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Is It Time to Change Jobs? Pay Attention to These Signs

Everyone has a bad day at work every now and then, but if the bad days outnumber the good ones maybe it’s time to move on. Perhaps  you’ve been browsing the classifieds nonstop, or maybe you dread the thought of heading to the office first thing in the morning. Dissatisfaction in the workplace is often more than just an attitude problem. If you are struggling to stay happy and productive on the job, you are exposing your physical, mental, and emotional health to risk. Evermore, you are hurting the productivity of your employer. If you don’t know whether this is a this temporary case of the workplace blues (perhaps you just came back from a vacation) or if it’s time to change jobs, check these signs out.

Here are some signs that it may be time to change jobs:

You Find Excuses to Leave Early or Go in Late

It’s natural to have an occasional “one of those days” where you need to leave work in order to avoid a meltdown. However, when you spend more time coming up with excuses to leave early or planning your vacation, maybe it’s time to reconsider changing jobs.  There are times when you have no choice but to schedule a doctor’s appointment when you’re supposed to be at work, but if you’re intentionally choosing other activities, you may want to start checking the classifieds for something new.

You are Bored or Don’t Feel Challenged

An easy going day at work can be a nice change of pace, but if you feel downright bored with what you’re doing, you should definitely take the necessary steps to change. If you talk to your supervisor and/or boss about your desire to do something different and take on more responsibilities, maybe they will help. You’re better off changing jobs than playing video-games on your smartphone for hours at a time.

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You’re Concerned for Your Safety

Regardless of what kind of work you do, you should always feel safe at work. According to recent studies  4,821 people die everyday due to work related accidents. Do you want to be in this group? I highly doubted.  If you are contemplating leaving work after an accident you need to be aware of you rights. According to the law, a workplace injury can occur at any time, and you as an employee, have the right to receive compensation. If for any reason, you feel as though you are treated unfairly after you are injured or you simply feel as though your employer doesn’t value safety, it’s time to find an employer that cares.

You’re Afraid to Be Yourself

The requirement to be more professional and conservative is completely normal. However, if you feel undervalued or voiceless, you may be working in a toxic environment. If your happiness is squashed by the higher ups and coworkers, things need to change. Make the decision to change jobs  and find one that fosters growth and creativity and allows you to be yourself.

Tell us if any of these reasons made you question your job choice and be brave in making the needed changes.

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