25 West Side Story Quotes From the Famous Movie

Get ready to rumble with these West Side Story quotes!

West Side Story was originally a 1957 stage musical that was later adapted into two full-length musical films, the second of which was released in 2021.

Steven Spielberg directed the 2021 film.

Some of the actors and actresses starting in the film include:

  • Ansel Elgort
  • Ariana DeBose
  • Avide Alvarez
  • Rachel Ziegler

West Side Story features music composed by Leonard Bernstein, while Stephen Sondheim provided the lyrics.

The award-winning movie received great reviews from critics but performed underwhelmingly at the box office, grossing $76 million against a $100 million budget.

Take a few minutes to learn more about the musical through these West Side Story Quotes.

The Best 2021 West Side Story Quotes

Here are some of the best West Side Story quotes from the 2021 movie.

1. “You are a kid, kiddo.” — Anita

2. “Let me join the sharks.” — Chino

3. “We’re very impressionable.” — Riff

4. “You always look out for me.” — Chino

5. “Tonight is about family.” — Bernardo

6. “My sweep is as good as you pay.” — Tony

7. “There’s nobody who everyone likes.” — Maria

8. “You don’t need me helping you screw up your life.” — Tony

9. “There’s a place for us, Somewhere a place for us.” — Valentina

10. “You keep away from him as long as you’re in my house.” — Bernardo

Famous West Side Story Quotes from the 1961 Movie

Check out these famous West Side Story quotes from the first movie.

11. “Tony! What happened to Tony?” — Maria

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12. “I didn’t believe hard enough.” — Tony

13. “In America, nothing is impossible.” — Bernardo

14. “Why do you kids live like there’s a war on?” — Doc

15. “Make it not true, please make it not true!” — Maria

16. “We gotta show them who’s on top! The Jets!” — Action

17. “There’s a time for us, someday a time for us. Time together with time to spare, time to look, time to care, someday.” — Maria

Iconic West Side Story Quotes from the 2021 Film

Enjoy these iconic West Side Story quotes from the newest movie.

18. “It’s past time for a rumble.” — Riff

19. “Do you want to start World War 3?” — Anita

20. “I want to be happy here. I want to make a life, a home.” — Maria

21. “Get your hands off, American. Stay away from my sister.” — Bernardo

22. “Maria… I just met a girl named Maria, and suddenly that name will never be the same to me.” — Tony

23. “There’s a place for us, somewhere, a place for our peace and quiet and open air waiting for us, somewhere.” — Tony

24. “All my life, it’s like I’m always just about to fall off the edge of the world’s tallest building. I stopped falling the second I saw you.” — Tony

25. “You know, I wake up to everything I know either getting sold or wrecked or being taken over by people that I don’t like, and they don’t like me, and you know what’s left out of all of that? The Jets.” — Riff

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The plot of West Side Story

The story’s plot involves two gangs: the Jets, who are Caucasian, and the Sharks, who are Puerto Rican.

The gangs fight over control of a part of New York City, and when Tony from the Jets falls in love with Maria from the Sharks, they try to stop the violence.

Can Tony and Maria stop the fighting, or will the violence engulf them?

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