How to Believe in Your Dreams and Make Them Happen

Learn how to believe in your dreams and make them come true today – no matter what anyone says!

“I dreamed a dream in time gone by when hope was high and life worth living, I dreamed that love would never die, I prayed that God would be forgiving…”, Susan Boyle, a modest, middle-aged woman sang as she touched the stars.

She had a dream and her powerful voice echoed throughout the world.

 “We’ve got to have a dream if we are going to make a dream come true,” said one Denis Waitley, motivational speaker, writer, and consultant.

Have people ever managed to awaken a sense of guilt in you just because you defended your attitudes, values, and dreams that you believe in?

Unfortunately, everyone is doing it.

Not just parents and friends, but complete strangers as well, will act the same way if your beliefs do not match theirs.

It is clear that even your family and closest friends will not always believe in your dreams.

But this is not a reason to give up!

Don’t let them kill your self-confidence!

It’s Possible to Make Dreams Happen

I have a friend who was dissatisfied with her job.

She dreamed of having her own company.

She shared her dream with her family and friends – but they didn’t understand her.

Some thought she was not capable of doing it.

Others told her this was not the right moment, while the rest were not interested even to talk to her about it.

They considered it a crazy idea.

But she made a poster and wrote:

If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.”

She asked herself a question: why was she at her current job?

For money?

She realized that she didn’t feel the passion in her work and felt as if she betrayed herself and gave up on her dreams.

She decided she would no longer work for money but for passion.

And you know what?

She did it!

Keep reading to find out how to believe in your dreams and make them come true!

Then tell us your wildest dream in the comment section!

Your Story – Birth of a Dream

You live in a small town.

So small that it seems that you can read the thoughts of your fellow citizens because you know them well.

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You always go to work the same way and walk the same streets because you think there is no other way.

Your work is boring – far away from your interests and talents.

There is no chance for your prosperity.

You don’t feel good doing it and want to change something.

But what?

Then, a great idea goes through your head: you should move, go to a larger city that offers more opportunities.

Hey, that’s it!

You run and share your idea with your family and closest friends.

They are shocked and react strangely.

You didn’t expect a response like this:

In the big city, life is more expensive.

You don’t know anyone there and you will feel alone with no friends.

You are really nuts!

What if someone robbed you and you are left without money in an unknown city?!

Don’t let them scare you! At first, you may be like a punctured balloon ready to give up. But the next day, this idea will come to your mind again and you’re sure you have to do this.

You don’t speak to anybody anymore.

You spend every free moment with your eyes closed, following in your mind the imagined pictures of your future life.

Suddenly, the favorite song of your family becomes “Green, green grass of home” and they play it several times during the day.

But they don’t tell you anything.

They just look at you and follow your reaction.

They first tried to scare you with a terrible scenario, and now they use your emotions as leverage.

Don’t fall for it!

Believe In Your Dreams: Nothing is Unreachable

Whether you want to live in a big house, visit the furthest place on the planet, or start a new job, nothing is impossible – even if it seems so.

Big dreams are not realized because people think they are impossible.

There is always the thought of Not yet …”


Don’t wait to earn more money, experience, courage, or anything else, because there is NO perfect time for anything.

Life changes day by day.

The longer you wait, you will never start.

Do yourself a favor and do what you want today!

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Don’t be afraid: do what you need!

Talk to a person you are scared of or answer an unpleasant email.

This first step will give you direction and show you what to do next.

Even small or seemingly unimportant things can contribute to huge progress!

People think that optimists see only a good side, but ignore everything else.

Realistic optimists recognize both the positive and the negative side of things.

But their energy points to the side that can have a positive result.

Even when you don’t have support, you are not alone.

Learn how to believe in yourself and your dreams.

Give them time, and effort, have faith in them, and do everything you can to make them come true.

Then you will see that everything will start to change and fall into place.

Be patient.

Devote yourself to inspiring conversations with yourself.

If everyone has turned their back on you and don’t believe in your dreams, you are the only person you can always count on.

We can all be self-critical.

But negative thoughts should be turned into something effective.

Don’t accept negative thoughts – find a new focus.

Strategy is key.

Don’t think your life is written down somewhere.

You create your own life.

Go outside your imagined boundaries.

It’s worth being brave.

Go Step By Step Towards Your Goal

Don’t just believe in your dreams – make them real.

Here’s how:

Step #1 to Believing in Your Dreams: Form your desire as a concrete goal

Get moving.

Write down everything in the present time as if it had already been done.

Write down the date.

For example:

Today is May 31, 2019.

Today is my first day at my new job.

Everyone is kind, they are smiling.

After work, I will drink coffee with a new colleague from my office.

She is living close to my new home.

#2. Find leads

Write down what can help you achieve your goal.

What are the ways you look for a new job, for example?

Look at bureaus that can help you, ads in newspapers, or search the Web.

#3. Who can help you?

Certainly, there is someone you can count on who will support you.

Maybe he or she knows another person who can give you an idea of how to make the next step.

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Step #4 to Believing in Your Dreams: Think of possible problems you might face

We are not talking about bleak thoughts – but think of it as necessary preparation.

When you start working on your dream, it’s expected that you will encounter problems along the way.

Prevent them as much as you can by planning ahead.

Always have room for a plan B.

#5. What do you get and what do you lose?

For example, your dream is to live in a big city.

Cons: You will lose the peace of a small town.

You might not hear birds chirping while you drink coffee in your courtyard, surrounded by silence and clean air.

Pros: You get new opportunities, probably a better job, and new friends.

Bottom line: Decide what’s more important to you.

Step #6 to Believing in Your Dreams: Prioritize

Make a “to-do” list.

Estimate a realistic timeframe for each step and set priorities.

Determine necessary budgets, schedules, etc.

#7. Think of the advantages when you reach your goal

Write down everything, this way you motivate yourself.

Whenever your strength seems depleted and when doubt takes over your thoughts, return to this step and read it carefully.

This will help you with how to believe in yourself and your dreams again.

#8. Update your notes

Read your notes carefully and update them regularly.

The closer you get to the goal the more details will come to your mind.

Don’t wait!

Immediately start the realization.

The faster you get into action, the greater your chance to succeed.

Do you believe in your dreams?

I will not tell you what to say to your family and friends who don’t believe in your dreams.

You will know what to say when the time comes.

Either way, learning how to believe in your dreams will open up endless opportunities in your life.

Maybe you can send them a CD of Elvis Presley with the song “What a Wonderful Life.”

Do you believe in your dreams?

What are you doing to make them come true?

Feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

Also, don’t forget to share with your friends and followers.

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