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11 Simple Ways to Make Others Feel Special

I am a firm believer in telling people what you think, if it is positive, and not keeping it to yourself. If you think someone is doing a great job tell them. If you appreciated something others have done, let them know. W

hile it may be uncomfortable for some people to express emotions in this way, in the age of modern technology, we have many ways to communicate this to them. We also have unlimited ways to let them know they are special, and to make them feel appreciated.

How you can make others feel special

Here is a list of ways in which you can make someone feel special:

1. Compliment something about their appearance

Even though it is not what we should be focusing on, people love when we compliment something about their appearance. So, if they are wearing a nice new sweater or a great scarf, say something.

2. Let them know how much you appreciate them

Let them know something that they have done that has made a difference in your life, or made things easier for you. Let them know how much you appreciate them.

3. Encourage their dreams

If they are on the fence about trying something or taking a big step, let them know that you believe in them, and think they can do it.

4. Encourage them to take care of themselves

If they do not take time for self-care, encourage them to do some. Let them know that while they have responsibilities, their well-being should be one as well. They do so much for others, they should be sure to take care of themselves.

5. Give them public credit

Make sure to give them public credit for something they have helped with or done well. Make sure that others are aware of their important contributions.

6. Give them your undivided attention

Listen to them when you can tell they are feeling down or need to get something off their chest. Give them your undivided attention so that they know they are the priority to you right now, and that you care about what is on their mind.

7. Show them that you are all human

If they are willing to be vulnerable with you, be vulnerable with them in return. This lets them know that you are all human, all insecure and afraid, and that they are not alone in how they are feeling.

8. Share your resources and tools with them

This is actually a big one because, in the work world, people are so possessive and secretive about resources they have gathered. This will really make the person feel special and important to you.

9. Support them in what they are doing

Offer to help them with some big project that is a great deal of work, and will likely be overwhelming. They will appreciate that you made the offer from the start, and not at the point they were drowning. It shows your interest and support in what they are doing.

10. Give them a secret “congratulations” gift

Put something you know they like in a desk drawer where they will find it. It shows support, and makes it something that is secret and special between the two of you. It shows that this token was truly about them, and not getting credit for doing something nice.

11. Ask them to do something with just the two of you

Go for coffee, a drink, dinner. This lets them know you care about them as a person, and that you want to spend time with them outside of work focusing on other things that matter to them.

Making others feel special betters their world

There are so many other ways that you can show someone they are special and appreciated. Be creative and think of ones that fit, and are comfortable for you. Think about what you would appreciate if the shoe was on the other foot.

Every person wants to be acknowledged, cared about, and listened too. Some of the best employees, supervisors, and people have a strong emotional IQ, which all of these activities represent. The more someone feels special and capable, the more they will excel in what they do, and the more they will enjoy being part of the workplace.

If everyone or many people took on this mentality, people would be more willing and happy to be part of the work environment. They would feel that they matter and that their contributions are genuinely noticed and appreciated. They feel special, instead of just being a cog in the wheel. They are more open to brainstorm, to ask for help, and to think outside the box. They are more willing to try things they may have been previously hesitant to do, as they feel supported.

When we help to make people feel special, we are bettering their world. Many times we do not know what is going on in someone’s life. The kindnesses that we show them may mean the world to them and maybe the bright and shining spot they have. Doesn’t that seem worth it?

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1 Comment
  1. Seher

    October 18, 2019 at 9:04 AM

    Thank you so much for this lovely article! I am looking forward to implementing this in my day-to-day life and making sure my loved ones feel appreciated and special. This was also the perfect fit into my Steps to becoming a better person mission I am taking on to better my health, and growth emotionally, and practising the same with peers and classmates.
    Thanks once again.

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