15 Inspirational Pinterest Accounts for Daily Motivation

Pinterest is a word we hear all the time.

Whenever I try to make some food or holiday craft, my sisters ask me if I saw it on Pinterest.

I am a mom, so I am all too familiar with the “Pinterest fail.”

But maybe you are wondering what Pinterest is and how you can use it?

Well, Pinterest is an image-sharing and social media service designed to allow people to save and find ideas.

Part of the concept is also the ability to follow other’s people boards and get inspired to try new things!

The site uses images, and on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos.

People can then “pin” these ideas to their boards.

The site was created by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp, and is used by millions of people around the world.

With that many boards and ideas floating around, we thought it might be helpful to point you toward the most inspirational ones that you might want to follow!

Don’t forget to also check out these Pinterest quotes to help you feel good.

Pinterest accounts for staying healthy & motivated

1. Happy Healthy Motivated If you are looking to improve your health, then this is the place for you!

If you are looking to lose weight, these boards are filled with healthy recipes and some of the best workouts.

Happy Healthy Motivated also shares self-care ideas to make you feel better, and even some delicious cocktail recipes as a reward for all the hard work you have been doing!

19.6 thousand people follow this account.

That is a lot of sharing. So, if you are looking for some like-minded, healthy people, start here!

2. Mouthwatering Motivation If you are interested in the low carb or Keto lifestyle, then this is just the account for you!

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Its boards are filled with tantalizing low carb, high protein, high fiber, sugar-free, and keto recipes.

You are definitely not alone, as this account has over 16 thousand followers and 2.1 million monthly views.

3. Healthy Motivated Life This account focuses on keeping the internal self healthy and believes that health includes the mind, spirit, and body.

Its boards are loaded with motivational quotes, aimed at improving your self-confidence.

They want to help you “Live the Good Life” by bringing you recipes, budgeting tips, ideas to relieve stress and manage your time.

The account has 514 followers who are all taking steps to live a healthy and motivated life!

Pinterest accounts about motivation & positivity

4. Power of Positivity Their mission is to uplift, inspire and encourage you daily.

They believe that “every day is a day to shine.”

This account helps over 215 thousand people make it through the day and “Shine On”!

You are definitely not the only person looking for positive things on the internet, as they receive 10 million monthly views.

5. The Daily Positive “TDP” is a personal growth education business led by Bernadette Logue.

Bernadette is a Transformation Life Coach who focuses on mind mastery, conscious living & soul alignment.

Her Pinterest boards have over 1 million followers, so if you are looking for a way to transform your life, then check this account out!

6. Your Positive Oasis Just like it sounds, this is the perfect place to find some positivity amongst the daily negativity in our lives.

An oasis… if you will.

The boards are packed with motivational quotes, inspirational articles, and tips for self-development.

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Pinterest accounts inspirational & motivational quotes

7. Inspirational Quotes Gazette If you are searching for inspirational quotes to keep you motivated in your daily life, then this is just the place!

Join the other 22.6 thousand people who come here to make every day just a little better, and help share these quotes with your friends.

8. Motivation Daily This account has motivational and inspirational quotes too, but they really step up the game by including videos!

These are some of the best motivational videos and there are also plenty of empowering and beautiful pictures, too!

The account has a small following, but it is definitely worth checking out.

9. Motivate Amaze Be Great This account’s motto tells you everything you need to know: “Here to inspire Greatness, there for you to Amaze!”

Daily motivation is provided to the masses via inspirational quotes, speeches, and personal development articles.

Pinterest accounts self worth

10. Personal Growth This account is a collaboration between two fantastic websites:

PersonalGrowth.com and TheLawOfAttraction.com. They work together to create communities and products that “spread enlightened ideas and empowered thinking.”

Almost 40 thousand people come here to learn how they can be the best versions of themselves.

11. SelfLoveWisdom This account has everything you need to help you on your quest for self-improvement.

That might be boards filled with tips and other motivational content, or information on increasing your productivity, and much more!

12. Self-Worthy This account is all about helping you build good habits.

These daily habits will help you achieve your goals.

Not too many people have discovered this gem yet, as they only have about 3,000 followers, but you will love the ideas being shared!

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Pinterest accounts with motivation for parents

13. Morning Motivated Mom This account is aimed at helping you manage your household and finances.

There are printables available and other goal-setting information.

Over 16 thousand people come here to use these resources, so they might just help you out, too!

14. Just Redefine Are you a mom who is feeling like you need to shift to a mindset of growth for yourself?

This blog will help you get there by sharing personal development tips, organizational ideas, and self-care hacks.

Shed the tired and overwhelmed mom persona and check this one out!

15. Motivation for Mom If you are looking for a place that is geared to moms, you found it with this Pinterest account!

They have all the info and resources you’ll need about kids, parenting, and family life.

“From Motherhood to Marriage,” they cover it all.

Which of these Pinterest accounts is your favorite?

What is your “Pin Feed” look like right now?

Could it benefit from following some accounts like this aimed at improving your life in both small and big ways?

Changing your diet, feeding your mind, and absorbing some inspiration daily will have a big impact.

These Pinterest accounts will help get you on the right path.

What are some other inspirational accounts you love on Pinterest?

You can share them with us in the comment section below.

If you feel like telling us about your most memorable Pinterest fail, please do!

We have all been there, or at least enjoyed someone else’s post about what they saw on Pinterest, and what they got when they tried to recreate it!

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