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10 Emotions You Want to Experience Everyday

Dr. Nikki Martinez, Lead Contributor

There are many different theories on emotion. Some research suggest that there are only 6 core emotions, while other suggests only 4. However, most of us know from personal experience that there are many emotions that we experience on a regular basis that do not fall within those small limits. There are many emotions that we do not even know a label of name for. Many of these that we would like to experience every single day if we could. I would like to share some of those with you, the emotions you would love to experience each day, but you cannot put your finger on. While these terms actually come from the Dictionary of Sorrows, they are highly positive things for us to feel each day.

Emotions You Want to Feel Everyday


This is the calm feeling we get as we sit safely in our homes during a passing thunderstorm, and enjoy the awe of nature. It is a feeling of safety and calm during a time of something that is out of our control. If we could experience that, and apply it to other areas of our life, we would be calmer and stronger.



This actually means the desire to care less about things. This may feel like a negative, but is actually a positive, as it is about us setting healthy emotional boundaries for ourselves. If we were able to care less about the negative things that come our way, about a bad past, or about negative experiences, we could focus on the present and the positive.

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10 Emotions You Want to Experience Everyday



This is when we think forward, to what we have yet to accomplish, what we would like to do, and where we would like to go. It is a good thing, as it means we are forward thinking in a positive and productive way. We are thinking about what our goals might be, and how we plan to meet them.



The idea that life is both short and long. Remembering this makes us both appreciate the time we have, as well as set goals for our future. We are able to live in the present and be grateful, but also look, ahead to what is yet to be.



This is when we realize what a small part of the world we will experience. While this might make some sad, it can serve to motivate others to get out and see it. To go places and create memories and experiences. When we realize we have a certain amount of time, and can accomplish a certain number of things, it can motivate us to move forward.



This is the feeling that each and every person that we encounter or pass by has an interesting and complex life of their own. It is a sense of connectedness and introspection. It lets us know that each and every person is unique, and has something to offer, although sometimes it takes time to see it.



Some people think of this as melancholy, but I think of it as being keenly aware and connected with the world around you. It is pausing for a moment and thinking about the experience of being alive. Focusing on the wind, a flower, or a warm raindrop. It is about realizing we are connected to the universe and each other.

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Rigor Samsa 

This your emotional strength that protects you from anxiety, pain, and other negative emotions. It can end up cracking, but it will always grow back. That is a comforting thought, and a show of strength, that things are only temporary, and we can start each day fresh. This is a wonderful feeling that we possess a strength and ability to reinvent ourselves all the time.



While this is defined as an art of dwelling on the past that can be a positive thing. We can look at the past to inform and improve the future. We can look at certain aspects of the past with great fondness, and we can look at others as things that we would like to improve upon. This knowledge can help us to keep pushing forward and improving upon ourselves.



This is when we begin to spread our wings and develop our own sense of self. When we ignore the labels that we were given, and decide what we are and want to be. We were all born and given certain labels and criteria of what we were supposed to be when we were young. This is the point when we really start to come into our own and develop who we want to be and to truly know who we are. This can be an exceptionally empowering experience.

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