What To Do When You’re Saying “I Hate My Life” too often

Do you find yourself saying, “I hate my life,” too often?

If you hate more things in your life than love, the tips below will help you get to a better space.

Life isn’t always made up of straight and narrow roads.

Sometimes your way gets winding, and you get lost in a maze trying to break free.

One day can you may feel joyful and optimistic, and another day, you feel overwhelmed, sad and desperate.

You get used to dealing with what comes your way on any given day, knowing that you can be on the mountain top and then suddenly tumble into a valley.

But, if you find that your time in the valley is far longer than your time in the mountains and you feel despair more than joy, it time to take a look at your life and take some steps to get a closer balance between the two.

When you find yourself saying, “I hate my life,” too often, then you can’t keep going from day to day, thinking it will get better.

It usually will not get better unless you take action to make it better.

So, if you are at that place where you find more things in your life that you hate than love, try these tips and see if you can get to a better space.

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Understand the reasons for the feeling

Acknowledging your feelings of unhappiness and doubt is a required element to begin taking steps to turn things around.

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Appraising your life and everything or person tied closely to you will help you to review your circumstances and hone in on the reasons you “hate your life.”

When you understand the reasons for the feeling, you will be better prepared to determine the actions you need to change your view.

Take self-inventory

In the past, I’ve used the term “take self-inventory” to describe the work that is necessary to evaluate your situation.

Inventory your life.

Assess the relationships and people in your life: friends and family.

Determine what value they bring to you and what value you bring to them.

Evaluate your professional and educational experience to decide if you are following the “work-life” path that is best for you.

You spend a lot of time at work, sometimes more than you do with friends and family, so you mustn’t be merely going through the motions.

You must be sure that you are doing what feeds your heart and soul.

Review your interests and hobbies

Try to find opportunities to get more involved in the things you enjoy doing, even if they don’t relate to your current profession.

When you spend time doing those things you genuinely like doing, they feed your spirit and lift your emotions.

Also, you could find that working hard at your hobbies results in taking you on a professional path that allows you to focus on those special interests and activities that bring you joy.

Looking at your situation and circumstances gives you detailed information to use as you define a plan and take steps to turn things around and pick yourself up and out of the valley.

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Create a map to your future

As you consider your present situation, surroundings, companions, occupation, and pastime activities, accept them for what they are and begin deciding the value, need, and love you have for each.

Express your feelings toward each.

You can speak it out loud to yourself or write it down.

Release every emotion, to clear your heart, mind and spirit in preparation for refilling them with the elements you need to put the negative feelings behind you and develop a positive outlook.

If you identify losses and failures, write or speak what you could or should have done differently, or who you need to remove from your sphere of influence to help avoid recurrence.

Use this information to build a positive outlook.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Instead, use this data as input to begin creating a map to your future.

Decide what things or people you need to release from your life.

Determine if there are new connections, places, or activities that you need to pursue.

Identify somethings you haven’t done but want to do and set goals consisting of small efforts to begin achieving some of these long-held desires.

Reach out for help

Sometimes after reviewing your situation and surroundings, you may still not find answers or know how to move forward.

In those cases, feel empowered to reach out for help.

The help you need could come from a close friend or it could come from seeking professional counseling.

You are not and will not be the first person that needs help from a trained mental health provider.

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Your friends and family may not have the necessary skills to help you.

You may not have the skills or the insight to help yourself.

But, sometimes someone skilled, compassionate, with no ulterior motives or preconceived judgments can assess your circumstances and help you to chart a course to happier times.

Remember to keep an open mind and recognize that a mental health counselor who has no stake in the game, possesses no bias against you; but is dedicated to healing can listen, analyze and direct you to solutions so you can replace all the feelings of hate with those of love and joy.

With Action Comes Hope

If you find more things to hate in your life than you do to love, then you need to make changes.

Change requires action.

You have to take steps to get in a different frame of mind and seek out activities or expert help to guide you to positive thinking and living.

You should understand that it will take time.

It may seem like you’ve always said, “I hate my life” too often, but you know that feeling is one that increased over time.

If you don’t seek new opportunities or attempt to make changes, you are likely to fall deeper and deeper into thinking and living negatively.

It’s only by taking action that you can begin to take steps to turn things around, overcome the negative, and move your life into a progressively uplifting space.

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