Working From Home? Spruce Up Your New Office!

The current COVID-19 pandemic has displaced many of us from our offices.

For some, this will be a temporary move, but for others, your home might end up being your new office.

How you set up your home office can impact your creativity, as well as your productivity.

My husband is currently using our desk/computer space for his work, which means I have to use my laptop.

My dining room chairs are too uncomfortable to work in all day, so I use the couch.

This solution seemed like a great idea, that is until the dog decided she needed to come and try to lay on top of my computer.

I find myself moving her off and muttering about how I can not work in these conditions, almost hourly. 

The quest for better working conditions means I should look into decorating and sprucing up my office space.

If this situation continues, I will have to move off the couch.

I started to search the internet for office inspirations, and there are so many looks your office can have!

What do you envision when you think of your perfect home office space?

Clean and modern

Is it clean and crisp, with a modern vibe?

If you have ample corner space for your desk, then this Monarch Specialties design might be just the thing for you!

Don’t have a spacious area?

No worries, this beautiful desk should work in almost any space!

If you like a wheel chair, this executive chair is perfect!

It has an ergonomic design and a modern vibe.

I prefer office chairs without wheels, and a little more back support like this grey one!

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Not only is it beautiful, but it offers a swivel design.

Now all you need are some decor pieces to put the finishing touches on your modern home office space!

The writer in me wants to buy this light-up word clock right now!

This gorgeous ladder shelf will hold your books and other decor items.

Complete the room with a little greenery, and you have the ideal modern office space!

Classic office design

If you are not a fan of the modern office and want to go with a classic design motif, then this desk is the obvious choice!

Its cherry finish gives off CEO vibes for sure, and would look fabulous paired with this elegant chair.

Features like the chair’s traditional buffeted styling will make you feel like a VIP.

Now that the big items are selected, a few vintage decor items will complete the space!

These wooden book bookends have these hidden drawers and would compliment any classically inspired office.

How about bringing “The Office” to your home office?

This wall art will complement the color of the wood nicely while offering up a little motivation as well with a quote from Wayne Gretsky and Michael Scott!

Not feeling like classic or modern is your ideal office space?

Maybe you are looking for something a little more eclectic.

Eclectic yellow office design

Instead of starting with the desk this time, build your office around this spectacular wall art!

The empty streets will provide a sense of calm and sophistication, but the grey, black, and white color set off by the yellow streetcar and bicycle is visually stunning!

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This black, electrically adjustable standing desk is perfect for the person who loves a little bit of everything!

You can stand one minute and sit the next!

Grab this wobble stool to help you stay active while sitting.

This is not your grandpa’s office, for sure!

These little yellow decor items will leave you feeling happy every time you walk in, especially this adorable little yellow bonsai!

Like this idea, but aren’t sure if yellow is your color?

The rose-gold office

There are so many delectable office design choices if you use this color.

This option is my favorite, and I could spend all day shopping for things, but this article is not going to write itself!

Writing requires a desk, and this white one is perfection!

I don’t need a huge desk, though, so this white and gold writing desk is not only the ideal color but also the perfect size!

Do you have a lot of books (or need a place to display some fabulous rose gold decor), this four-shelf unit blends well with the desk!

A white, faux leather chair with a rose gold base takes care of the last practical need for this office space, now onto the fun stuff!

A five-piece organizer set for the desk, some soothing greenery, and a rose gold tapestry for the wall, and you are all set!

Hopefully, these ideas inspired you to create a uniquely creative office space, no matter what kind of work you do from home!

I know I am feeling the need for a shopping spree right about now!

I would love to see how you chose to decorate your home office!

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