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If you love action movies, you will love these 300 quotes!

300 is a historical action movie released in 2006 based on Frank Miller and Lynn Varley’s comic book series of the same name.

Written and directed by Zach Snyder, 300 grossed over $456 million at the box office but received mixed reviews from critics.

Many liked the action and visuals but did not care for the depiction of the Persians in the movie.

The star-studded cast includes Gerard Butler and Lena Headey, among others.

The plot of 300 is that King Leonidas has to fight for the freedom of his people.

Even though they are outnumbered, he leads 300 of his Spartan warriors against the Persian “God-King” Xerxes, who has more than 300,000 soldiers in his army.

The movie is action-packed but also shows the drama of the Greek council having to decide whether to help King Leonidas and his soldiers or leave them on their own.

The movie’s success spawned a sequel called Rise of an Empire and a prequel comic book novel called Xerxes.

These 300 quotes will leave you excited and ready for battle!

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Inspirational 300 Quotes

300 is a movie about warriors fighting against the odds, and the following quotes will inspire you to fight for what you believe!

1. “Give them nothing! But take from them everything!” – King Leonidas

2. “It’s an honor to die at your side.” – Stelios

3. “Hundreds leave, a handful stay. Only one looks back.” – Dilios

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4. “If they assassinate me, all of Sparta goes to war. Pray they’re that stupid.” – King Leonidas

5. “Come back with your shield…Or on it.” – Queen Gorgo

6. “And I would die for any one of mine.” – King Leonidas

7. “Heart? I have filled my heart with hate.” – Captain

8. “We are with you. For Sparta, for freedom, to the death!” – Stelios

9. “Easy to taunt, easy to trick.” – Dilios

10. “This is Sparta.” – King Leonidas

Powerful 300 Quotes

This next set of powerful quotes was delivered perfectly by the cast in the movie.

11. “I am here for all those voices which cannot be heard: mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, three hundred families that bleed for our rights.” – Queen Gorgo

12. “You have many slaves, but few warriors. It won’t be long before they fear my spears more than your whips.” – King Leonidas

13. “There’s only one woman’s words that should affect the mood of my husband. Those are mine.” – Queen Gorgo

14. “Taught never to retreat, never to surrender. Taught that death on the battlefield in service to Sparta was the greatest glory he could achieve in his life.” – Dilios

15. “The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many. And before this battle is over, that even a god king can bleed.” – King Leonidas

16. “Freedom isn’t free at all, that it comes with the highest of costs. The cost of blood.” – Queen Gorgo

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17. “A new age has begun. An age of freedom, and all will know, that 300 Spartans gave their last breath to defend it!” – King Leonidas

18. “There’s no room for softness. No place for weakness. Only the hard and strong may call themselves Spartans.” – Dilios

19. “It is not a question of what a Spartan citizen should do, nor a husband, nor a king. Instead, ask yourself what should a free man do?” – Queen Gorgo

20. “This is where we hold them. This is where we fight. This is where they die.” – King Leonidas

Don’t Give Up When Outnumbered

One of the best lessons we can learn from the movie is to never give up on things we believe just because we are outnumbered.

We see King Leonidas and his small band of warriors stand up to the enormous Persian army to keep their people free.

This type of sacrifice also inspires us to stand up for our beliefs.

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