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In the Heights Quotes to Inspire You to Chase Your Dreams

If you need motivation or encouragement, enjoy these In the Heights quotes.

In the Heights is an American musical drama film directed by Jon M. Chu based on the stage musical of the same name.

It features the story of the predominantly Dominican Washington Heights neighborhood of Upper Manhattan in New York City.

It revolves around every member of the community pursuing their dreams of a better life.

The series presents a two-pronged assault of gentrification and discrimination, which are highly contested issues happening in real life.

But on the other hand, it shows the celebration of community, hope, and heritage.

Let these In the Heights quotes inspire you to chase and fulfill your dreams.

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In the Heights quotes by Usnavi

1. “Suenito? It means little dream.” — Usnavi

2. “I’ve been saving up all my pennies in my pennies in my piggy bank for this day.” — Usnavi

3. “Girl was a rocket, determined to go far.” — Usnavi

4. “Abuela Claudia never had kids, so she adopted the whole block as her own. Adopted our suenitos too.” — Usnavi

5. “Here I work to survive. El Suenito will be a labor of love.” — Usnavi

6. “The streets were made of music.” — Usnavi

7. “I’m up Schitt’s Creek.” — Usnavi

8. “Merry Christmas, y’all, I’m home.” — Usnavi

9. “You’re just a kid. You don’t even know. For real. Dominican Republic’s going to blow your mind.” — Usnavi

10. “It’s the story of a block that was disappearing. Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Nueva York, en un barrio called Washington Heights. Say it, so it doesn’t disappear.” — Usnavi

11. “If I made it back to the Dominican Republic, then we retained our roots. But Nina Rosario’s dreams were all about reach. Spelling bee champ, valedictorian, managed her dad’s business, and basically she was like a little sister to me.” — Usnavi

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12. “On my dad’s first trip to Nueva York, he saw a passing ship on the horizon. And he was like, ‘Wow, that’s going to be my son’s name’.”  Usnavi

13. “The point is not who won, but that we all had a suenito. And when it comes to dreams, we had to keep scraping by.” — Usnavi

14. “Vanessa, tough as nails. Dreamed of being a downtown fashion designer. TO her, a suenito was something you keep a secret.”  Usnavi

15. “I was thinking, there;s so much stuff going on, and all it just got me thinking about like, all the people I care about the most. And I just thought about you.” — Usnavi

In the Heights quotes by Abuela Claudia

16. “We had to assert our dignity in small ways. That’s why these napkins are beautiful. That’s why my mother’s gloves were beautiful. Little details that tell the world, we are not invisible” — Abuela Claudia

17. “You think it ill be different in the Domincan Republic? Just like my mama. Morning and night, you after year, to what end? To wake up and scrub another floor till the day she died.” — Abuela Claudia

18. “That’s the roof? On the floor?” — Abuela Claudia

19. “Caramba. Buy me a bikini.”— Abuela Claudia

In the Heights quotes by Kevin Rosario

20. “You don’t tell me how much we can afford. You’re not the parent.”— Kevin Rosario

21. “There’s no shame in waiting tables. And there’s no shame in having a different path. Like you.” — Kevin Rosario

22. “Start small. Dream big.” — Kevin Rosario

23. “So all of my decisions can just go to hell here? I’m doing this for you!” — Kevin Rosario

24. “You can take all the bruises baby you but stay in the ring.”  Kevin

25. “Well, you keep getting A’s baby that’s your revenge!” — Kevin

In the Heights quotes by Sonny

26. “You do you. It’s all good. But don’t be roping me into your thing.” — Sonny

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27. “That’s the corniest thing I’ve ever heard. You came here when you was eight. You got ‘island memories’. Not me. I was in Pampers on that plane. NYC’s my spot. I got my island, okay? Go get yours. Don’t forget how you got your name.” — Sonny

28. “They’re talking about kicking out all the dreamers. Its time to make some noise.” — Sonny

29. “My cousin over there, with his tongue hanging out, has been meaning to ask what a lady like yourself would be doing this weekend.” — Sonny

In the Heights quotes by Nina Rosario

30. “When you came here, and mom came here, you all had a Latino community ready to welcome you, open arms, babies and abuleas, and teachers and lawyers, first generation, fifth generation. There’s no community for me at school.” — Nina Rosario

31. “I got searched.” — Nina Rosario

32.“The reality of an elite school, it’s no joke, Pop. Yeah, when I left, you all were like, ‘It’s going to be great. Go show them who we are. Go represent.’ The truth is, is that most of the time I’m at Stanford feels like a betrayal.” — Nina Rosario

33. “Let me just listen to my block.” — Nina Rosario

In the Heights quotes by Vanessa

34. “It’s creepy quiet. Usually, the One train’s up there, screeching.” — Vanessa

35. “You’re about to change zip codes. Country codes, actually.” — Vanessa

36. “Well nope on her.” — Vanessa

In the Heights quotes by Daniela

37. “We are not powerless, we are powerful.”  Daniela

38. “He’s packing a stretch limousine.” — Daniela

39. “Our people survived slave ships. We survived Taino genocide. We survived conquistadores and dictators. You’re telling me we can’t survive the D Train to the Grand Concourse?” — Daniela

40. “Since when are Latin people scared of heat?”  Daniela

In the Heights quotes by Benny

41. “You’re stuck to this corner like a street light.” — Benny

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42. “Check 123, check 123, this is Benny on the dispatch.” — Benny

43. “I’m making moves. I’m making deals. But guess what? You still ain’t got no skills.” — Benny

44. “Look, I might not have a job tomorrow, but I still got one tonight, Nina.” – Benny

In the Heights quotes by other characters

45. “Ice-cold piragua. Cherry, strawberry, and just for today, I got mamey.” — Piragua Guy

46. “You thirsty as hell!”  Rosarios’ Dispatcher

47. “On these blocks you can’t walk two steps without bumping into someone’s big plan.” — Alejandro

48. “This is like Gilligan’s ghetto island.”  Carla

In the Heights quotes from memorable conversations within the show

49. Vanessa: “Does your cousin dance?”

Sonny: “Like a drunk Chita Rivera”

50. Kevin Rosario: “You know, my first business, I was, like, seven or eight,”

Daniela: “You know what? Everytime you tell the story, you’re a different age, and you get younger and younger.”

Kevin Rosario: “You’re the best we’ve got, Nina. If you can’t stay in the ring, what is that going to say about it?”

Nina Rosario: “You can’t keep putting your life’s work on my shoulders, dad.”

Which of these In the Heights quotes is your favorite?

In the Heights was originally set to be adapted by Universal Pictures in 2008 but after it fell through, the project was eventually started up in 2016 by director Chu.

The filming took place around New York City in 2019. Moreover, this film received praises for its direction, performance, and musical numbers, but it did receive some criticism about the lack of representation of Afro-Latino Americans.

It’s a big-hearted and vibrant film filled with music and dance. Much like real life, it shows that anyone can dream big, and with the help of a tight-knit community, any dream is achievable.

So read on these In the Heights quotes and sayings and let yourself imagine your lifelong dream.

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