20 Snow White Quotes About Your Favorite Character

For all of the fans of the Disney classic, you will love these Snow White quotes.

Snow White is a character created by The Brothers Grimm in their 1812 collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

The fairy tale was known throughout the western world.

Still, in 1937 Disney made Snow White famous by adapting the fairy tale into a movie called Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Snow White is a beautiful young princess hated by her jealous stepmother, the evil queen.

Her stepmother practices witchcraft and has a magic mirror that tells the stepmother who is the fairest of them daily.

When Snow White is seven years old, the mirror says that Snow White is the fairest of them all.

In response, the jealous stepmother has a huntsman take Snow White into the forest to kill her.

The huntsman pities Snow White and spares her life by letting her run away into the forest but never return to her kingdom.

That is where Snow White meets the Seven Dwarves and gets a new family and a sense of belonging.

Enjoy these Snow White quotes, which will leave you wanting to hear the rest of the story.

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Memorable Snow White quotes

Check out these quotes from Snow White herself.

1. “Why, Grumpy, you do care.”  Snow White

2. “Why–why, you’re little men!”  Snow White

3. “Oh, you can talk, I’m so glad!” — Snow White

4. “If you let me stay, I’ll keep house for you.”  Snow White

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5. “Oh, it’s adorable! Just like a doll’s house.”  Snow White

6. “Want to know a secret? Promise not to tell?”  Snow White

7. “I’m awfully sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you.” — Snow White

8. “Please don’t send me away. If you do, she’ll kill me.”  Snow White

9. “Why, there’s seven little chairs. Must be seven little children.”  Snow White

10. “I’m sure I’ll get along somehow. Everything’s going to be alright.”  Snow White

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Snow White quotes from other characters

Check out these quotes about Snow White from other characters in the fairy tale.

11. “She’s mighty purty!”  Sneezy

12. “All alone, my pet?”  Evil Queen

13. “Go on, have a bite.”  Evil Queen

14. “I’ll take a chance for her.”  Happy

15. “Shh! Not so loud. You’ll wake her up.”  Doc

16. “She’s beautiful, just like an angel.”  Bashful

17. “And there, my faithful huntsman, you will kill her!”  Evil Queen

18. “Angel, ha! She’s a female! And all females is poison!”  Grumpy

19. “Ohhh, hear this: The Victim of the Sleeping Death can be revived only by Love’s First Kiss.”  Evil Queen

20. “Over the seven jeweled hills, beyond the seventh wall, in the cottage of the seven dwarfs, dwells Snow White, fairest one of all.”  Magic Mirror

How does the story end

Snow White grows up happy with the Seven Dwarves and is seemingly safe.

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One day the magic mirror again tells the evil queen that Snow White is the fairest of them all and that she is living with the dwarves.

Check out the story or the Disney movie to see what happens to Snow White in the end!

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