3 Ways to Have Peace Now


Just relax.

From your head to your toes.

You feel all tension leaving your body.

You are totally engulfed in the moment.

Peace and relaxation is all around and within you.

Sometimes you need to relax.

And at all times be at peace.

But what is peace?

According to Webster, peace is freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, anxiety, an obsession, etc.; tranquility; serenity.

There was a teacher in class with her 4th grade students.

She says, “ok class! I want you to draw happiness.”

So in excitement the class began to take their crayons and pencils and take to the paper.

As the kids drew the teacher walked around asking the kids about their art work.

She walked by a little girls desk and saw all these bright pretty colors and said.

“Emily that’s beautiful! What is your drawing about?” Emily replies, “It’s my Mom, and my dad and my brother, and my doggy, and were on the beach and we’re having fun.

She then walks by Carlos’ desk. “Carlos what are you drawing?”

Carlos replies. “Its me and my dad playing football in the park.”

The teacher then takes a trip to the bad kids desk.

Every teachers anger zone.

The back of the class. DUM..DuM..DUUMMM!!!

She sees me, little Malcolm.

He has dark colors a lot of purple and black and dark blues.

She sees this bare tree and rain.

He even has one little scared bird in the picture with words coming out its mouth.

So now the teacher is thinking there is something going on at home or this kid just might be crazy.

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So she asked, “Malcolm, what are you drawing?”

He replies “Well there’s a storm going on and the bird is in the tree whistling.

Because happiness is when you can still whistle in the storm.”

The teacher began to immediately understand my next point.

Peace is NOT circumstantial.

Being at peace is continual no matter how bad times get.

I will not worry or go to war with myself.

Your confidence rises up within you.

Allowing you to take brave action.

And draw on all the resources you have in order to overcome that obstacle.

Here are three ways you can become a master at maintaining your peaceful nature.

1. Forgive the past.

For a little while I blamed myself for my families condition.

Blame places a burden.

It slaps this sloppy wet judgement on a person due to a situation.

I then took responsibility for it.

In that shift I was able to respond accordingly and handle that situation.

What happened.


You can’t change it.

So why burden yourself with the blame.

Dissect not what happened, but how you can grow from it.

Forgiveness empowers you and allows you to be bigger than what happened.

2. Gratitude for Now.

Being thankful for this very moment.

It took hundreds and thousands of years to make this very moment.

Appreciate it.

This moment is unique far past our understanding.

You can never reenact this moment.

Even with your greatest actors.

You have tools to create your future.

Gratitude allows you to be conscious of what you have and how to use them.

In the words of Bishop I.V. Hilliard, “People don’t lack resources, they lack resourcefulness.”

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Being thankful for EVERYTHING adds a level of virtue to you that can’t be measured.

So right now.

The problems and all.

Say thank you.

3. Design your Future.

Awaken that champion side of you.

The part of you that can do, create, and be ANYTHING!

The obstacles don’t matter.

Your nature is to conquer.

So take the fuel of past pain.

Then the tools you have now.

Design and build the life you desire.

Here’s the deal.

The mind you have has gotten you here.

Now to get there, you NEED a different mindset.

You have to grow.

Seek the information needed.

Connect with those that have the expertise.

Surround yourself with your future.

Become engulfed with your idea of success.

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