Five Life Lessons Learned After Visiting An Old Age Home

Powerful Life Lessons Learned

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. – Abraham Lincoln

Recently, I had a chance of visiting an old age home.

This was not a planned visit.

One day, I saw a boy with a donation box in his hands.

I asked him the reason behind the donation box.

He told me that he was doing some volunteering task for an old age home.

He told me about the services provided by the NGO to the old people.

He wanted some support from my side in monetary terms.

By giving the money only, I didn’t want to miss the love from the experienced souls.

Thankfully, there are some things in our life which holds more importance than a piece of paper.

So, I asked them for their pamphlet and next week I visited that old age home.

As I entered the kingdom of old people, I felt odd sensations in my stomach because I was anticipating a lot of things in advance.

In the beginning, I said nothing to anybody as I was just scanning the whole environment with my naked eyes.

After visiting an old age home, here are five important life lessons learned.

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Just concentrate on your present moment

An old lady was sitting in the wheelchair and was watching the world moving in front of her.

Some people were holding sticks for external support.

Some people’s spinal cord was bent so much that they were not able to walk properly.

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I was moved by looking at the pitiable conditions of these people.

At that moment, I realized that we must not over think about our future events because we don’t know what our future holds in store for us.

We can’t handle the unknowable elements of life.

So, we should design our roadmap by taking small steps only.

Life is too short to anticipate things.

We frame different outputs without understanding the whole scenario.

So, don’t fear about your future.

In order to reveal your true strength, embrace the power of the present moment.

Love is beyond all verbal barriers

I saw an old man who was sitting all alone.

I sat with him for roughly ten minutes.

But, there was no verbal communication between us.

He just saw me and put forward his hand towards me.

When I reciprocated the same thing, he held my hands and started looking at me intently.

I could see the moisture in his eyes.

All of a sudden, he hugged me very tightly.

Instead of feeling awkward, I felt an unusual warmth.

I realized the importance of effortless love.

When we can channelize our love by expressing our feelings in an open manner, words lose their significance.

We always have love for our near and dear ones, but I discovered a strange love with an unknown person.

Love doesn’t recognize any language.

It is not bounded by any external powers.

We only restrict ourselves.

Stop wasting your time in criticizing or feeling jealous about someone else’s life.

Understand the power of attraction.

So, spread love and attract more love in return.

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Winning isn’t everything

A group of old men were sitting on the chair around a round table in the garden area.

One old slim man said ‘Hey, you young lad, will you do arm wrestling with me?’

I accepted the challenge.

We both interlocked our hands by making a 90-degree angle with the table.

He applied his full power, but he was not even able to tilt my hand also.

I was completely amazed by his willpower. So, I decided to lose.

I acted as if I was not able to sustain the fight.

By seeing this, everybody started shouting the name of that old man.

When my hand touched the table, he rose up with all excitement.

For the first time in my life, I felt happy after losing.

Sometimes, we gain more by losing also.

In this fight, I received tons of satisfaction by capturing invaluable happiness which was easily seen on the face of the whole group.

Enjoy life to the fullest

I saw a very old lady.

I was fascinated by the wrinkles on her face and hands.

While shaking hands, I could feel the bulging veins and rough texture.

I asked her a question: Can you sum up your life experiences in a few lines?

I was completely moved by her response.

She told me that she didn’t want to sum up her life because she loved every bit of it.

I was speechless by her sweet and short reply.

At that moment, the little ups and downs in my life looked like a small wave in front of the ocean of her great wisdom

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While cursing bad moments of our life, we forget to appreciate all the good things which we already have.

We blow in the air of negativity to throw out all the positive elements from our life.

Life is a complete cycle

A newborn baby has no teeth and voice.

With age, a person’s voice begins to crack and teeth fall down.

Some people in the old age home were very aged and they didn’t have teeth and their voice was cracking too.

After visiting the old age home, I could really connect my childhood memories with some incidents.

An old lady who was not accepting the food given by the staff reminded me of my childhood days when I was very choosy about the food.

People were sitting in groups and were gossiping like small kids.

Some were strolling with their buddies by holding each other’s hands.

It reminded me of my school days.

So, there are so many similarities between a child and an old person.

They are like two extremes corners of the same boat called life.

In the end, I want to dedicate (translation of a child rhyme into an old people rhyme) this poem to all grandparents.

Wrinkle, Wrinkle, aged star

I am happy, you came so far

U look like a child when you cry

You are simply adorable, my cutie pie

Wrinkle, Wrinkle, aged star

I am happy, you came so far


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  1. Arpit Rathi

    January 14, 2019 at 7:23 AM

    HI ,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with other . I am speechless .

  2. Dewas

    January 2, 2019 at 9:57 AM

    I was reading it for my colleage project as I have to go to an old age home and write about their life. I am delighted, it touched my heart. What a beautiful lesson. I have a question that how can I start conversation with an old aged,?

  3. Anjali Sharma

    December 21, 2018 at 8:26 AM

    Ah I am speechless after reading this Thanku so much yatin sir for this wonderful and heart teaching thoughts and lines this will help Me for complete my old age assignment better

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