Overcome Your Fear: to Become More Confident

Want to overcome your fears and be confident?

What is the difference between a person who is confident and one who is not?

Self-confident people confront their fears and overcome all obstacles in life.

When you are confident, you tend to take life on a positive note, regardless of how things are going in your life.

Everyone has certain fears and we all face obstacles, but the secret to success lies in being able to beat them and achieve what is desired.

The lack of confidence can hold you from pursuing your dreams.

However, you can work on enhancing your self-esteem issues; even seemingly simple tasks like talking to others with confidence, and becoming surer of yourself.

No one but you can make yourself be confident.

Here are five steps that will help you be confident and pursue your dreams:

1. Make a Positive Frame of Mind

If you want to become self-confident, you need to learn to stay away from negativity.

This means staying away from the people who put you down and the thoughts that have the potential to shred your confidence.

Instead, spend time with people who are positive and instill a sense of positivity in you.

Here is how you can stay in a positive frame of mind:

>> Control negative thoughts.

It’s not bad to doubt yourself sometimes, but do not let those thoughts take over the positive ones.

>> Use positive language when interacting with people.

What you speak is governed by how you actually feel.

>> Worrying is natural, but do not let your worries take over your feelings.

In order to stay confident, you need to control your worries.

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Constantly remind yourself of all the good things you do or have happened to you and see the positive change in your attitude.

2. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Do not depend on others to point out your strengths and weaknesses.

Get to know yourself well instead.

You can become a lot more confident by overcoming your weaknesses and trusting your capabilities.

Make a list of the things that you are good at and enjoy doing, and another list of the things where you need improvement.

The idea is to work on areas that make you less confident.

As you turn your weaknesses into your strengths, you experience a sense of fulfillment and you’ll gradually be confident.

Do not run away from criticism; it is an opportunity to improve.

Instead of trying to hold down people who do better than you, try learning from them.

Do not take failure too seriously, but as an opportunity to do even better the next time.

3. Manage Your Life and Balance the Time

You tend to lose confidence when you are unable to achieve your goals (whether at work or in your personal life).

Poor time management leads to stress, and the more stressed you are, the likelihood of negativity taking a toll on you increases.

Regardless of the part of the world you stay in, you will have to juggle a lot of responsibilities – managing work, children, household chores, etc.

With effective time management, you can achieve all your goals and, as a result, boost your self-confidence.

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Make a list of the things you need to get done on any given day and then assign a specific time to each task.

Keep some extra time in hand, just in case you take a few more minutes to complete a certain task.

Make sure to stick to the routine, but keep some time for relaxation.

As you start achieving your goals on a regular basis, your confidence will get boosted automatically.

You will receive praise at work and will inspire others to manage life positively.

4. Enjoy Taking Risks

Stepping out of your comfort zones on a regular basis helps you build self-confidence.

Staying inside your comfort zone is much like being in a cocoon.

It is always advisable to break out and explore the world.

Think of things that get you petrified and overcome them.

For instance, if you are afraid of heights, you can try taking a bungee jumping session.

It is alright if you fail a couple of times initially, but you need to keep telling yourself that you will try and overcome the fear someday.

It is not failure that crushes our confidence, but the inability to get back on the saddle that makes us feel less confident.

Stepping out of your comfort zone helps you learn new things, acquire new skills and face new challenges, which make you feel confident.

You get the feeling that you can do and achieve anything, regardless of how harsh the conditions are.

5. Empower Yourself

Empowering yourself is one of the best ways to build confidence.

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Empowerment can be achieved in a number of ways like enriching your knowledge by reading inspirational books, listening to inspirational speeches, and spending time with positive people.

You can also empower yourself through physical exercise to overcome physical barriers.

Meditation is also an effective way to get rid of negative energy and bring in positivity.


Life is full of challenges, but you cannot afford to sit back and take life too seriously.

You need to overcome and erase your fears.

Not everyone is born confident, but one can surely work towards becoming more confident.

With the right mindset, you can easily be confident to achieve your dreams and become successful in life.

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