25 Draco Malfoy Quotes from the Harry Potter Brute

Fans of Harry Potter will love these Draco Malfoy Quotes!

Draco Malfoy is a fictional character created by J.K. Rowling for the Harry Potter franchise.

He is a British pure-blood wizard that believes that only pure-bloods should be allowed into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Draco is the only son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy was born in 1980 and attended Hogwarts from 1991 through 1998.

He was sorted into the Slytherin House, perfectly matching his distaste for half-bloods and muggle-borns.

Draco was an arrogant bully for most of his younger years, but later, to the dismay of his family, he became more tolerant and accepting of half-bloods and muggle-borns.

Although Draco was an enemy of Harry Potter and anyone who was not a pure-blood, he later accepted them and worked alongside them even though he did not consider them friends.

Look at these Draco Malfoy Quotes to learn more about this intriguing character!

Best Draco Malfoy Quotes

Here are some of the best Draco Malfoy quotes!

1. “Okay. Then I get Fang.” — Draco Malfoy

2. “And my name’s Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.” — Draco Malfoy

3. “I don’t need your help! Don’t you understand?” — Draco Malfoy

4. “Of course, it’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” — Draco Malfoy

5. “Enemies of the Heir, Beware?’ You’ll be next, mudbloods.” — Draco Malfoy

6. “You see, Weasley, unlike some, my father can afford the best.” — Draco Malfoy

7. “You don’t wanna go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there.” — Draco Malfoy

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8. “Hermione Granger, I’m being bossed around by Hermione Granger. And I’m mildly enjoying it.” — Draco Malfoy

9. “My father told me all the Weasleys have red hair, freckles, and more children than they can afford.” — Draco Malfoy

10. “Be careful, Weasley. You don’t want to start any trouble, or your mummy’ll have to come and take you away from school.” — Draco Malfoy

Funny Draco Malfoy Quotes to Make You Laugh

Enjoy some laughs with these Draco Malfoy quotes.

11. “Training for the ballet, Potter?” — Draco Malfoy

12. “Reading? I didn’t know you could read.” — Draco Malfoy

13. “You’re not dangerous at all, are you, you great ugly brute!” — Draco Malfoy

14. “Imagine being in Hufflepuff. I think I’d leave. Wouldn’t you?” — Draco Malfoy 

15. “‘Everyone queue up! Harry Potter’s giving out signed photos!’” — Draco Malfoy

16. “Red hair and a hand-me-down robe? You must be a Weasley.” — Draco Malfoy

17. “Famous Harry Potter can’t even go into a bookshop without making the front page.” — Draco Malfoy

Iconic Draco Malfoy Quotes

Check out these iconic Draco Malfoy quotes!

18. “Scared, Potter?” — Draco Malfoy

19. “This class is ridiculous.” — Draco Malfoy

20. “My father will hear about this!” — Draco Malfoy

21. “Oh, look, Potter, you got yourself a girlfriend!” — Draco Malfoy

22. “If you were any slower, you’d be going backwards.” — Draco Malfoy

23. “No one asked your opinion, you filthy little mudblood.” — Draco Malfoy

24. “You’re gonna regret this! You and your bloody chicken!” — Draco Malfoy

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25. “Excuse me, Professor, perhaps I heard you wrong. I thought you said the four of us.”— Draco Malfoy

What Was Draco Malfoy’s Adult Life Like?

At sixteen, when Draco Malfoy became a Death Eater and was tasked with murdering Albus Dumbledore, he changed his beliefs and later defected.

He married Astoria Greengrass, and they had a son named Scorpius Malfoy, who they raised to accept half-bloods and muggle-borns, which strained Draco’s relationship with his parents.

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