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4 Benefits Of Living With Purpose

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Purpose is a sense of knowing that your life has meaning, value, and importance.

Living with purpose means you know for a fact that your work, your contribution, and your life make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Having purpose means the work that you’re committed to serves humanity in a positive way.

Living purposefully will make you happier, more content, more successful, more graceful, more resilient through hard times, more excited, and more alive than your peers.

Living with purpose will give you a sense of living and put you on a fast-track to winning this game that we call life.

There are lots of benefits to doing meaningful work that matters.

What Are The Benefits Of Living With Purpose?

1. An Unlimited Supply Of Fulfillment

The most powerful antidote to depression, sadness, and even a desire to take your own life is knowing that at least one person’s life somewhere is better off because you exist.

The most undeniable way to feel happy is by connecting with a strong sense of purpose and contribution.

If you’re looking to feel happier—and I think we all are—adding more purpose to your life can put you on the fast-track to fulfillment.

Because nothing will give you more joy than knowing that your life has meaning, purpose, and value.

Nothing will fill you up with more pride, joy, and contentment than knowing that you’re adding something valuable and important to the world, to humanity, and to the universe.

That strong correlation between purpose and happiness makes perfect sense.

Because depression often stems from a lack of direction.

Depression, dark moods, and sadness usually originate from feeling like a lost soul, feeling out of control, feeling like you have no direction, and feeling like your life has no purpose.

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Nothing feels worse or more depressing than that confusion, frustration, and disappointment of feeling like your life is headed in a bad direction or no direction at all.

Because when you don’t have a powerful Why that drives you or a sense of contribution to the world, it’s easy to throw your life away into negative habits, negative jobs, negative relationships, and negative behavior.

When you don’t have a powerful purpose that’s driving you, it’s easy to just throw in the towel on life.

That’s why my #1 benefit of living with purpose is an unlimited supply of fulfillment.

Because knowing that your life has purpose, direction, meaning, and value can give you a reason to get out of bed everyday,a reason to live, and a reason to feel happy on a daily basis.

Living with purpose will give you all the fulfillment you’ll ever need.

2. Direction, Guidance, and Comfort Through Hard Times

Hard times are a reality that we all have to face at different points in our lives.

We all struggle through dark moments, situations, failures, obstacles, trials, and tribulations.

We all have periods of time when we try our best to our best to succeed, but we fail anyway.

And we all pass through moments when we try our hardest to make things right, but they still go wrong anyway.

The hard times are unavoidable.

You can’t escape the struggle.

But what you can do is use your purpose to comfort, guide, and support your through the storms.

Because when everything falls apart, purpose will be the support system that helps you piece your life back together.

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Knowing that there are people out there depending on you to make it through will motivate you to keep faith alive, keep persisting, and keep persevering until you find your break in the clouds.

Knowing that your life has value will push you in the direction of resilience, healing, and recovery from your trauma.

Purpose will be the shining light that will guide you out of the darkness.

That’s why my 2nd benefit of living with purpose is direction, guidance, and comfort through hard times.

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3. Endless Motivation To Add More Value And Accomplish More Success

Nothing can motivate you more than having a positive effect on other people.

Money, fame, power, prestige, and advancement all come secondary to the most powerful source of motivation in the world: Purpose.

Every successful person has a Why that motivates them to get up every morning, go out into the world, and do what they do.

Every successful person has a reason, a Why, and a purpose behind their achievement.

Accomplished people always attach their work to a cause that’s bigger than themselves.

That purpose becomes the driving force that makes those people successful.

Purpose is the purest form of motivation there is.

Knowing that you have people out there depending on you—mouths to feed, customers to serve, fans to please, and followers to inspire—makes giving up impossible.

Because when you realize that your work has a positive effect on others—when you know that the lives others will be worse off if you throw in the towel—you will always be motivated to whatever it takes to be successful.

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4. Living With Purpose Brings A Powerful Sense Of Aliveness

Purpose not only gives you fulfillment, guidance through hard times, and motivation to win, it can also give you a powerful and rare feeling of aliveness.

Purpose makes you come alive.

Having a sense of purpose, meaning, value, and contribution to humanity gives you that certain spark, aliveness, excitement, and passion for life that makes successful people so attractive to the world.

Doing meaningful work can transform you from dragging yourself through your 9-to-5 to loving every single second of your day.

Without purpose, life can feel really boring, dull, and routine.

But when you find your Why, life becomes like a great adventure.

And everyday that you do your work is another important step in your journey.

Purpose makes you feel happy, grateful, excited to be alive, and lucky to be who you are.

It’s a rare and powerful sense of aliveness that purposeful people enjoy on a daily basis.

So if you do know what your purpose is, congratulations on connecting with your Why.

But if you still haven’t found yours yet, let this blog post be a wake up call that pushes you to spend the rest of your life searching for your Why.

When you start living with purpose, you’ll know.

And you’ll be grateful that you made the effort.

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  1. Erika Brady

    April 17, 2019 at 4:39 PM

    I like that you mention how there are always times when we struggle and it’s good to have a purpose to find comfort, guidance, and support during these times. When trying to find a purpose or getting help with difficult times, it might be a good idea to find motivational books. This could give you the chance to get guidance and help you figure out how to find your purpose as well as other assistance that fits your situation.

  2. shewaye alemu

    March 26, 2019 at 2:54 AM

    appreciable advice, one to have purpose in his life time ,to fulfill his planned dream

  3. H nawaz

    March 25, 2019 at 11:12 PM

    Allah sent us for some purposes in this world. Be positive and be practicle

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