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Tabitha Brown is an actress and a social media influencer with over 9 million followers.

She was born Tabitha Bonita Thomas in Eden, North Carolina, in 1979.

After dropping out of college, Tabitha moved to California before returning to North Carolina and getting a job co-hosting a late-night show.

She married Chance Brown in 2003.

In 2004, they moved back to California, where she tried stand-up comedy and appeared in her first acting role in 2005.

She has since appeared in ten other acting roles, with her most recent role being in 2019.

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Classic Tabitha Brown Quotes

Enjoy these classic Tabitha Brown showcasing her catchphrases, including “Baby!”

1. “I think I’m going viral.” — Tabitha Brown

2. “I went vegan, oh my goodness.” — Tabitha Brown

3. “Change the way you think, baby.” — Tabitha Brown

4. “No, honey. That’s not the way.” — Tabitha Brown

5. “I am not ashamed!! This is who I am.” — Tabitha Brown

6. “I don’t have to do this; I get to do this.” — Tabitha Brown

7. “If you got somebody’s heart, baby, you got their ear.” — Tabitha Brown

8. “Day by day, I stripped off all the stuff that wasn’t me.” — Tabitha Brown

9. “You don’t have to do everything just like somebody else to be successful.” — Tabitha Brown

10. “Have a good day, and even if you can’t, don’t go messing up nobody else’s.” — Tabitha Brown

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Motivational Tabitha Brown Quotes

Brown is known for her inspiring motivational videos on social media.

11. “If you’re going to get comfortable, baby, find comfort in your gratitude.” — Tabitha Brown

12. “Figure out your own way and be alright with getting off on a different exit, your exit.” — Tabitha Brown

13. “Remember, the same day we plant our seeds is not the same day we eat the fruit.” — Tabitha Brown

14. “Be careful about praying for more without praying that you are ready for it when more comes!” — Tabitha Brown

15. “Look at you not needing measurements and things. Cooking by the spirit is the only way, honey.” — Tabitha Brown

16. “When you’ve been so conditioned to defend yourself, it’s hard to know when someone is simply trying to love you.” — Tabitha Brown

17. “Just because you see me out in my dress smiling doesn’t mean I’m not hurting or that I didn’t want to sleep in. It means that despite everything, I still showed up.” — Tabitha Brown

18. “I encourage you to take time to focus on your relationship with the Creator if you want to, and I’ll work on mine. Because that right there is all our business.” — Tabitha Brown

19. “We know that death and life are in the power of the tongue, and yet we use our words to put people who are different from us, or who don’t believe the way we believe, in a kind of bondage.” — Tabitha Brown

Best Tabitha Brown Quotes

Take a look at some of the best quotes from Tabitha Brown.

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20. “I had a dream while being sick. I saw myself on a show.” — Tabitha Brown

21. “You know what’s so crazy? I had never wanted to do videos anyway.” — Tabitha Brown

22. “Baby, when everything and everyone is telling you that you can’t do something, there’s still a way.” — Tabitha Brown

23. “Why is it okay to sacrifice your fitness goals because you are afraid to enter the building alone?” — Tabitha Brown

24. “But the concept and all that is just, I like to keep it real because I just think that’s what makes it more relatable.” — Tabitha Brown

25. “I see how religion, particularly as an institution, has caused all kinds of separation between people who need each other.” — Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown’s Social Media Career

Tabitha made a video reviewing a vegan sandwich from Whole Foods in 2017, and after it went viral, the company hired her as a brand ambassador.

Since then, she has taken to TikTok and Instagram, discussing vegan recipes and family moments and offering encouraging advice.

Tabitha also co-hosts an IGTV series with her husband called Fridays with Tab and Chance.

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