11 Thoughtful Ways to Show Others They Matter to You

Be the person who spreads happiness to make others feel special every day; it’s a lot easier than you might think!

I am a firm believer in “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

But if you do have something nice to say, say it every chance you get!

If you appreciate something others have done, let them know.

If you think someone is doing a great job, then tell them.

We do not do this nearly as often as we should.

If it’s uncomfortable for you to express emotions in this way, you’re lucky to live in the age of modern technology!

You have many ways to communicate with people that should help it be a little less awkward.

A simple text, email, or even a post-it can be a simple vessel to let them know they are special to you and you appreciate them.

It requires little effort on your part but will make a huge difference in their day.

How to make others feel special

Below is a list of ways to make others feel seen, heard, appreciated, and special.

These suggestions will help you spread happiness and joy to the people you care about.

You never know what someone needs to hear, but a genuine compliment will always go a long way in brightening their day, so just pick what feels right!

1. Compliment their appearance

Even though it is not what we should focus on, people love it when we compliment something about their appearance.

So, if they are wearing a nice new sweater or a great scarf, say something.

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2. Let them know you appreciate them

Let them know something they have done that has made a difference in your life, inspired you in some way, or made things easier for you.

Sharing how much it meant to you will let them know how much you appreciate them.

How to Make Others Feel Special #3. Encourage their dreams

If they are on the fence about trying something or taking a big step, let them know you believe in them and think they can do it.

A little outside encouragement goes a long way.

4. Encourage them to take care of themselves

If they do not take time for self-care, encourage them to do some.

Let them know that while they have responsibilities, their well-being should be one as well.

They do so much for others that they should be sure to take care of themselves.

5. Give them credit (publicly)

Give them public credit for something they have helped with or done well.

Make sure that others are aware of their important contributions.

How to Make Others Feel Special #6. Offer them your undivided attention

Listen to them when you can tell they are feeling down or need to get something off their chest.

Give them your undivided attention so that they know they are the priority to you right now and that you care about what is on their mind.

7. Be vulnerable

If they can open up and be vulnerable with you, be vulnerable with them in return.

This lets them know you are both human, insecure, and afraid sometimes.

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It will help them realize they aren’t alone in how they feel.

8. Share your resources and tools with them

This is actually a big one because, in the work world, people are so possessive and secretive about the resources they have gathered.

This will really make the person feel special and important to you.

9. Support them in what they are doing

Offer to help them with something they need.

This could be a big work project or something personal, too.

They will appreciate that you made the offer from the start and not at the point they were drowning.

It shows your interest and support in what they are doing.

10. Give them a small gift

Gift them a small token of your gratitude for their contribution to your life.

It shows support and strengthens the bond between the two of you.

11. Invite them to hang out

Go for coffee, a drink, or dinner.

An invitation to do something makes others feel special and like people enjoy their company.

It not only allows you to get to know them better, but the socialization and bonding are good for both of you.

Making others feel special betters the world

There are so many ways you can show someone they are special and appreciated.

Be creative and think ones that fit and are comfortable for you.

Think about what you would appreciate someone saying or doing for you.

Every person wants to be acknowledged, cared about and listened to.

The more someone feels acknowledged and appreciated, the more they will excel in what they do and the more happiness they will have to share with others.

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When we help to make people feel special, we are bettering their world and ours.

How do you make others feel special?

Do you have anything to add to this list?

Tell us in the comment section below!

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  1. Seher

    October 18, 2019 at 9:04 AM

    Thank you so much for this lovely article! I am looking forward to implementing this in my day-to-day life and making sure my loved ones feel appreciated and special. This was also the perfect fit into my Steps to becoming a better person mission I am taking on to better my health, and growth emotionally, and practising the same with peers and classmates.
    Thanks once again.

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