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Top 10 Cannabis Accounts on Instagram to Follow

Samantha Williams

If you love smoking weed, cannabis culture, or marijuana news, you have to check out these incredible 420-friendly Instagram accounts.

These profiles post the best content for stoners and smokers across the globe. Whether you like memes, news, music, videos, or more, there’s something out there for everyone to enjoy.

Cannabis is rapidly being legalized around the world and the marijuana industry is booming. The general public is purchasing, consuming, and talking about weed like never before. It makes sense that the online cannabis community is also blowing up. People love posting about marijuana and sharing their own cannabis content. 

Specific weed-related social media sites like CannaBuzz and TheWeedTube were created to give stoners a safe place to share their pictures and videos. However, Instagram is still one of the most popular spaces for the online cannabis community. These 10 must-follow Instagram accounts (ranked in no particular order) are hands down the best sources of cannabis content.

Top 10 Cannabis Accounts on Instagram to Follow

1. @WeedHumor

If you want to get high and giggle at the best weed memes on the planet, start following @WeedHumor today! With over 4 million followers, this profile is one of the most active Instagram accounts for cannabis enthusiasts.

The Weed Humor Community has over 7 million active members if you include the members on their Facebook page and from their other Instagram account, @Marijuana. 

2. @Koala.puffs

If you like following Instagram accounts that have a personal touch, look no further than @Koala.Puffs. This fun-loving, energetic cannabis influencer posts pictures and videos that highlight her love and passion for weed.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make artistic joints? Or maybe you just like laughing along and joining in on a live smoke session. If you’re a stoner, smoker, or toker, you’ll love her content.

Follow this account for hilarious cannabis related-skits, insightful tutorials, product reviews, and awesome pictures. It’s no surprise that @Koala.Puffs is one of the most popular cannabis influencers on Instagram!

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3. @Dank

The @Dank Instagram account posts a ton of varied, high-quality content for stoners and by stoners. This profile is a must-follow for anyone interested in cannabis news, delicious weed pics, funny memes, and product reviews.

Not only does @Dank post awesome pictures and videos daily, they also share links to their latest articles. Their website,, is a great resource for cannabis culture, news, tutorials, and more. As one of the fastest growing online cannabis communities, Dank is a great place to learn about, discuss, and celebrate marijuana.

4. @StigmaAndStyle_

Cannabis use is becoming more accepted and mainstream around the globe, however, there are still some negative stigmas surrounding weed. Many people believe that weed smokers are lazy, dumb, sloppy, or even violent.

This account posts content to empower cannabis users and remove the negative stigma they face. The @StigmaAndStyle_ profile is a must-follow for all cannabis users, but it is especially geared toward women. 

There are more female weed smokers now than ever before. Unfortunately, a disproportionate amount of the negative stigma directed at stoners is aimed at women.

Smoking is not often considered a feminine activity or proper ‘ladylike’ demeanor. This attitude often causes women who love weed to feel sadness and shame. Start following @StigmaAndStyle_ today for incredible, uplifting content that celebrates cannabis and feminism. 

5. @ArendRichard

Arend Richard is a popular cannabis influencer as well as the co-founder and CEO of TheWeedTube. Previously, he was known as TheGayStoner on YouTube before his account was shut down for posting weed-related content.

His Instagram account, @ArendRichard, is packed full of interesting, insightful, and imaginative cannabis content. He makes engaging videos of himself getting high before playing VR games, visiting the aquarium, and even touring the High Times penthouse.

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If you’re a fan of the @ArendRichard Instagram account, you’ll want to check out his profile over at TheWeedTube as well. Arend founded TheWeedTube in response to YouTube removing all of the cannabis content from their site. Now, Arend and several other influencers post regularly to TheWeedTube and share their wonderful content on that platform instead.

6. @NowThisWeed

One of the best resources for cannabis news on Instagram is the @NowThisWeed account. This profile shares the latest news regarding marijuana legalization, medical research, cultural events, and more.

The parent company of this account, @NowThis News, is known as a good source of well-researched and high-quality news videos. This cannabis account is no different, as it shares some of the best weed videos on the web.

7. @EllementaWoman

The @EllementaWoman Instagram account is a great resource for women who want to learn more about the cannabis industry, recreational use, and medical marijuana benefits.

As the name suggests, this profile primarily focuses on the wonderful women of weed. The @EllementaWoman account aims to educate and empower women in the cannabis industry.

Along with posting helpful, insightful content, this profile also links to free, downloadable guides and literature. Follow this account to educate yourself and to stay updated on the latest cannabis industry webinar.

8. @Matthias_710wrx

If you want to follow a cannabis content creator with fun, wild videos, look no further. The @Matthias_710wrx Instagram account posts adventurous videos that show how much trippy rafting, road tripping, or running can be while high. If you like his Instagram content, you’ll want to check out his channel over at TheWeedTube too.

These videos are for stoners who have a sense of adventure and love to mess around. You can watch this wild 420 influencer take dabs through the nose, experiment with magic mushrooms, or take a hit from every single piece of glass that he owns. Overall, @Matthias_710wrx is a unique character with tons of entertaining content that you’ll want to share with your friends.

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9. @Macdizzle420

If you want to follow a quirky, hilarious weed influencer, check out the @Macdizzle420 Instagram account. This silly stoner is a well-known figure within the cannabis community, and a co-founder of TheWeedTube. Give @Macdizzle420 a follow for engaging and entertaining content full of goofy cannabis fun.

Some of her most popular videos includes her eating potent edibles before attempting to do something skill-based, like painting or cooking spaghetti. Additionally, @Macdizzle420 is also the creator and host of the cannabis-themed variety show, 2 Girls 1 Bong. These hilarious videos are perfect for sharing with all your stoner friends! 

10. @Cannababes420

The @Cannababes420 account posts the hottest, most gorgeous pictures and videos of women and weed. Get your daily dose of beauty and celebrate the allure of cannabis plants and the female form.

This page posts a good mixture of content, so your feed will never be boring again. Give this account a follow if you love stoner chicks and high-quality weed pictures!

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Spread the Stoner Love on Instagram 

Instagram is a great place to follow, post, and share the best cannabis content online. These ten accounts are the top places to see hilarious and informative pictures and videos.

In the end, these online communities only thrive when users actively engage with each other on the platform. Start following some of these top influencers now, and join in on the discussion.

If you haven’t done so yet, consider making your own content too. Instagram is always looking for more content creators to spread the love around. Stay active, and stay lifted!

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