25 Best Ari Gold Quotes From One of the Stars of the TV Series Entourage

Fans of the television series Entourage will love these Ari Gold quotes.

Ari Gold is a fictional character created by Doug Ellin for the television series Entourage.

Actor Jeremy Piven plays the character, who is an aggressive and sometimes bad-mannered man.

Ari was born in 1967 and has a bachelor’s degree from Harvard and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Ari Gold is a powerful agent in Hollywood.

The character was inspired by a real-life Hollywood agent named Ari Emanuel.

Ari is the agent for the up-and-coming fictional star Vincent Chase, modeled after the real-life Mark Wahlberg.

Ari is often at odds with Eric Murphy, who is Vincent’s best friend and manager.

And their arguments are a big part of the show.

Read these Best Ari Gold quotes to learn more about the fascinating character.

Best Ari Gold Quotes from Entourage

Here are some fan-favorite lines from Ari Gold.

1. “You got Gold.” — Ari Gold

2. “I don’t worry. I just win.” — Ari Gold

3. “Silence is f***ing golden.” — Ari Gold

4. “Retirement isn’t a goal; it’s a sentence.” — Ari Gold

5. “I’m not threatening your jobs. I’m threatening your lives.” — Ari Gold

6. “You don’t come to Sundance for the snow. You come for the heat.” — Ari Gold

7. “I gotta know what you think so I can get you to think what I think.” — Ari Gold

8. “To be successful, you need friends. To be very successful, you need enemies.” — Ari Gold

9. “The idea that someone could, or would want to, experience uninterrupted happiness over a period of days, let alone years, is ludicrous.” — Ari Gold

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10. “Loving your work doesn’t mean finding a job you can tolerate for eight hours a day, but rather a job that gets you flying out of bed in the morning like a Jack Russell who just had a firecracker stuffed up his ass.” — Ari Gold

Sarcastic Best Ari Gold Quotes

If you like sarcasm, Ari Gold has plenty of quotes for you.

11. “We’re going to hell, so bring your sunblock.” — Ari Gold

12. “Smoke more weed, Turtle. Seriously, smoke more weed.” — Ari Gold

13. “I parted the Red Sea for you, E, now don’t piss on the sand.” — Ari Gold

14. “Drama, it’s NBC. They gave Joey 46 episodes… they don’t cancel shit. Trust me!” — Ari Gold

15. “Anyone who feels pleasant and bubbly all the time is either mentally disabled or hooked on crack.” — Ari Gold

16. “I drove to work today in an $80,000 Mercedes, and I’m going home in a prop car from ‘Fast and Furious.’” — Ari Gold

17. “Nobody’s happy in this town except for the losers. Look at me; I’m miserable. That’s why I’m rich.” — Ari Gold

18. “There’s a reason caveman started to develop sophisticated tools before the meteor wiped them all out: It’s so they could f*cking shave.” — Ari Gold

19. “Variety is like a high school paper. They pay their writers 28 grand a year to find out something to write about the popular kids.” — Ari Gold

More of the Best Ari Gold Quotes

If you’re a fan of the character, these quotes are for you.

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20. “A shattered world is what you get when you mess with Ari Gold.” — Ari Gold

21. “Call me Helen Keller because I’m a f****** miracle worker.” — Ari Gold

22. “You know that your man has broken out of the Oompa-Loompa factory and is up to no good?” — Ari Gold

23. “I mean, who could possibly replace the way that you picked up my dry cleaning? No one!… So, return to the king…” — Ari Gold

24. “Money is a resource that makes it easier for you to find your purpose and achieve your goals, not because you are buying happiness, but because you are eliminating the desperation that drains happiness and distracts you from your purpose.” — Ari Gold

25. “Don’t waste time worrying about work/life balance, or looking for your best self, sham “secrets” or any other snake oil being pushed by sloppy hippies who have never built a business, let alone a bankroll or you will wake up 20 years from now poor, pissed off and primed for a midlife crisis.” — Ari Gold

What Happens with Ari?

Ari lives a life of a powerful Hollywood agent, but his flirtatious personality and disrespect for his wife lead to a separation between the two.

After Ari tries moving on with other women, he realizes he really loves his wife and reconciles with her even though that will mean retiring from his high-profile life.

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