9 Doubts That Are Not Worth Your Time

There are some doubts that are good.

They make us stop and think before doing something rash.

They make us reconsider things that seem too good to be true.

Then there are the other doubts that creep into our minds.

These are doubts that hinder us from going for our goals and that make us doubt our worth in general.

When these doubts crop up, the best thing to do is counter them with an action plan that negates that doubt.

Here are nine examples of this.

9 Doubts That Are Not Worth Your Time

1. I Don’t Have Enough Experience

Doubt based upon a lack of experience can be circular and self-defeating.

You haven’t done something, so you aren’t qualified to do it.

You aren’t qualified to do it, so you shouldn’t do it.

If everybody viewed a lack of experience as an insurmountable roadblock, nobody would do anything new.

Don’t focus on the experience you do not have.

Instead, focus on the experience you have that can be molded to help you accomplish your goals.

Don’t worry about the years that you haven’t spent doing something.

Focus on your ability to learn and adapt.

2. I Don’t Have The Right Skills

Skills are the tools that you need to get a job done correctly and become successful at the work you are doing.

Unfortunately, too many people create doubt by unfairly evaluating their skills or by underestimating their ability to adapt and learn new skills.

Be proactive and make a list of your current skills.

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How can you use them to accomplish your goals?

What can you do to get up to speed on any new skills that you need to acquire?

3. People Keep Telling me That I Cannot do it

Negative messaging can be a negative thing.

People are continually told that they can’t do things, and they internalize that message.

In some cases, the message is delivered with negative intent.

In others, it is well-meaning, usually intended to save somebody from taking too great a risk.

Unfortunately, no matter the reason, the message is still just as damaging.

Be selective about who you share your goals with.

You need people who will support, challenge, and question you.

You don’t need people who will simply find ways to shoot you down.

4. Nobody is Interested in My Ideas

This doubt is either born of self-defeat, or it is born of experience.

Either way, it makes it difficult to pursue new goals or put yourself out there if you believe you are going to be ignored or met with a brick wall.

Remind yourself that every idea and every audience for that idea is a new one.

Then, tell yourself that your past experiences with lack of reception to your thoughts are not your fault, nor are they the fault of those who won’t benefit from your ideas if you say nothing.

5. I’ve Made Too Many Mistakes in The Past

If you’ve made mistakes in the past, it is normal to doubt your ability to do well in the future.

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You may even doubt whether or not you deserve success.

You may subliminally tell yourself that you will just screw things up again.

This is why many people fall into a rut and then don’t ever seem to be able to pull themselves out again.

Keep reminding yourself that past mistakes don’t define you.

Think of yourself from the outside looking in.

Would you tell somebody else that they shouldn’t pursue their goals because of past failures?

Of course you wouldn’t!

6. I Don’t Have The Stamina

Working towards your goals and trying to become a successful person is hard work.

It does take mental and emotional stamina, and it can be easy, in the thick of that, to doubt whether or not you can go on.

This is especially true when you are mentally and emotionally drained.

Here is something to consider.

The amount of time that you spend being stressed out and ruminating on whether or not you can do something can cause more prolonged stress than just powering through.

It can also have a seriously long term and negative impact on your happiness.

7. It’s Not The Right Time

It can be easy to stop your own progress by simply convincing yourself that it’s not the right time to make a move.

After all, there isn’t a perfect time to do anything.

Try to think of the benefits of acting now instead of waiting.

You’ll feel much better about moving forward.

8. It’s Too Risky

There is nothing wrong with being risk averse, and there is nothing wrong with evaluating a decision so that you make the best decision possible.

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However, if you are so risk averse that you remain frozen, that is just as unhealthy as taking unnecessary risks.

Evaluate your risks and act decisively.

Don’t just assume that the risk isn’t worth it.

9. I’ve Always Doubted Myself. Why Should I Stop It Now?

Granted, people probably don’t say this to themselves, but it is true that self-doubt can become habitual.

People can become so used to question their decisions and being so sure that they are going to fail that they unconsciously predict failure before they even try.

If you find yourself falling prey to this knee-jerk version of self-doubt you should remind yourself that this initial feeling of doubt isn’t based on logic, but on habit.

Then, continue pushing forward until you accomplish your goals.

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