8 Inspirational books every 20 something should read

Being in one’s 20s these days can be quite overwhelming and stressful.

Most people at this age are virtually broke.

They also worry about getting fired from a job, ending a serious relationship, and generally having their dreams shattered.

More often than not, they face questions that no one in their life can really answer.

Reading inspirational and self-development books can be one of the best ways to get the answers you’re looking for in your twenties.

Reading can help you navigate through tough times.

They can also help you make the right decisions that can make a big difference over one’s lifetime.

These eight books for 20 somethings can help you get through rough waters and make the most of your potential at an early age.

Here is a list of eight inspirational books every 20 something should read.

Books for 20 Somethings About Living Your Best Life

1. You Majored In What? Mapping Your Path From Chaos To Career by Katharine Brooks Ed. D.

Katharine has been providing career guidance for over 25 years.

She frequently consults with university and college career centers.

Her book consists of 11 chapters explaining the various stages involved in the beginning and developing your career.

Brooks starts off by explaining that your career path is NOT linear and you are more likely to end up in a field different from your chosen major.

Best Inspirational and Informative Books for 20 Somethings

Brooks essentially encourages her readers to explore careers that they were always interested in.

At the end of the book, she provides job seekers with useful resources such as websites and blogs related to job search and career advice.

‘You Majored in What?’

is a hands-on, workbook-styled read.

It is recommended to have a fat journal by your side to help you personalize your read.

2. 20 Something Manifesto: Quarter-Lifers Speak Out About Who They Are, What They Want, and How To Get It by Christine Hassler

Best Inspirational and Informative Books for 20 Somethings

Hassler explores some of the most common problems that most young men and women face in their twenties.

Their stories speak about their successes, failures, frustrations, as well as realizations.

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Hassler, a life coach, and speaker, shares her takeaways, suggestions and recommendations that may help you get what you want.

The book is full of practical lessons that you can use in your personal life.

3. The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter – and How To Make The Most Of Them Now by Dr. Meg Jay

Dr. Meg Jay proactively criticizes the popular ’thirty-is-the-new-twenty’ culture in her book, ‘The Defining Decade.’

According to Dr. Jay, a clinical psychologist, the twenties is the most defining decade of adulthood.

She believes that it is a critical period where choices – or the lack of thereof – can dramatically influence one’s adult life.

Best Inspirational and Informative Books for 20 Somethings

The book provides valuable suggestions and necessary tips to help you make the most of your twenties.

It comprises real-life stories and research to establish that this decade offers unique opportunities for personal development.

Regardless of your age and gender, ’The Defining Decade’ motivates you to make use of the most precious period in your life.

4. I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

This is a book on personal finance was originally published in 2009.

It became the New York Times Paperback Business Best Seller in the same year.

It’s specifically written for readers aged between 20 and 35 years.

It explores tips and tricks that will help readers build a stable financial foundation.

Sethi has a funny and sarcastic writing style that appeals to the people who have likely never considered resolving their financial problems.


At times, Sethi is not afraid to use a brash tone to reach his readers.

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As one of the books for 20 somethings, it’s packed with satirical and in-your-face basic personal finance advice for millennials.

The book is full of useful tips that will help you maximize your 401(k) and invest in a suitable retirement plan.

The author focuses on cutting back on spending, improving credit score, and reducing credit card debt.

He also explains about spending on things that matter the most to you without feeling guilty.

‘I Will Teach You to Be Rich’ is a must-read for young adults who are interested in learning about personal finance management.

5. 101 Secrets for Your Twenties by Paul Angone

Expanded from the blog post, ’21 Secrets for Your 20s’ that became viral, ‘101 Secrets for Your Twenties’ is written by Paul Angone.

This is one of the best books for 20 somethings.


It draws inspiration from Angone’s own life experiences, making it a captivating piece of wisdom for the readers.

One of the best aspects of this book is that the content is anything but boring or preachy.

In fact, it is a conversation starter.

6. Life After College: The Complete Guide To Getting What You Want by Jenny Blake

If you are a graduating student or a young professional, then this book is the right read for you.

In fact, it is a perfect graduation gift for a friend.


Authored by the popular Gen Y blogger and life coach Jenny Blake, the book explores nine major areas after college life including work, money, home, organization, friends and family, dating and relationships, health, fun and relaxation, and personal growth.

The book can help you figure out the big picture.

7. What the Heck Am I Going to Do with My Life by Margaret Feinberg

Unlike other books for 20 somethings, this one focuses on finding the true meaning of life.

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It is full of stories about people who have managed to find work satisfaction.


Feinberg includes several quizzes, questions, discussions, and resources which may help readers find their passion.

The book is a classic combination of a workbook and a self-development guide.

8. Getting From College To Career: 90 Things To Do Before You Join The Real World by Lindsey Pollak

Pollak explores 90 factors that will help you get a fabulous first job.

Pollak is a highly acclaimed writer, motivational speaker, and consultant on millennials in the workplace.

The book comprises simple and actionable tips that will set your job search in the right direction.

In short, the book is a must-read for recent college grads.


Pollak worked as a LinkedIn brand ambassador for six years.

Her authenticity makes this book an enjoyable read.

She openly speaks about the typical job search depression, and the ups and downs of finding the right career path.

The book is full of Pollak’s real-life experiences as well as of those she has interviewed.

It effectively combines the traditional job search methods and the use of appropriate technology that will land you the ideal first job.

Will you be buying any of these books for 20 somethings soon?

It may sound surprising, but a $10 book can change your life forever.

Thanks to online price comparison websites such as Idealo, you can now easily compare prices before buying your favorite books.

Your twenties can be the most fabulous as well as most unnerving time in your life.

Getting through it is difficult for a lot of young people.

All humans go through the stages of financial instability and emotional uncertainty.

But with books for 20 somethings, hopefully, the ride would be a bit smoother.

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