5 Books that will help you in getting unstuck

So it finally happened: you’ve found yourself stuck.

Not just “let’s take a day or two to think it over” stuck – you’re really at a loss of what to do next.

As you travel down the wonderful, twisted, and at times topsy-turvy road of success and self development, this stop is going to happen.

For many of us, even more than once.

Every single successful individual has had a time when they were stuck, when it seemed like a dead end.

When they felt that their journey was coming to a screeching halt.

But they pushed through, and thanks to their willpower, they grew into the successful individual that they KNEW they were within themselves.

The following five books have repeatedly helped hundreds of business owners, athletes, and friends of mine from all over the globe (to whom I’ve given these books to), to break free and accomplish big – often times HUGE – things.

But this isn’t about their getting unstuck – it’s about YOURS.

These books will prove to be worth their weight in gold, as they will not only help you in getting unstuck, but also to release the greatness within you that you must share with the world!

Grab your notebooks, pencils, and highlighters, because you have some reading to do!

5 Books That Will Help You in Getting Unstuck

1. Do The Work by Steven Pressfield

Books That Will Help You in Getting Unstuck

Sometimes, you don’t need another perspective.

Rather, you need one of those giant cartoon mallets to come hit you on the head to get you back to work.

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Steven Pressfield’s got just the thing for you, Senior Foghorn Leghorn!

His sharp, pointed observations and statements will hit you where it counts, and get you MOVING!

Word to the wise: buy the 5-pack or 48-pack because you’re going to want to give a copy away to everyone you want to succeed.

2. The Dip by Seth Godin

Books That Will Help You in Getting Unstuck

For those times you’re feeling a bit more like Wiley E. Coyote, uncertain if you should just give up and walk away or if you should dig in even more, Master Godin will hit you with some perspective to realize that sometimes “winners DO quit, and quitters DO win”.

If you’ve found yourself in a setback, and you just can’t seem to move forward, Seth is here with his prudent and straight shooting style to help you figure out if you’re in a “good dip” – OR if it’s time to call it quits.

Oh, yeah, just buy five of these as well, because “givers are winners”, and “thou reaps that which ye sow”, ya dig?

3. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Books That Will Help You in Getting Unstuck

Sometimes, we don’t see the picture because we’re in the frame.

Darren Hardy’s book will help you realize that all the work and effort you’ve been putting in has a way of compounding on itself.

Don’t believe me?

Einstein has a little something to say about this here:

“Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it, he who doesn’t, pays it. Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.” – Albert Einstein

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So before you go all Yosemite Sam and get all hot-headed because your hard work doesn’t seem to be getting you to where you would like to be, take a step back to get the full picture.

Re-evaluate where you’re at.

At this point, just buy five or more of all of these books.

You’ll be the one to help set off the rocket boosters on your friends’ and loved one’s successes!

4. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Books That Will Help You in Getting Unstuck

Often, we get so focused in our work that we aren’t capitalizing on our opportunities to expand the number of people we can help and contribute to.

Have no fear!

Dale Carnegie is here!

Making new friends, and having the ability to positively influence people, is such a vital life skill.

It’s one that can always use some tuning-up.

Consider this book as your turnkey starter to expanding your current social circle.

It can also help you to increase your ability to do more good in the world, remember people, and learn more about them and the world in the process!

5. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Books That Will Help You in Getting Unstuck

For many in the entrepreneurial and personal development worlds, this is THE BOOK.

Written in early 1900’s English, it will shake up how you look at things – and not just because of his classic grammar.

This book gives you the very fundamentals that you must master in order to become that which you wish to become.

Stop thinking about books as “one-time affairs”: something to read once, and check off on your list.

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Buy the books that really speak to you, those that you feel stir the emotions and drive within you.

They have the power to put you “EN Motion” and help you in getting unstuck, so you get back to steamrolling your way to the best, most successful version of you there is!


These books should be read, and read often.

They should be full of your notes in the margins, page numbers inside the cover to help you locate passages that “speak to you”, and with the pages dog-eared and highlighted.

These books will serve you extremely well, if you “mine them for gold”.

DRIVE ON my friend.


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  1. Lucy

    February 21, 2022 at 1:19 PM

    It’s notable that every single book you chose is written by a white cis het male.

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