25 Moonrise Kingdom Quotes from the Beloved Film

If you enjoy coming-of-age movies, you will enjoy these Moonrise Kingdom Quotes.

Moonrise Kingdom was released in 2012 as a coming-of-age comedy-drama movie that was co-written and directed by Wes Anderson and co-written by Roman Coppola.

The movie stars Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, and Bill Murray, among many other talented actors and actresses.

Upon release, critics liked the movie’s visual symmetry, color palette, and themes.

The movie grossed over $68 million at the box office against a $16 million budget.

The movie’s plot takes place in 1965, when two young lovers named Sam and Suzy, both 12 years old, decide to run away and live together.

Take a look at these Moonrise Kingdom Quotes to learn more about the movie.

Best Moonrise Kingdom Quotes

Here are some of the best quotes from and about the young runaways.

1. “We might have to swim for it.” — Suzy

2. “We’re building a treehouse.” — Skotak

3. “I think you’ve still got lightning in you.” — Suzy

4. “On this spot, I’ll fight no more forever.” — Sam

5. “We’re in love. We just want to be together.” — Suzy

6. “Jiminy cricket, he flew the coop.” — Scout Master Ward

7. “When we first met each other, something happened to us.” — Sam

8. “Our daughter’s been abducted by one of these beige lunatics.” — Walt Bishop

9. “I always wished I was an orphan. Most of my favorite characters are; I think your lives are more special.” — Suzy

10. “Be advised, the two of you will never see each other again. Those were your last words; do you understand?” — Walt Bishop

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Moonrise Kingdom Quotes About Young Love

Adolescent love is carried throughout the story, as shown in the following quotes.

11. “Can you French kiss?” — Suzy

12. “I made you some jewelry. Are your ears pierced?” — Sam

13. “It’s worthless to me. There’s no point without Suzy.” — Sam

14. “You can touch my chest. I uh—I think they’re gonna grow more.” — Suzy

15. “We knew people would be worried, and we still ran away, anyway.” — Sam

16. “This is the most important decision you’ve made in your lives. Now go over by the trampoline and talk it through before you give me another quick answer.” — Cousin Ben

17. “Just in case this is a suicide or they capture us, and we never see each other again anymore, I just want to say thank you for marrying me. I’m glad I got to know you, Suzy.” — Sam

Moonrise Kingdom Quotes About Relationships

The themes of love, family, and friendships are woven throughout the story and these quotes.

18. “You’re a traitor to our family.” — Lionel

19. “Poor Suzy. Why is everything so hard for you?” — Laura Bishop

20. “I feel I’m in a real family now. Not like yours, but similar to one.” — Sam

21. “We’re here for friendship. We’re going to get you off this island.” — Skotak

22. “What’s your rush? You’ve got your whole life in front of yourself.” — Captain Sharp

23. “I wish I didn’t have to mention it but just in case. I don’t want to make you be offended.” — Sam

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24. “All mankind makes mistakes. It’s our job to try to protect you from making the dangerous ones if we can.” — Captain Sharp

25. “It’s not an accomplishment badge; I inherited it from my mother. It’s not meant for a male to wear, but I don’t give a damn.” — Sam

What Happens to Sam and Suzy?

To meet up, Sam runs away from his Scout summer camp, and Suzy runs away from home, where they meet and go to a place they call “Moonrise Kingdom.”

They are eventually found, and when it is discovered that Sam is an orphan and going to be sent with Social Services, Police Captain Sharp adopts Sam.

At the end of Moonrise Kingdom, we see Sam spending time with Suzy and her brothers.

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