How To Dream Big & Start Making Them a Reality

Ask yourself: Do you dream big?

Keep questioning yourself and ask:

  • Are you ambitious?
  • What are some major goals and dreams you have right now?
  • What happens when you get excited?

How often do you tell yourself things like, “That’s not possible for me. I need to be more realistic?”

We might not do everything, but we can do almost anything.

Even if we scale it down, we can find the courage to do something – or even just one thing – that will significantly impact the lives of other people.

Thanks to Google, we know too much!

We know there is an immeasurable amount of real-life stories of people making a massive difference in the world for us to settle for being realistic.

The time to stop talking yourself out of your greatest dreams is over!

The time for wishing is over.

It’s time to make it happen.

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Reasons you should dream big!

1. If it’s not BIG, you’re selling yourself short.

Before I moved to India six months ago to live and teach, I threw a going-away party to see my close family and friends together.

I could have kept it low-key and invited about 15 people.

Instead, I went a little bigger and invited over 70 people from family, high school, college, and the workplace.

I learned that whether it was 15 or 70 people, the same amount of planning, stress, and energy went into the situation.

So why not have 70 people show up?

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Why not plan big, love big, and in this case – party big?

Our dreams and goals are the same.

Either way, we will be tired: from work or life.

We’d still look forward to some ‘me’ time at the end of the day.

Either way, we give tons of energy, attention, and time to our work and responsibilities.

We might as well direct that energy towards larger, more impactful goals.

We might as well dream big.

It just makes sense.

2. Think about all the people you can help, inspire, and give to.

There is a world out there that needs great people doing great things.

Be one of them.

The world suffers if you don’t pursue your dreams and goals.

Live your largest life.

Make the biggest impact on as many people as possible.

So when it’s all said and done, you know you did not tiptoe through life.

You lived with force, passion, and power.

It’s possible for all of us!

As the French writer, Emile Zola wrote:

“I am here to live out loud!”

3. How do you want to be remembered?

What do you want to leave behind?

What do you want to give to your children, family, to your community, or charity?

If you committed to your dreams, what would life look like?

What can you give and do that will outlast you?

It’s about legacy now.

Legacy doesn’t come from playing it small; it comes when you dream big.

Are you ready to dream big?

Sure, you might still be a little afraid to imagine and plan for big dreams.

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Yet, just think how much different life would be if you even got close to the big dreams that live inside you.

Who would you be?

What would you do?

We hope you are inspired enough to find out!

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