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4 Huge Decisions We All Have To Make In Order To Live the Life We Dream Of

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Living a life of dreams often feels like a rollercoaster ride.

Is this life even real?

From time to time, it feels so close that you can smell it, touch it, taste it, and even feel it.

Other moments, it feels like it exists on the other side of the universe.

Obstacles and difficulties are always present on the way to any worthwhile dream.

How do we overcome the difficulty

We make these big decisions to stimulate us toward ultimate success.


Big Decisions You Need To Make Today To Propel You Towards Success

1) Decide to quit blaming.

I strongly believe this one decision above all others can propel you toward success.

Every person that has ever achieved anything of worth had plenty of reasons to fail.

Winston Churchill not only flip-flopped on issues, he totally changed political parties twice.

His own choices could have prevented his becoming the Prime Minister of Britain during the crucial years of World War II.

He could have blamed his mostly absentee parents.

He could have blamed his father for marrying an American.

He could have blamed members of Parliament, or the King, or any number of things.

But he did not.

He chose to rise above the circumstances to thrive and fulfill his destiny.

Many will blame their gender or race or culture or lack of resources.

However, for everyone that uses those excuses, I have seen someone overcome those challenges in nearly every age of history to succeed.

What is holding you back?

The only honest answer is YOURSELF.

You must decide to not blame anyone but yourself for falling short.

2) Decide that you are sick and tired of not achieving your dream.  

William Wilberforce had a dream to end slavery in the entirety of the British Empire.

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For many years, when parliament met, he would present a bill to that end.

Every year, his dream was rejected.

His sleep would be stolen from him as he dreamed of the slaves that he had again failed to set free.

He literally worked himself into sickness in the mission.

One year, he was so sick of his dream not coming true that he decided to get creative and try new approaches – and soon succeeded.

He had created a picture of success and he made it come true because he was sick and tired of it not being true.

Create the picture of your dream that is completely alive within you.  

Create a dream that is so real that when you close your eyes, you are there, enjoying the challenges and the joys.

Look at all of the people around you in your dream world.

This little escape should whet your appetite and motivate you to press forward.

Walk through your dream often.

But then step into the real everyday world where your dream has not yet been fully realized.

Doesn’t this world suck in comparison? 

You have an exciting and fulfilling vision, but here you are eating mud pies in comparison.

Today, I wake up not yet having fulfilled that dream. 

My failure makes me angry at my own shortcomings. 

I get frustrated over my own lack of discipline. 

I will make the changes NOW, not tomorrow.  

I love my dream. 

I long for it to take place. 

Patience can take a backseat. 

Every fiber of my being is filled with this one desire to make this dream real. 

YOU must make big decisions that you are sick and tired of not waking up in your dream world.

So get moving towards achieving it.

3) Decide to achieve your ultimate dream life ethically.   

Lance Armstrong was at the pinnacle of his dream.

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For many years, he denied cheating to get to his goals.

Fans from all walks of life believed in him.

People who suffered cancer cheered for him as he gave them hope for a better future.

He tasted his dream.

But when it was discovered that it was all a lie, many were hurt in the wake of the ethical failure.

Trust was abused, and many will never forgive him.

Yes, he got to his dream – but I am confident that this is NOT the way he pictured it.

No one that I know spends time thinking much about their dream crashing down on them.

The only way to ensure that you will not only experience your ultimate dream, and then be remembered for it is to strive to live an ethical life. 

Yes, it will likely take longer to get there.

Your level of success in the eyes of the world may be less.

But I am confident that you want a sustainable dream that will outlive you.

What is the impact of your dream on the next generation? My impatience often makes me want to rush things and try to find shortcuts.

But there is NO shortcut to greatness.

This is one of the big decisions you need to make today.

You must live an honorable life on your way to achieving your ultimate dream.

You need to choose to live a life of fewer regrets.

4) Decide to never quit.  

I was about 13 years old.

The gym teacher had the class run a lap around the back of the school.

It seemed like a marathon, but was more likely about half a mile.

As we got to the half way mark, I was in second and Eric was only a few steps ahead of me.

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I was keeping pace with him.

Behind me, far behind, was the rest of the class.

I knew Eric was the fastest runner in the class and here I was keeping up with him.

I was energized by the possibility of being the fastest boy in the school.

I could feel no pain.

My breathing felt normal.

I stayed on his tail all the way around the last turn.

I could see the finish line.

I picked up the pace, so did Eric.

I wish I could come up with some brilliant excuse as to what happened next, but I can’t.

It somehow got in my head that I could not possibly beat Eric.

I remembered that when I was born, that doctors had told my parents not to expect too much out of me.

Negativity rocked my mind and I simply quit.

Eric won that race and for the rest of the year, I never got close to him again.

Ultimately, others in the class caught me and I was a middle of the pack runner again.

Even today, I cringe a little when I remember quitting that day.

If you want your dream to come true, you must make one of the big decisions that no matter what, you are NOT going to quit.

There will be opportunities to give up.

Distractions will present themselves.

But choose today that you will not give in to your own thoughts, or allow any obstacle to stop you.

If you want your dream to come true, decide to NEVER quit until victory has been experienced.


From small to large visions for our life, we are required to decide that we want it to come to pass.

Make these big decisions concretely, and you will soon be looking back on your life with satisfaction and joy over what you have achieved.

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