The Enemy Within: 5 Power Hacks to Overcome Success-Blocking Mindsets

The biggest enemy of success is never getting started on your dreams and goals, caused by your success-blocking mindset.

Our greatest destiny destroyer is in our heads, where success-blocking mindsets take root.

They are stubborn and covert, resistant to change.

We think these things are “who I am” or “just my personality,” and we fail to even realize we have fallen prey to their existence.

The enemy within

Their enemy forces launch counterattacks on anything and everything it takes to “make it so” concerning our:

  • lives
  • relationships
  • careers

Our own spiritual blocks prevent us from taking that vital first step toward the future we envision.

What Happened to Me?

Every life experience, good or bad, is etched inside us.

How we experience life depends on how well we dealt or failed to deal with hurtful experiences.

Whether or not we like it, the past affects our future.

These experiences morph us out of who we really are into something opposite to our true selves.

It changes our perceptions, perspectives, and the decisions we make.

Sometimes it results in an underlying voice (success-blocking mindset) saying we can’t do what is necessary to experience success in life.

It becomes the reality we live because we think we are who life has twisted us into, not who we must be (our true selves) to achieve our desires and dreams.

5 Power Hacks to Overcome Success-Blocking Mindsets

If you are stuck in a reality that cannot align with where or what you want to be, buckle up!

You are one decision away from a life-changing journey.

Here are some steps to move past roadblocks and achieve the success you desire:

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1. Dare to Dream:

Make a bucket list of everything you want to achieve.

This can include everything from relationships, careers, travel, etc.

It all counts toward creating the life you dream of living.

Prioritize these in order of importance.

This is the starting point of your journey.

It sets the tone for what is coming.

The challenge is not to allow a negative mindset to tell you to leave something off the list because it can’t be done.

Just write it down, be real about it, and go for it.

2. Map the Course:

You can’t even use a map without understanding where you currently stand.

Make a list of everything it will take to align yourself with those goals.

For example, what will it take to position yourself to move into that career if it is a career change?

Are there gaps in your skill set? Is lack of experience a factor?

Are there certifications to gain?

Follow through with this process on each item on your bucket list and rearrange it into the order in which they have to occur.

The things on this list will form the basis of the goals you will set to map the course.

You will refer to these notes as you move through the change process.

This is a good point of focus and a reminder of why it is important to stay on track with a goal.

Goal Setting

Including the desired outcome in your goal writing keeps positive momentum in the process.

For example, if you want to become more skilled at playing the piano, do not write, “I suck at playing the piano and I want to stop that.”

That is a great example of how a negative mindset can block your success.

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Instead, you could write, “I want to increase my musical skills by taking piano lessons.”

Then, beside each set goal, include:

  • Why do you want this change?
  • What will not making the change cost you?
  • How will your life change by accomplishing the goal?

Other considerations include identifying what you must let go of to achieve the goal.

What will you have to change, and are you willing to commit?

These proactive considerations beforehand go a long way toward ensuring that you achieve the desired outcome.

3. Start the Car:

This will be a process and a journey.

Take a deliberate first step.

Don’t give in to the resistance you will surely experience traveling this new road.

The discomfort is part of the process.

You have never traveled this road before.

The landmarks and scenery are different because this is an exotic trip outside of your comfort zone.

To keep your engine going, you must focus on the positive aspects rather than on the discomfort.

4. Stay the Course:

This journey will include obstacles (most caused by a success-blocking mindset).

Make a plan for how you will address challenges along the way.

Consider any others who may be a part of, or affected by, the change.

If you are married, is your spouse supportive?

Do you have a support system in place?

How will you maintain the goal after you achieve it?

How will you combat any temptation to revert to past behaviors?

Always remember the “why” of the goal you set.

You must also know the familiar pattern of self-doubt will always linger around the corner.

5. Get a Coach:

A personal or professional life coach can help you clarify and stay committed to your goals.

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This person can serve as your personal GPS system on your journey, helping you avoid the roadblocks caused by a success-blocking mindset.

They will help you avoid pitfalls and roadblocks.

It is important to overcome the tendency to shrug off such vital investment in yourself on the assumption that your own logic makes you self-sufficient for the journey to success.

An International Coaching Federation study found that those who hired a life coach reported a median return of 3.44 times what they invested.

Make the investment.

You will need guidance, accountability, and someone to recognize the potholes and roadblocks and move you through them to avoid being sidetracked by your success-blocking mindset.

You’re Driving the Car

Nobody else can change your life.

It’s up to you!

So, take control, stop settling for the status quo, and let your success-blocking mindset take over.

There is a lot of empowerment in recognizing that regardless of what wrongs you have endured from strangers and colleagues, those people are not responsible for how you handle the aftermath.

You are.

It’s all in your hands.

Set your success-blocking mindset aside

You cannot achieve success at something you never started! Make it so!

If all of this is not enough for you, maybe the fact that pessimism and cynicism have been proven to affect your health will give you the extra push you need.

In the comments, let us know your favorite hacks for overcoming success-blocking mindsets and reaching your full potential!

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