seminar fades away.

As a result, the overwhelm of things that presently exist in their life sets in.

This becomes a hard reminder that it takes more than the positive and inspiring words of someone else to get you through your periods of adversity.

So, if motivation is temporary, you must have other resources to help achieve your desired success. 

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#2. It’s not connected to your purpose

We always become inspired by other people’s stories, but the greatest motivation will always come from within.

When you become motivated by what’s inside you, you are driven by purpose.

You will need a strong conviction or internal driving force to build a life of success.

That drive can only stem from what’s important to you, what is relevant in your life, and what profoundly affects you.

When that outside motivation is lacking, that deep passion and drive within takes over.

You often hear this referred to as your “why.”

Your reason for pursuing your goals is what will push you when you don’t feel like going any further.

The difference between good and great boils down to your ability to inspire or motivate yourself in times of need.

You can see why operating based on strong beliefs and purpose is essential.

It’s an advantage of living with purpose—having something to chase will outshine any type of motivation you will receive from anyone on any day.

#3. Without action, motivation means nothing

Positive actions create positive results.


Motivation, without momentum or action, is simply hype.

Unless you do something every day that brings you closer to your goals, you will accomplish nothing.

The result is the same even if you listened to every motivational outlet there is.

I know many people who are amazing motivators but never accomplish their goals.

Their bad habits, lack of focus, and lack of a blueprint for success keep them stuck in a vicious cycle.

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If your dreams don’t work unless you do, then motivation without implementation is the road to nowhere.

This is very common because it feels great to be inspired and motivated.

However, that doesn’t apply to taking consistent action.

Sometimes you must act despite how you feel or what’s going on in your life.

Ask any successful person, and they will all have a story of something they had to do even while they were faced with the feelings of throwing in the towel.

Nobody ever motivated their way toward their dreams.

They acted because of their motivation and reached their version of success.

Remember, motivation and action together are what make dreams a reality. 

So, next time you get your daily dose of motivation, ensure you’re committed to taking action and doing whatever it takes to reach your full potential.

Build the best year of your life

May this year be your most successful year yet!

Don’t rely on motivation alone.

Get out there and get things done!

Let us know what inspires you to be successful in the comments below.

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