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Working Online Is Like Karma – You Get What You Give

Vivi K

Find out what YOU can do to share the love and keep earning those big bucks.

1. Share your experiences and hardships with others

If you’ve experienced something difficult and made it through or are on your way to working things out – write about it.

Get your story out there, so many people are suffering in silence, speak out, share, and tell them what helps you and what you struggle with.

The money part?

There are numerous self-help programs and books online, as well as support groups and therapy programs – the choices are endless.

Check out what you want to promote, or at least get well accustomed to it.

You don’t want to promote a scam to someone already suffering.

Be honest and upfront – you wouldn’t believe how much people appreciate that.

2. Promote for a good cause

Promote brands/products that give a % of their sales to charity/a good cause/animal shelters/health organizations – there’s income in it for you and some good karma and support for the ones in need.

I’m all for leveraging social presence for a good cause, as a big animal activist and dog lover, I do anything I can to spread the word and support those who can’t speak up for themselves.

You never know when you might need support – find a cause you feel strongly about and speak up!

3. Give some love to products that work

If you cooperate with specialized beauty brands like dermatological products – post honest reviews, show before and after pics, help the people who are scared to show their face in public find the remedies they need to get better.

Spread the love! No photoshopped great before pictures and even better photoshopped after pics – real life.

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No filters, no crops, no make-up.

We are faced with more than enough “perfection” in the media, it’s time for real people to speak up about real people’s problems.

Most people turn to Google to try and find solutions to problems they feel embarrassed about. Be part of the solution!

4. Actively support an issue you feel strongly about

If you’ve made it big in the digital world, are in the lucky group of influencers, use your social media following / prominent blog or website to spread some love – promote a charity/ organization/ issue you feel strongly about.

Voice your opinion, and share your thoughts – people are not only listening to you, they’re also looking up to you.

Encourage your followers to get involved, spread the word, show support and use their voices.

You make enough money on your big audience already, use the momentum to give some good karma back.

There are numerous examples of social media users uniting to collect money for a good cause, to save a dying child, find an offender via information going viral or help homeless animals find loving families – there is strength in numbers, and you’ve got it!

5. Share with the less fortunate

If you get an array of products from brands you cooperate with or ones that would like you to write reviews, get mentions from you on social media or receive links on your site, put some of those goodies to good use.

When I worked at L’Oréal, we once organized an event for a single mother’s home.

We all brought in things like clothes, home supplies, and books, gathered a load of make-up and beauty products from the office, and organized a mini beauty salon at home.

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We made them up, dressed them up, and did their hair.

We helped to clean up, played with their kids, and brought bags of toys for them to grab and play with.

It was a rewarding experience and made me see how much I don’t appreciate in my everyday life.

You get bombarded with products and material things every day, you can also afford them thanks to the passive income you get online – give something back.

Nothing beats the feeling of helping others and seeing how that lights up their day and their life.

6. Embrace your imperfections

If you’re a beauty/fashion blogger, show your followers how you deal with your imperfections.

Be it acne, excess hair loss, or body issues – make a vlog, post on YouTube, write it up, tell people how they can deal too, and show them that nobody is perfect.

Photoshop is an illusion, show your audience the real deal and give them tips so they can feel better about themselves too.

7. Make honesty your best policy

Provide honest reviews – the most important thing about being a blogger or affiliate marketer is not the sale itself – it’s providing honest and useful information.

I know this is the SEO mantra that everyone in online business has heard more than enough, however, to be frank, it can make a difference.

If I read an honest review where not only advantages but also drawbacks are highlighted, I trust the writer more – their authority grows in my eyes.

That review is useful to me and helps me make an informed decision, saves me time and money, and ultimately – makes a difference in my life.

So I buy a solution to my problem or need, and the affiliate gets good news from PayPal, it’s a win-win.

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8. Throw a party

Put together an event/fundraiser – collaborate with a brand/charity/organization and use your social momentum to raise money for a good cause.

You gain social authority for organizing a gathering to celebrate a good cause, you could also gain media coverage and presence, which in turn will expand your audience and fan base, as well as your trust factor.

In the online world, this means more Benjamins in your bank account.

This also means that, at the same time, you’re making a difference in someone’s life.

You’re speaking out for something important, you may even be the voice for those who don’t have one.

9. Pass on the expertise

Share the knowledge – making money online requires a lot of learning, work, and perseverance.

You have to develop a professional website, gain social exposure, fight for conversions, initiate trust, and become an authority – these are all things that take time and determination.

Once you know how – share it.

There is enough room for everyone to be a success online, with 3 billion people searching the web right now in the pursuit of information or purchase, anyone and everyone can make it.

Give tips, create tutorials, answer emails, help newbies – make a difference in someone else’s life – maybe thanks to your advice, they can quit their 9-5 and become a full-time online entrepreneurs.

10. Help a reporter out!

Sign up for HARO and share your opinion on things you know and love, give insight, throw ideas around, pitch stories, and give feedback.

If you’re lucky, you get a link to your site, social mentions, and more traffic, hopefully converting.

You also get a happy reporter, provided with the stuff they need to write a useful and informative article.


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