25 Valkyrie Quotes From the Fierce Asgardian Warrior Turned King

Fans of Marvel Cinematic Theater will love these Valkyrie quotes!

Valkyrie is the title of Brunnhilde, who at one time was one of many Valkyrie who were fierce women warriors for the kingdom of Asgard.

Actress Tessa Thompson plays Valkyrie.

After years of exile after losing her fellow Valkyrie in a battle against the evil Hela, she meets the Asgardian Prince Thor.

Thor is trapped on a different planet.

Valkyrie finds him and eventually decides to befriend him, help him escape, and fight against Hela, who has taken over Asgard.

After helping defeat Hela and leading the Asgardians to a new land, Thor names her the Asgardian King.

Take a look at these Valkyrie quotes to learn more about this powerful character.

Best Valkyrie Quotes

Here are some of the best quotes from Valkyrie.

1. “Hulk, let’s go!” — Valkyrie

2. “I think it’s only you.” — Valkyrie

3. “So, what do we do?” — Valkyrie

4. “Mate, relax. We’re on the same team.” — Valkyrie

5. “The people are safe. That’s all it matters.” — Valkyrie

6. “I don’t wanna forget. I can’t turn away anymore.” — Valkyrie

7. “And no one escapes this place. So you’re gonna die anyway.” — Valkyrie

8. “I’m not getting dragged into another one of Odin’s family squabbles.” — Valkyrie

9. “You’re a Viking now, which means you pretty much have to die in battle.” — Valkyrie

10. “That’s what’s wrong with Asgard. The throne, the secrets, the whole golden sham.” — Valkyrie

Iconic Valkyrie Quotes

Throughout the movies she features in, Valkyrie has many iconic quotes.

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11. “No, no, mate!” — Valkyrie

12. “Listen closely, your majesty.” — Valkyrie

13. “I never thought I’d be back here.” — Valkyrie

14. “I miss fighting. I miss my sisters.” — Valkyrie

15. “I’ve spent years, in a haze, trying to forget my past.” — Valkyrie

16. “So, if I’m gonna die, well, it might as well be driving my sword through the heart of that murderous hag.” — Valkyrie

17. “I only survived because…Look, I already faced her once back when I believed in the throne, and it cost me everything.” — Valkyrie

Valkyrie Quotes to Make You Laugh

Enjoy these funny quotes from the well-loved Marvel character.

18. “Hey, big guy!” — Valkyrie

19. “Are you done?” — Valkyrie

20. “No, I got paid for this.” — Valkyrie

21. “This stupid dog won’t die!” — Valkyrie

22. “Choose your next words wisely.” — Valkyrie

23. “This team of yours, it got a name?” — Valkyrie

24. “Smell like a king because you’re worthy.” — Valkyrie

25. “You know I’d make a lot of changes around here.” — Valkyrie

Why Does Thor Name Valkyrie as King, and Does She Like It?

Even though the throne of King is his to take, Thor eventually decides that he is not ready for the leadership of the Asgardians.

He thinks that Valkyrie has the qualities of a King.

At first, Valkyrie enjoys the job of King as she cares about the Asgardians.

Still, eventually, she misses being a warrior and understands why Thor turned down the position.

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