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7 Ways To Treat Your Family and Friends with More Unconditional Love

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Unconditional love is the highest form of selfless love ONE human being can give to another.

When you love someone unconditionally, you choose to stay by their side; no matter what situations may come your way.

This form of love allows others to be who they truly are – without fear of condemnation or isolation.

We all crave this love, yet we find it the hardest to give.

So, I’m going to show you seven ways to treat your family and friends with more unconditional love.

Uplift the Positive

We are flawed because we are human.

However, we are also blessed with gifts, talents, and positive attributes.

When you love someone unconditionally, you acknowledge their flaws but praise their positive attributes more.

For example, your husband always leaves his socks thrown around the house, but he cooks you dinner every night.

You show unconditional love for him when you decide to overlook this one flaw and thank him for dinner instead.

Focusing on the positive will raise the self-esteem of your loved one.

This increase in self-esteem will encourage them to be an even greater version of themselves.

Maybe your husband will want to pick up those socks eventually!

Show Unconditional Love with Genuine Listening

Another way to show unconditional love is by listening.

Practicing active listening with your loved ones will show them that their opinions matter and that they are important.

When you listen to them, you also get to know them deeper.

This will allow you to tailor your conversations, actions, and gifts to their particular character.

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You are showing unconditional love when you are willing to do something for others the way they want it done.

For example, my daughter hates mayonnaise.

So when I make her a sandwich, I don’t add it in.

This may sound simplistic, but what would happen if I added in the mayonnaise every time?

She would feel as if I didn’t care.

But if I take her wishes into consideration, I’m showing her that I love and respect her.

Show Gratitude Every Day

All too many times, we take advantage of our loved ones.

We become comfortable with their everyday contributions to our lives that we forget to show them gratitude.

Let’s take the husband in the first scenario above, for instance.

He cooks dinner every night for you.

You’ve become so used to it that it is now an expectation on him.

It has become a daily routine.

Nothing special.

But what if you sat him down and expressed how much you appreciate what he did?

Showing gratitude communicates value and purpose.

It also communicates unconditional love.

Stay Committed

Unconditional love requires a certain type of mindset.

It is a mindset that says:

“I’m not going anywhere.”

With this mindset, you will do whatever it takes to make your relationships work.

Those you choose to share this idea with will have unbreakable confidence in you.

They will know that you are there, no matter what problems may come.

Commitment can be seen between a parent and their child.

No matter their child’s actions, a parent will never stop loving them.

They will always be a shoulder to cry on.

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Give More Than You Take

Giving more than you receive is another way to show unconditional love.

When you are quick to give and reluctant to take, you are showing your loved ones that you are in their lives for all the right reasons.

They will never need to question your motives.

It also gives a sense of security to them because they know that you are there for them in case they may need anything.

Set Boundaries

Showing your family and friends unconditional love requires a LOT of giving on your end.

However, it also requires you to set boundaries.

To be there for them, you must first be there for yourself.

You cannot give when you have nothing to give.

Boundaries not only show confidence within yourself but also show your family and friends that they cannot take advantage of you.

It will help build mutual respect and love that will strengthen the bond of love.

Show Vulnerability

You may feel a little scared as you read the different ways of showing unconditional love.

This type of love is not for the weak of heart or character.

It requires you to put yourself in vulnerable positions.

It requires you to give yourself to the other person and be willing to share your flaws, secrets, and fears.

But doing so will show your loved ones that you trust them and are willing to share yourself with them.

This will help build a deeper, more meaningful relationship because it shows that you are on equal footing.

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That you are not there to judge them but rather to support them.


Unconditional love is the most sought-after love – but also the hardest to give.

When you give this form of love to family and friends, however, it builds strong, long-lasting relationships.

Although unconditional love may be uncommon, it is NOT impossible.

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