Dreams Are Possible – Motivational Video

Dreams are possible – and attainable.

As the saying goes, “Shoot for the moon.

Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!

But if you don’t try…or try just once, your dream will remain just that: a dream.

Those who succeed in attaining their dreams are out there doing the small things every single day, consistently, despite how they are feeling or what the weather and economy are doing.

Showing up and doing the work may be the inglorious part of attaining your dreams and being successful.

But let me tell you something everyone finds out when they attain their dreams:

The hard work is still the hard work, and you still have to show up consistently, apply yourself and your skills to the maximum.

If you don’t, you’ll find yourself having fallen – possibly hard – off the peak of success.

Dreams are possible and attainable.

And once you reach one dream, you are more likely to reach others, because you see that it IS possible.

Read that again.

Many of you are wondering what that means, or how that’s possible.

So let’s take the example of a house.

Question: When is a house built?

Answer: When it’s finished.

The house cannot be built until the builder has already decided and planned what it will look like, what kind of materials will be used, how big it will be, as well as the exact location.

If the builder does not have these things finalized and finished in the plan, then they are just pouring cement into the ground and laying bricks without any idea of what they want it to look like, where everything needs to go, what supplies they will need, and in what proportions.

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So let me ask you again:

When is a house built?

When it’s finished.

What about YOUR dream?

When is it built?

YOUR DREAM IS ALREADY FINISHED, so get to work on building it!

If it’s not finished, what are you waiting for?!

Plan it out!

Write it down!

When you KNOW what you’re working towards, what you want to become, what you want to have, and what you want to do, you can immediately start working on that dream.

Write down, in vivid detail, what it is you are after!

See it in its finest detail, feel yourself having already completed it, live it COMPLETELY and vividly in your mind.

See it, taste it, smell it, feel it, hear it!

Write it down, in its detail, and be sure to read this twice a day, EVERY DAY: Once when you wake up, and another one right before going to sleep.

Speak it aloud to yourself, and put your emotions into it.

Be excited, be confident, be happy, be FED UP that you haven’t started on it or attained it already – no matter what the emotion of the day is, let it connect you to your dream!

Just like riding a sailboat, the path to success is NOT a straight line.

But rather, it’s a path that must be mastered by the captain reading the winds, and constantly adjusting his sails, moving towards the destination that he has so vividly in his mind, despite his not being able to see it.

There are many emotions along the way: Joy at the wonderful breezes that take the boat exactly where the captain wants to go, fear during storms, when the waves are 10 stories high, and happiness upon arriving at the destination smarter, braver, and more confident than when the boat set sail.

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Be a captain of your own life.

Study, learn, teach, and grow so that you can make that journey towards your dreams through daily, consistent actions, setting your mind VIVIDLY on your destination.

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