5 Powerful Yoga Lessons to Stretch Your Mind and Body

I spent this past week doing yoga on Varkala Beach in the south Indian state of Kerala and was inspired by several insightful moments that changed my life.

I felt deeply inspired by what I learned, practiced, and felt, and wanted to share it with you.

This past week was filled with relaxation.

It was this relaxation that brought joy and productivity.

I felt compelled to share some ideas that were affirmed this week.

Thank you again, to the amazing yoginis who made this experience so special.

Side note: Create the chance to visit Varkala Beach in India, you will love it!

Now, let’s dive in.

Below are five life-changing yoga inspirations to stretch your mind, body, and business!

1. Do not focus on the result, focus on the process.

Be so present that you focus on the task, not just the outcome.

When focused on the outcome, we take joy out of the task and process.

The joy lives in the present.

Be extraordinary, now, in the present moment.

This will ensure extraordinary results down the road!

Focus on the joy of feeling your breath, which will lead to a successful Sun Salutation later.

What is one thing you often stress about?

How can you make the shift to focus on the task, and not the outcome?

2. You can’t do yoga and then eat fried chicken, steak, and pork chops.

We can’t outwork a bad diet or out-kiss a toxic relationship or have a business without the proper systems in place.

Focus on creating and maintaining great habits.

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When we have great habits, we have tapped into great love, great happiness, and great achievement!

So, no matter how hungry you are after a yoga class, create the habit of satisfying your hunger with fruits, greens, and lean proteins.

What is one habit you can create right now, to improve one area of your life?

3. The only way to become more flexible is to do yoga every day or the mind and body forget how flexible we are supposed to be.

Stretch yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically.

When we stretch, we grow.

Growth is always our number one goal.

Become great at growing!

Commit to growth in your life, relationships, and career.

What can you do right now to help yourself grow?

4. The yoga pose that makes me feel the worst, is the one I need to do the most!

What we want and the person we want to become is right outside of our comfort zone.

For me, the lotus brings tears to my eyes and pain to my gut.

The idea of laying on my chest and trying to raise my legs above my head makes me feel destined for failure and pain.

But even when I fail at it…I give it all I have.

And somehow, I get my legs off the ground, somewhat…I think!

Well…I try!

What is something you have been avoiding lately?

What call have you not made?

Is there someone you’ve meant to reach out to but haven’t?

What foods are you still eating, that you know you shouldn’t?

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Who do you need to say, ‘I love you’ to?

5. Whenever I do something that challenges me mentally and physically (like yoga), I have 2-3 meaningful coincidences that same day!

This moment of yoga inspiration really stands out to me.

Challenging ourselves propels us forward in finding our meaning and purpose in life.

How do you interpret coincidences?

Are they random events?

Do you notice a pattern within them?

Do you have more coincidences when you do certain activities?

From my own experience, when I am doing things that bring me excitement, clarity, and meaning, I can almost count on 2-3 meaningful coincidences that day!

I expect them!

Like Steve Jobs said, “We can only connect the dots by looking backward.”

What coincidences in your life keep happening?

What might your coincidences mean?

If you think they mean nothing, imagine that they did have a meaning; what would they mean then?

Let’s get real silly and say if your coincidences were trying to tell you something, what would it be?

What is your life trying to tell you?

What is really possible for you?

I hope you enjoyed these five inspirational yoga ideas!

Please share your own yoga inspiration or answer any of my questions from this article in the comment section.

I would love to hear from you!

With love and respect,

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