3 Simple and Effective Time Management Strategies To Improve Your Life

Time Management Strategies That Can Improve Your Life

Another great quote by Jim Rohn, and in this post we will discuss 3 ways to put this idea into action!

Our ability to accomplish meaningful tasks increases our motivation, probability for success, and our confidence!

Many mornings we are excited to get our ‘to do’ list fully checked off, and many nights we feel exhausted and confused because we have no idea where the day went! Let’s change that!

As they say, time waits for no one – and to be clear, our goal isn’t to slow time down or even to micro-manage it, but our goal is to use our time with focus and commitment – so we can take the daily steps towards better health, completion of projects and goals, as well as maintaining important relationships.

Here are 3 ways to RUN OUR DAY:

Create your TO DO list the night before

Many people believe that creating your to do list in the morning is helpful.

However, creating the list the night before allows you to wake up knowing what you already want to do – as opposed to making these decisions early in the morning.

A question I ask myself every evening is: What are 3 things I can do tomorrow that will make me proud, excited and happy?

Normally these things include working towards goals, reaching out to people and exercise.

Tip: You can also create a list of 5-7 items and then eliminate items based on significance.

Sometimes it’s good to at least get some ideas on paper and acknowledge them, even if they are going to be crossed out – they might be goals for another day or another week.

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Learn to say NO

Now this one is tough; especially if you are like me and live life with a say YES attitude.

Learning how to say no to other people’s requests will allow you to keep your eyes on the prize.

Remain flexible and spontaneous, but be mindful to the idea that your time is your time!

You deserve to make the most of it!

Take 5-10 minutes each evening to reflect on what you accomplished.

What did you accomplish?

Why or why not?

What are you proud of?

What do you want to be proud of, for next time?

When you gain a small victory you feel great.

And when you don’t, you hopefully gained some insight as to why – which ultimately is moving you closer to another victory.

The best way to set yourself up for long term success is to take control of your day.

That’s exactly what Everyday Power Blog is about!!!

As always I hope this helps.

Please feel free to share this family, friends and colleagues!

All the best,

Jeff Moore

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