How Goals Increase Your Sense of Purpose

Having a specific purpose gives us something concrete to strive for.

When our goals are achieved, we feel a sense of fulfillment.

Purpose gives us the motivation and inspiration to press on toward our goals. 

Purpose is our anchor that keeps us from wavering back and forth.

Instead, purpose points us toward the road to fulfilling our heart’s desire.

We get directions when we have a destination in mind.

In the same way, when we have a specific purpose, we get specific results.

That’s an advantage of finding purpose in our lives.

We will see specific results because we have something to pursue.

Without a specific purpose, there is nothing to pursue.

In these instances, it is extremely difficult to see specific results.

Narrowing and defining our intention directs us to attain very specific results because of a purpose-driven mentality:

  • Instills faith that we can achieve our goals.
  • Forces us to plan-map out our steps/our route/our agenda.
  • Gives us a clear vision of what we are attempting to achieve so we are better equipped to make decisions and revisions along the way.
  • Provides focus and a sense of control instead of chaos and confusion.

Instills Faith That We Can Achieve

Identifying our purpose provides us with a mission.

It gives us a cause to champion.

Now we are on the offensive.

This helps us recognize our potential, see the possibilities, and believe that we can achieve our heart’s desire.

This positive outlook helps us to justify why we do what we do.

It encourages us to keep reaching for our goals.

With this self-awareness, we are more likely to recognize the value of our purpose.

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Not simply why we do it!

We realize its significance and effect on those around us and the world.

It reveals the rewards and recognition we can earn, motivating us to move forward.

Having that clear and detailed purpose will then be the starting point to propel us to achieving the goals we want.

This will keep us focused, and not wandering from project to project without ever experiencing a feeling of accomplishment.

Selecting a purpose sets the scope, breadth, and depth of our mission.

Without this, we can easily lose our faith.

It is difficult when we are unsure of what we want, what we are trying to accomplish, and just how to get it.

Having a Specific Purpose Forces Us To Plan

Achieving our purpose is like going on the trip of a lifetime and doing or seeing that thing that you only fantasized about before.

We rarely set out without some direction or road map.

In the rare cases when we do, it is because we planned it that way (we wanted to get away from it all and be adventurous).

That still involved planning and thinking about the result you wanted to achieve.

So, when we take an impromptu trip, with the purpose of experiencing a wide-open adventure, we wander.

Although we can enjoy ourselves, it is because our goals were to do just that – enjoy ourselves and be free of boundaries.

There was still a specific purpose we were pursuing.

Now, when we take a trip intending to see or do specific things, we usually create a plan or an agenda.

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Planning does not mean being inflexible.

Planning means evaluating what we have and what we know, to determine how to use them and identify what or who we need to take so our journey can be successful.

It also means being detailed and direct about our long- and short-term goals.

This includes knowing the exact results we seek.

When we plan, we avoid pitfalls, anxiety, and fear; because we are prepared to function regardless of what situations—good or bad—we experience along the way.

Gives Us a Clear Vision of What We Are Attempting To Achieve

If we don’t know where we want to go, it’s difficult to map out how we are going to get there.

Also, we often encounter detours in our travels.

Similarly, we encounter detours in fulfilling our dreams.

But, if we have a dream and we are clear on it, we are better equipped to create our action plan, which gives us a “How To…” manual with the most efficient steps for achieving our dreams.

We will also be able to measure our progress.

If we come across obstacles or issues, we will have the tools necessary to assist us in making decisions and/or revisions along the way.

We can determine if we need to re-evaluate our steps and adjust them – turn right, turn left, or just turn around and start over to get back on track.

We will understand how our decisions may affect our time and our efforts towards that end goal.

Having the ability to see where we are headed and having a definitive task list will help us make positive progress.

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If we can’t see our vision in our mind’s eye, then we can’t determine what we need to do to achieve that vision.

Provides Focus and a Sense of Control Instead of Chaos and Confusion

Identifying the specific purpose we are pursuing brings clarity to our situation.

The comfort of knowing exactly what we are seeking and what our boundaries are puts us in control of our life and our pursuits.

Believing in our goals and dreams, having an action plan with explicit instructions and directions to follow, gives us control of our efforts.

So, instead of chaos and confusion, not knowing when to start or when to stop, we can efficiently channel our steps and manage the pursuit of our dreams, ensuring that we achieve specific results.

Having control allows us to steer our life towards the result we desire.

If we are out of control, we are at the mercy of others.

This makes it very hard to accomplish what we want versus what they want.

When we know what we want, we are better able to take control.

Otherwise, we wait for others to guide and direct us.

But, when we have a specific purpose and expectations, we become self-guided and are prepared to create the efforts that will yield the results we desire.

Purpose Is Specific

Purpose is NOT generic.

It is a specific intention, cause, desire, or reason that drives us.

Having a specific navigating force will ultimately lead us on a course to a specific destination or end result.

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  1. Jackie Walker

    April 17, 2019 at 1:33 PM

    Thanks for sharing your perspective …insightful!

  2. Howie

    April 16, 2019 at 8:38 AM

    Great article on purpose. I especially like the closing that illustrates purpose as the driver to everything. I believe the reason most people in pursuit of what they dream is they are driven by something other than purpose. Whenever we are driven by a specific purpose, it is the equivalent to a vehicle running on fumes. The car may cover some ground, but there is not enough in the tank for a long journey.

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