25 Art Williams Quotes From the Businessman and Entrepreneur

Check out these Art Williams quotes to be motivated by a man who has been very successful in the business world.

Arthur L. Williams Jr., better known as Art Williams, was born in Cairo, Georgia, in 1942 and currently lives in Palm Beach, Florida.

Art made his name in the business world through Primerica Financial Services, which is mainly focused on life insurance.

Art started in life insurance at ITT Financial Services in 1970, then went on to Waddell & Reed in 1973, and later founded A.L. Williams & Associates, which would become Primerica, in 1977.

Art became a billionaire through his dedication to his sales staff, clients and wise investments.

Today, Williams is also known for his motivational speeches and has written five books on leadership.

Read these Art Williams quotes for a few minutes to learn more about this successful man.

Inspirational Art Williams Quotes

Here are some quotes by Art Williams to inspire you.

1. “All you can do is all you can do.” — Art Williams

2. “You’ve got to learn to dream again.” — Art Williams

3. “My dreams kept me trying when I could have quit.” — Art Williams

4. “Crusaders commit to something bigger than their business.” — Art Williams

5. “I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy – I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” — Art Williams

6. “I became determined not to be defeated by someone else’s opinion of me or my ideas.” — Art Williams

7. “Just because you love what you’re doing doesn’t mean that everybody’s going to love it, too.” — Art Williams

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8. “Before you can be good, you’ve got to be bad. But before you can even be bad, you’ve got to try.” — Art Williams

9. “Think of everybody you talk to as having a flashing sign on their chest saying: Make me feel special!” — Art Williams

10. “You can be the most common person in the world and still do something uncommon with your life.” — Art Williams

Art Williams Quotes About Winning

Winning is a big theme in all that Art Williams does.

11. “Win with your heart, not your head.” — Art Williams

12. “A total commitment gives you the extra ounce of courage that it takes to win.” — Art Williams

13. “The number one problem that keeps people from winning in the United States today is lack of belief in themselves.” — Art Williams

14. “What’s the primary difference between winners and losers? The winners do it, and do it, and do it, and do it…until the job gets done.” — Art Williams

15. “A few people can stay excited for two or three years. But a winner will stay excited for twenty or thirty years…or as long as it takes to win.” — Art Williams

16. “You beat 50 percent of the people in America by working hard. You beat 40 percent by being a person of honesty and integrity and standing for something.” — Art Williams

17. “I’ve spent a lot of my adult life studying men and women and why most of them lose and only a few win. It took me a long time to really understand what a big part attitude played in success.” — Art Williams

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Thought-Provoking Art Williams Quotes

Take a look at these Art Williams quotes to make you think.

18. “Everybody wants to be somebody.” — Art Williams

19. “If you don’t have a big dream, you’re dead.” — Art Williams

20. “A great leader always gives his people credit for his success.” — Art Williams

21. “Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it.” — Art Williams

22. “Stop telling yourself what you can’t do. Start thinking about what you really want from life.” — Art Williams

23. “Most people get out of business and quit before they give their efforts time to compound.” — Art Williams

24. “I don’t believe people die from hard work. They die from stress and worry and fear – the negative emotions.” — Art Williams

25. “The only way not to be controversial is to be average and ordinary. They just call me anything but average and ordinary.” — Art Williams

Has Art Williams Been Successful In All of His Investments?

Williams has proven to be a smart, kind man, but his ventures into owning sporting franchises can be deemed failures.

He purchased the Canadian Football Team, Birmingham Barracudas, in 1995.

But the investment went poorly, and his team was eventually cut out of the CFL.

In 1998, he purchased the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning; however, he did not have knowledge of hockey, and his ownership was not successful or profitable, so he sold the team in 1999.

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