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5 Tips for Recharging Your Emotional Health

As adults, we are often pre-consumed with life’s daily task; forgetting to take time for ourselves. There aren’t enough hours in the day, at times, to address all of life’s demands. We are spouses, parents, children, siblings and in-laws. Additionally, we are either bosses or employees trying to meet the demands of our organizations as we serve the company with pride. Whatever our day-to-day agenda consists of, we are very busy people.

Is this you?

On any given day, we are three things: overwhelmed and undervalued. Suffering in silence, angry with the cards we have been dealt, we are: angry, frustrated and/or depressed. Secretly, you desire a change and don’t know where to start. Or, you have made a recently made the change but you don’t know how to remain motivated during the challenging journey. No matter the reason, you want to reconnect with the “old you” while feeling good about the “new you”. And now, you don’t even know if that’s still possible because somewhere in the mist of all of life’s changes you’ve lost “you”.

Who are you?

Deep within, when the lights are off and you’re lying in your bed at night – probably unable to sleep – who are you? What are your thoughts? Are you stressed? Anxious? Or are you crying yourself to sleep? Are you really excited about going to work tomorrow? Are you eager to see your dreams manifest into fruition soon? Do you still even dream? Are you proud of who you are? Or, do you only feel like you’re accomplished because you’re able to at least blend in with your friends on social media?

We have one life. At the end of the day, it is important that we not only thoroughly living it but also deeply enjoy it. Many of us are alive but we are not living. We are simply going through the motions; doing what we feel as though society as told us we have to do and are afraid to go against the norm. A lot of us have this burning desire to fulfill this one little dream that can reignite the spark in our lives, but we are too afraid of what other people will think.

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It’s time to start right now, today.

Despite what your life looks like, we all can make a conscious choice to be happy. Each and every day, we have the right to say “yes” to our happiness. Although we are parents and/or spouses with a lot of our lives being in debt to others, we still have the right to be faithful to ourselves. We deserve the right to re-connect to who we are within. Our internal dreams and desires will never be fulfilled by the actions of others if we don’t take the time to fulfill them ourselves.

So, you’ve always wanted to write a book, huh? Then start by doing that right now, this evening! Set aside a few minutes (even if it’s as little as 30 minutes) to start to write your story. Or, you’ve always wanted to take a cooking class? Well, start today by looking for a cooking class on Groupon. Whatever your burning desire and/or passion is, I strongly encourage you to get up off that couch today and start re-living your best life ever; and to do so unapologetically!

Maybe, you don’t know where to start?

Perhaps, you have no idea where you’d like to start. You don’t know what it is you can do and be successful at doing it. It’s called “reinventing yourself” and millions of American’s are doing it each and every day. You’re not the exception. You will not be the first or the last person to decide, “today is the day that I am…” Whatever it is that you want to do, just do it. Be it. Own it. And receive it. Don’t overthink it, overanalyze it and contemplate it too long, either. As long as it’s not life threatening, just go for it! Do it! Achieve and conquer it. The more you delay, the more you connect your dreams with fear and impossibility.

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How to start, today!

I’d like to encourage all of you to start to recharge your emotional health, today, by engaging in at least one of these activities. Your emotional health is very important and without the proper balance, one can easily become depressed and project other forms of abuse onto others. In order to prevent from being a toxic individual contaminating the lives of others around you, it is very important that you start by:

Be transparent:

Develop an intimate relationship with close family and friends. Connect with someone that allows you to be transparent without judgement and ridicule. This is essential to maintaining excellent mental health as you express your most intimidate thoughts and desires. Being transparent allows you to articulately state what you feel and how you feel about it; releasing built up aggression and anger. Getting things off of your chest is a great way to balance your emotions. If you find yourself unable to communicate with those around you, sharing your dreams and visions with, then you have the wrong people around you. No one should ever feel either alone or without the support they need to live their best lives.

Implement a balanced life:

As we wear many different hats, it is important that we have daily downtime.Yes, we are: parents, spouses, employees and bosses. We are household managers; school carpool drivers and are involved in so much more. But that doesn’t mean we are unqualified for some rest and relaxation. You’ve had a long hard day. You deserve a break. Revisit that old hobby you enjoyed. Take time for leisurely actives. You need to mandate having a work-life balance so that you can experience the freedom of having a stress-free life.Without doing this, one can easily become anxious, hostile and depressed; simply because you’re exhausted. Always take time to rest your body; a healthy person is a wealthy person.

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Regardless of the regiment, exercising allows your body to relieve deposits of stress that can build up in your muscles. Even if it is as little as a brisk 15-minute walk during a break at work or walking your dog in the evening, take a few minutes each day to stretch your muscles and recharge your body. Taking care of your physical body helps strengthen your mind and your soul.

Be Resilient:

There will be unfortunate situations and circumstances to occur in life. When life throws you lemons, it’s important to make lemonade. Developing resiliency allows you to want to be persistent at working towards your goals despite the challenges you may face. Yes, it’s greatly disappointing when something doesn’t work out in your favor, initially. But it is even more rewarding when you consistently work towards it and finally succeed at it. Build your emotional endurance by never giving up; someone is depending on you to be you. More importantly, their journey is waiting on you to inspire them to start theirs by looking up to you.

Do what make YOU happy!

Many of us do what everyone else expects of us but we do not do what truly makes us happy. Begin any task, journey or opportunity with you in mind. Learn how to say “no,” to things that do not align with who you are, what your vision represents or what your end-goal is. Often, we are overwhelmed with task that are tedious because we haven’t learned the art of saying “no”.Don’t be afraid to say “no,” to others and say “yes” to you. Your worth it.

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