25 A Boogie Quotes From the Successful Musician

Fans of rap music will enjoy these A Boogie quotes!

A Boogie, also known as A Boogie wit da Hoodie was born in 1995 in the Highbridge neighborhood of the Bronx in New York City as Artist Julius Dubose.

A Boogie is an accomplished rapper, singer, and songwriter who released his first single called “Temporary” at nineteen.

In 2017 he released his debut studio album, which had the hit song “Drowning,” which peaked at number 38 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Since then, he has had two other singles appear on the Billboard Hot 100 called “Numbers” and “Back at It.”

He is currently signed to Atlantic Records and has developed his own label imprint, Highbridge the Label.

Take a look at these A Boogie quotes to learn more about this accomplished musician.

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Iconic A Boogie Quotes

These A Boogie Quotes are iconic to his fans.

1. “You always gonna feel me.” — A Boogie

2. “People’s hustle in the Bronx is real.” — A Boogie

3. “I am of the notion that everyone must start hearing love songs.” — A Boogie

4. “If you listen to me, it’s real stories. It’s catchy and something you can relate to.” — A Boogie

5. “Everything I do is me. I don’t like taking ideas from people unless they’re the G.O.A.T” — A Boogie

6. “Some of my songs are turned up, but that’s just ’cause I have to make ’em like that so the clubs can play them.” — A Boogie

7. “Being self-made means putting yourself in position to help others put themselves in position to be successful.” — A Boogie

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8. “I pick and choose what I want to put on what. Instead of just dropping a single, I like putting projects together.” — A Boogie

9. “New York is similar to a vibe that I might really listen to. It will be a song you might listen to in 5 years and still like it.” — A Boogie

10. “Even though I can’t dance, that’s, like, the one thing I wished I could do growing up. I used to act like I was MJ, doing the moonwalk, tip toes, leg kick, all that.” — A Boogie

A Boogie Quotes About Pursuing Your Dreams

Here are some A Boogie quotes about pursuing dreams.

11. “I want to be the next legend.” — A Boogie

12. “Why do you think my name is Artist? I’m an artist.” — A Boogie

13. “If it wasn’t for the Internet, I don’t know where I’d be.” — A Boogie

14. “I am not even able to lie; I am sometimes antisocial.” — A Boogie

15. “Perfecting your craft is one of the main keys in being successful.” — A Boogie

16. “No matter where I’m at in life, whether I’m in the music industry, rich, poor, everybody needs love in their life.” — A Boogie

17. “Every time I step on stage and see all of the lights or hear fans singing the words to my songs, it’s a surreal moment for me.” — A Boogie

The Best A Boogie Quotes

Check out some of the best A Boogie Quotes.

18. “I just wanna be relevant.” — A Boogie

19. “Everyone goes on encouraging me.” — A Boogie

20. “I wasn’t really comfortable going to college.” — A Boogie

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21. “‘A’ comes from Artist. And ‘Boogie’ from the Bronx.” — A Boogie

22. “There isn’t a simple formula that automatically makes people like you.” — A Boogie

23. “You can’t say I don’t sound like an N.Y. rapper – it’s because I don’t wanna sound like nobody else.” — A Boogie

24. “I look at goals, like, what do I want to do and where do I want to see myself. What position do I want to be in going forward.” — A Boogie

25. “I make music the majority of the time. There can be moments in my life when I may think of taking a break and returning to music.” — A Boogie

A Boogie Growing Up

A Boogie grew up in the Bronx and attended Dewitt Clinton High School before he began getting into legal trouble, mostly for selling narcotics.

Upon discovering what he did, his parents sent him to Fort Pierce Central in Florida.

Here A Boogie was kept under house arrest but began refining his artistry and even built a studio in his apartment.

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