10 Things That Happen When You Start To Live Your Dreams

C.S. Lewis said:

“You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.”

This is true for everyone.

There are NO words to fully describe living the life of your dreams; it’s something one can only experience.

However, these 10 things are just face-value to the insurmountable blessings and challenges you’ll experience.

What Happens When You Start To Live Your Dreams

1. A feeling of fulfillment

There is NO greater joy than to live your dreams the way you were meant to, that you’re fulfilling your very purpose on earth.

You’ll feel accomplished knowing you earned it – and it was worth the entire struggle.

2. You enter into a world of possibilities

Everything around you seems possible: there’s no mountain you can’t climb, no storm you can’t overcome.

You begin to see the world from a totally different angle, so different from how the average man sees it.

Opportunities you never imagined will come your way, people you looked up to as your heroes will come in your circle.

NO exaggerations, that’s the truth.

It’s not that your problems vanish, no.

But you begin to have a different approach towards obstacles.

And this attitude will always change any situation you’re going through once you live your dreams.

3. You develop a spirit of gratitude

People who live the life of their dreams are ALWAYS grateful.

You might say, well they’ve got reason to.

But did you know that they’ve got their fair share of challenges even more than the average man does?

They are looked up to by many and so they must maintain that lifestyle and reputation.

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But through it all, they’re thankful.

There’s a saying that:

“If you’re grateful for the little, God will give you more to be grateful for.”

4. There’s a thirst to hustle harder to gain more

When you live your dreams and you’ve experienced the fulfillment and happiness, you get a greater drive to achieve more.

No one gets to the level of where they are now if they stop working.

There’s always a hunger for more: more dedication, more effort towards your business or job.

5. Some ‘friends’ drop off

This is the ugly truth we all don’t like to admit. 

The ones who were meant to stay in your life will stay.

And they won’t just occupy space – they’ll be helping you on your journey to live your dreams.

The ones who weren’t destined to stay will leave.

It’s very painful but it’s true.

In life, there’ll be people who are envious of your success, people who don’t buy into your vision.

As time goes, and a new YOU develop, they’ll have to leave.

Be prepared for the unpleasant comments, you’ll have the haters as always.

But it’s your responsibility to ignore them and move on with people who inspire and motivate you to keep on achieving your dreams.

6. You begin to give more

With giving comes fulfillment.

It’s a trait I’ve seen amongst people I look up to today.

Giving doesn’t always have to involve money…no!

It could be your time, your effort, your gift.

Remember: your gift is NOT for you.

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Steve Harvey said:

“A gift is not a gift until it’s shared.”

Your gift has been given to you to bless and help other people.

That’s our work on earth: to help mankind.

7. You invest more in yourself

What you put in, you pull out.

When you start reaping the fruits of success and living out your dreams, you’re hungry to invest more in order to reap more benefits.

It could be dedicating once a week to reading self-development books, listening to motivational podcasts, going to the gym twice a week, sourcing new clients, or putting that extra effort into that which is needed to live your dreams.

8. You become more humble

True success is NOT loud.

It’s not puffed up, it does not brag.

One thing I’ve noticed about truly successful people is that they’re simple and humble people.

They make you feel like you’re the important one.

To an extent, to live your dreams is NOT for yourself or even your family or loved ones – but for others.

It’s one thing to be successful; it’s another thing to be great.

Greatness goes a step further to touching the lives of people, impacting individuals with your work or business.

The truth is that, we all have that tendency to be cocky and show off – but it’s something we have to fight.

Remain who you are.

Stay true to that person.

You’ll find out people will spot that meek spirit in you and will respect you for that.

9. Greater self-belief

Once you live your dreams, you realize that to get anywhere in life, it takes A LOT of confidence in yourself.

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You’ve got to be your biggest fan and cheerleader.

As you face more opportunities, it requires greater motivation and belief in yourself, because things WILL get harder.

You’re climbing new steps and you’ve got to rely on that inner passion and belief in yourself to keep going.

Sometimes, the people you bank on to support you might disappoint you.

But do you give up OR do you draw strength from within and keep pressing on?

10. You grasp more of your strengths and potentials

Sometimes in life, it’s when you’re faced with certain opportunities that you realize some of your abilities and skills that you might NOT have appreciated before.

You begin to try out new ventures in your quest for greatness.

Along that journey, you stumble into things you never knew you loved or enjoyed – and a new chapter unfolds in your life.

What are some of the things that have happened to you since you started living the life of your dreams?

Leave your thoughts below.

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