One Hour A Day To Change Your Life

What can 1 hour a day do for you?

I guess you all know that scenario.

You wake up, already exhausted by thinking about all the things you will have to do as the day is dawning – work, kids, E-mails, calls, cooking, etc….and as if this wasn’t enough, additional challenges freak you out during the day.

Error messages on your computer or whatever else that just drives you crazy enough to watch the sugar consumption rise simultaneously.

You feel the need to do some good for you.

Or a friend is moving to another place and needs your help and of course you wanna help…etc.

etc…I’m sure a lot of scenarios come to your mind right now…obligation after obligation…so time flies by and everyday life has a tight grip on you until night knocks at your door and you finally fall asleep.


Days, months, years pass by without you noticing and suddenly you ask yourself: what about those things that I always wanted to do?

What about the book I wanted to write and that I always talked about?

The workout I wanted to start to feel better and have more energy?

The meditation program I always though I’d like to try out?

What about the idea that I had of my own company?

Do I really want to wait until I see somebody else realize my dream?

I guess the answer to the last question would be “No”.


I know you want to be a loving mother/father, wife/husband, daughter/son etc.

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and you take your obligations seriously and it is absolutely fabulous and applaudable that you wanna help wherever you can, but don’t forget about you and your needs by trying to please everybody else.

If you neglect yourself and your dreams, you’ll end up unhappy on the long run and you won’t be of any help to the people you love, either, when you are unhappy.


I can hear you all saying “It’s easy for you to talk, you are not walking in my shoes” and believe me: I know how hard it can be to stay on track!

There are times, when it is really tough, but if we take one hour a day to do something that is important to us, only one hour will be enough to bring us closer to the goals and dreams that we have in our mind and in our heart.

Even if you just take one hour, five days a week, that would make 250 hours a year.

That’s lot of time dedicated to your goal.

You don’t have one hour a day?

Well, then take half an hour or 15 minutes and you will soon see that you will be rewarded by a feeling of fulfillment and happiness, when you see how your dreams begin to take shape.

What are you waiting for?

Why not start by changing your life today?

Happiness and inspiration to all of you,

Natascha Hagen was an integral part of the European dance music scene, both as an artist and as a songwriter. Having scored huge hits as an artist and as a songwriter, in the club and mainstream charts with anthems like ‘You & You’ and ‘Without You’, she gained double platinum and performed in front of 40.000 people. Now Natascha is preparing a comeback as an artist with a broader musical range than ever: powerful songs, inspirational lyrics, soaring melodies that alternate with a fragile intimacy.