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4 Tips to Add to Your Morning Routine for a Productive Day

Have you ever woken up late and then for the rest of the day, you were left feeling frazzled and trying to play catch up?

I believe that productivity starts from the minute you wake up. We have to be productive in all aspects of our life, for ourselves and for others. Creating a morning routine can and will make you more productive and healthier as well!

Here are four tips to incorporate into your morning routine to start being more productive.

1) Wake Up Early and Exercise

productive dayAs a mom of three boys, the only way for me to be a working mom doing what I love is to start my day early! I am typically in bed by 9 p.m., wake up at 5 a.m. and am at the gym for a workout class at 5:30 a.m.

productive day

There are studies that show that not only is exercise good for your body, but it can make you happier, smarter, and more energetic. Getting your workout in early also allows you to knock it out and make sure you have time for it.

Of course, with an early wake up time comes an earlier bed time so you are all rested and ready for a productive day!

2) Healthy Food and Water Intake

productive dayI start my day with lemon water to help detox and rehydrate my body. I typically am back at home by 6:20 a.m. to grab a healthy breakfast and get my oldest child off to school.

A healthy breakfast (high in protein, low in carbs and sugar) is imperative and will help you to maintain your energy level throughout the day. It also helps you avoid a sugar crash later on. After I get myself and the other kids ready, my work day begins and I’m fuelled and prepared for it!

3) Make a List for a Productive Day

productive dayEveryday, my day starts with a list! I typically start building and prioritizing the night before. STARTplanner is the tool I use that helps keep me organized and on track by writing out my lists.

I am a pen-and-paper type of gal, so I want to cross those items off when I complete them! Visualization and being able to have that list physically in front of me makes me accountable for those items and more likely to tackle them.

4) Do Creative Work First

productive dayWhile you are feeling fresh and energized from a good night’s sleep, early morning workout and healthy breakfast, spend time on any thought-provoking tasks or items requiring the most creativity, time, and brainpower.

This activity could be something you enjoy, like reading, writing on your journal, or brainstorming for your business.

There you go! These are four tips you can easily add to any morning routine for a more productive day. With these in mind, you can bet that you can do more in less time.

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