5 Reasons Taking Care of Yourself Makes You A Better Person

An all too common misconception has insidiously seeped its way into the collective belief system: taking care of yourself is selfish.

I always hear it from clients and used to feel that way, too!

Here’s a little secret to being a better, more powerful person: put yourself first.

What was your reaction upon reading that last sentence?

Did a bit of anxiety present itself?

Did you think I was crazy or that such a notion is utterly selfish?

Well, I invite you, just for a moment, to hear me out on this one.

As a nutritionist and yoga teacher, I make it my mission to empower others to transform their lives, and this starts by placing themselves on top of their priority list.

Here are five simple reasons taking care of yourself makes you a better person:

1. When you take care of yourself, it is selfless.

Ensuring your needs are met and you are truly nourished on all levels makes you more:

  • present
  • awake
  • peaceful
  • energized
  • healthier

This allows you to more powerfully show up in your life for others and to do so in a manner that leaves you charged and not depleted.

2. You are only responsible for you.


Your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and reactions are yours, and you cannot control those of others.

Cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself through various self-care activities that truly delight and nourish you is the only way I know to get in touch with these thoughts and the driving forces behind actions, beliefs, and reactions.

You give yourself the freedom and permission to let go of the fluff and get to the heart of what you’re really all about in life.

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3. Only you can identify and meet your needs.

No one will do it for you, and no one can help you if you don’t know what you need help with!

If being so frazzled that lashing out at your partner, children, or the check-out person at the store is common, I’m definitely speaking right to you.

I bet this nerve-fraying stress is because you are really “tired” or something of the sort, right?

Well, why are you tired?

Identify what needs in your life aren’t being met and gather the resources to meet them!

Pushing through life, having an all-or-nothing mentality, and constantly being a martyr is doing no one any good at all, despite what may be your best intentions.

4. The mental clarity and energy you gain from taking care of yourself is unbelievable.

When we really let go and jump off our self-imposed “hamster wheel” and spend time with and on ourselves, the extra clarity and mental and physical energy available is extremely potent.

And the best part?

All the possibilities!

5. What kind of example do you want to be for others?

Think of who looks up to you and relies on you—your colleagues, children, partner, friends, etc.

Taking a bold stand for yourself gives others the green light to do so.

Wouldn’t the world be a much better, happier place if we all spent more time tending to our needs and stoking our inner spark?

I certainly think so.

The bottom line is this: this is your life, and it’s happening now.

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Each moment is a sacred gift and deserves the highest quality of attention and intention.

You deserve and require as much TLC as you give to those around you, if not more.

Honor this and pledge to take care of yourself

Take care of your physical body through wholesome nutrition, movement, and plenty of sleep.

Take care of your mental and emotional needs through creative expression, socialization, journaling, meditation, and learning.

Seek a connection to something greater than yourself to seal the deal and guide your daily endeavors.

So, what do you say?

Soak in a bubble bath tonight?

Take a lunch break outside?

Sit in silence and do absolutely nothing?

Get to it!

In the comment section below, let us know your thoughts on taking care of yourself.

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